Gameplay Post: ROS Rolls & Crime

As most of you know, crime is a big part of my sims’ lives! I never really had a reason to randomize it until now. I want to make it more risky, with the chance of going to jail and being in there for multiple days, along with paying legal fees!

I’m already doing ROS → Read More: ‘Gameplay Post: ROS Rolls & Crime

Prosperity Issue: Pregnancy

So, my method for ‘pausing’ pregnancies has stopped working! It was an unintended side-effect/bug and has since been fixed in all builds (at least, it was when I checked.) Shoot! That really sucks, because pregnancy ‘length’ mods are NOT what I want. If a sim gets pregnant at the beginning of the play session, I → Read More: ‘Prosperity Issue: Pregnancy

Aging Problem Solved!

Well, after sitting with my husband and jotting things down while I calculated them on my phone… I think I’ve finally cracked the aging dilemma. I used a mishmash of everyone’s suggestions after running them by my husband. He’s like my think-tank. I am extremely lucky to have a spouse that not only endures my → Read More: ‘Aging Problem Solved!

Prosperity Issue #1: Aging

Playing Prosperity style in TS3 really isn’t that complicated. In fact, if you don’t mind loading screens (or if you have the correct mods), it’s pretty effortless. It’s all gravy until you’re confronted with one thing–aging.

Aging is perpetual in TS3. It continues to happen to the sims surrounding you even if you’re completely ignoring → Read More: ‘Prosperity Issue #1: Aging

Where’s My Lightbulb?

I really could use one of those convenient little lightbulbs that pops up over your head when you get a brilliant idea or reach some sort of conclusion to your train of thought. Unfortunately, I’m having no such luck and my brain is going total ADD pageant princess with too many pixie stix (styx? sticks? → Read More: ‘Where’s My Lightbulb?