Something Random About Ambitions

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play this week unfortunately, so no full update. Instead, I bring you this random discovery from Ambitions. While the lemonade stand from TS2 is gone, a new one has taken its place… the baked goods stand.

Your sim kids can bake a variety → Read More: ‘Something Random About Ambitions

Ambitions: Inventing & Sculpting… Junk Ahoy!

Inventing is one of the new skills introduced with Ambitions. To me, it pretty much functions like combining the mechanical workbench and the toy bench from The Sims 2 together into one thing! You can make little gadgets, decorative items, toys, and some really neat mechanical whiz-bangs. Did you like → Read More: ‘Ambitions: Inventing & Sculpting… Junk Ahoy!

Ambitions: Twinbrook Is Crazy Ugly… No Lie

I guess I need to post proof of my claim that the folks of Twinbrook don’t have a whole lot going for them in the “looks” department and Carla wanted to see pictures. Before we delve into that, let me express that I like unique features and whatnot… but there’s a fine line between unique → Read More: ‘Ambitions: Twinbrook Is Crazy Ugly… No Lie

Ambitions: Don’t Cross the Streams!

Not quite as epic as the movies made it look, but still pretty cool!

Ambitions gives sims with an interest in the paranormal a chance to make their hobby a profession. You can choose to become a Ghost Hunter by using the phone, computer, or the newspaper. Once you’re “on the take” to hunt → Read More: ‘Ambitions: Don’t Cross the Streams!

Ambitions: B.K., Private Eye

The life of a P.I. can lead you to some seriously spooky places!

Being a Private Investigator is a dubious business. A good private eye usually has the Perceptive trait, but it’s not required. Any sim can decide to uncover the truth (or cover it up) by using their phone, the computer, or even → Read More: ‘Ambitions: B.K., Private Eye

Ambitions: A Quick Overview

I know a bunch of people are probably doing this right now, but I did it with WA, so I figured I’d do it with this new expansion, too.

I figured I’d do a really quick brush over of the new things in Ambitions to kick things off. There’s actually a lot to this expansion. → Read More: ‘Ambitions: A Quick Overview