Random Update, Random Legacy…

Whew, I never use this thing anymore. It took me forever to remember my password.

I was going to use this for my new Random Legacy… but Legacies are rather large. I figured it would be happy in its own space over here on blogger. I know, I know… I’m all over the place. I have my reasons for not hosting it on my domain, though. :)

It’s kind of hard to believe that it will be time for the news sims soon. Not that I’m anticipating it or anything. But yeah. More like so much time has passed by…

Gameplay Post: ROS Rolls & Crime

As most of you know, crime is a big part of my sims’ lives!  I never really had a reason to randomize it until now.  I want to make it more risky, with the chance of going to jail and being in there for multiple days, along with paying legal fees!

I’m already doing ROS rolls thanks to a program my husband made me.  For my crime rolls, I think I’m just going to manually roll for them.  For my thieves, I’m planning on rolling for successful heists, jobs, and fail chances.  Failure results in a chance of getting busted.  This is important because I currently have a sim on his way to becoming a master thief.

I’m going to try and factor in job opportunities into this.  Like, right now, I have a sim with an opportunity to visit France to deliver a package.  I’m considering that a ‘job’, so it carries risks.  Even though the game will count it as a success, I will still roll for success chance, getting caught, etc.  I want this level of risk because, otherwise, criminals lead a pretty easy life.  Sure, the game will randomly arrest them… but the only downside to that is they get stuck in jail.  They don’t lose any skills or money or anything.  Their family doesn’t even recognize they’ve been put in jail!  How stupid is that?

So, basically, I’ve got a notepad page filled with possible scenarios/etc and their chances (using d10′s and the like).  I will have specific ones for specific professions, with the bosses of each type of organization (crime and theft) being exempt from certain things and carrying their own penalties.  I still have a lot of work to do on both fronts, so when I have more, I’ll share it here.

Just thought I’d post my brainstorming here and see if anyone else does anything similar or if anyone has any suggestions/tips/etc!  We all know I’m not the most structured when it comes to my sim playing… but this is something I can dig into.

Well, that sucks…

Freaking game ate my Townie DecaDynasty hood!  I’m not sure what happened, but it’s corrupted and I forgot to back it up.  I may be good with computers and all, but I’m terrible with backing things up.  I thought those two things went hand-in-hand?  Apparently not…

At least I still have copies of some of the prettier spawns from my short jaunt through the game…

I guess it is the universe telling me not to start too many things up at once.  Maybe I’ll try it again or give a different challenge a go… sigh.

This did inspire me to back up Aperture Valley, though.  Need to keep that up given TS3′s penchant for eating my games.

Townie DecaDynasty – 1:4

Annnd we’re back!  As you can see, Addison is THRILLED to be graduating.  Aww yeeeaah!  It’s graduation time!

This house is so full of sims it gives me a headache.

Also, I hate that stupid bear hat.  Stupid hair fail.

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Prosperity Issue: Pregnancy

So, my method for ‘pausing’ pregnancies has stopped working!  It was an unintended side-effect/bug and has since been fixed in all builds (at least, it was when I checked.)  Shoot!  That really sucks, because pregnancy ‘length’ mods are NOT what I want.  If a sim gets pregnant at the beginning of the play session, I want the baby to be born by the end (pregnancy = 3 days; each house session = 4 days.)  So, obviously, extending the length of a pregnancy does nothing for me.  Grr.

I tried experimenting with several things with no success.  I checked all the options in MC and Story Progression and found nothing.  I saw where Twallan was considering adding ‘Pause/Resume Pregnancy’ in MC in the future, but that’s undetermined.  I’d love it if he did, though!  Until then, I have to find my own work-around.  Sigh.  This is when I wish I wasn’t too lazy to go back to my college lessons on programming… I hated regular programming though and I’m not about to endure the headache of it again for something silly like this!

So, until further notice… this is how I am handling pregnancies in Aperture Valley:

I allow things to go as normal.  I only progress sims forward four days each session, no matter how many actual ‘days’ I spend at the house.  Some houses require more time than others, lol.  Anyway, with that four day progression in mind, I do a survey at the end of the session.  I check the females (who could be pregnant) with MC > Status > Relationship and see if they are currently pregnant and how far along.  If they are not pregnant, I leave the house and continue on as normal.  If they are pregnant, I write down the values listed and then go to MC > Advanced > End Pregnancy.  The next time I play the house, I will recreate the pregnancy and then force the values using MC > Basic > Baby.

This, unfortunately, means that I will never have playable sims running around pregnant in the background while other sims are being played.  This sucks, but there’s nothing else I can do aside from do a pregnancy length mod… which, as I explained, doesn’t really help me during a play session.  Most of my pregnancies are the result of trying, anyway.  It’s the ones that result from ‘risky woohoo’ that cause overlap issues.

On the topic of Try for Baby VS Risky, I will say that I have the following rules.  These are subject to change as I see fit.

  • ANY type of One Night Stand or ‘Stranger’ Woohoo scenario is treated as Risky.  This means that sim has a 10% chance of inducing pregnancy.  The Woohooer decides that within the mod itself.
  • I also have autonomous woohoo of all types enabled.  This means sims can choose to woohoo, try for baby, or risky on their own.  This is all scored depending on traits/etc.  Kelly’s pregnancy was the result of her trying for a baby autonomously.
  • I only push sims to have children if they have a wish for it.  Both sims do not need to have the wish, since it isn’t always a ‘mutual’ decision.
  • Typical woohoo is handled two ways: I either just allow them vanilla woohoo or they engage in risky woohoo.  These are decided depending on the scenario and traits/personalities of the sims.  For example, Asha and Dominic are pretty much ALWAYS vanilla woohoo because Dominic would be the very careful type.  Things only get risky if they’ve been drinking a lot or they choose to do risky autonomously (which they haven’t!)
  • Sometimes, to stir things up, I will force risky woohoo.  This is rare.  I haven’t done this yet unless it has met one of the requirements to push risky (one night stand or stranger woohoo.)

So, that’s that for pregnancies.  Cross your fingers and hope the next big MC update has pause/resume pregnancy.  Twallan would be my favorite person ever.  Hell, I will give him LITERAL MONEY if he does that.  I am so serious.

ETA–There’s a chance that Awesomemod’s TS2 Style Aging might freeze pregnancies when you’re not playing that house.  I’m testing it now.

ETA2–It does!  I figured it would, as JM Pescado is very literal in his coding.  I had no luck with Twallan’s, though.  If you have Awesomemod, then you can ‘Setconfig TS2aging on/off’ in the cheat command line.  I’m only going to use this when someone gets ‘randomly’ pregnant, as this also freezes the ages of every household in the world.  I’d still love a pause/resume pregnancy, but this should work.  I didn’t realize it until last night, but I remembered that I accidentally had this enabled and THAT was what froze the pregnancies.  D’oh!

Crap, forgot to add that another good reason to stack Awesomemod and Twallan’s Story Progression is the face diversity.  Awesomemod has the option to turn off vanilla pudding, which forces the game to ignore EA coding and randomly generate faces (akin to doing so in CAS when creating a sim.)  It WORKS!  And you don’t have to tweak anything.

Townie DecaDynasty – 1:3

Addison and Abigail decide that being twins just isn’t enough, they have to be BFFS 4 EVAA also. This option is so weird. I don’t understand it at all, but in this challenge, happiness points are everything. So even inane things like this get fulfilled… woohoo!

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Townie DecaDynasty – 1:2

Anna gets cracking on her homework, because every DecaDynasty heir has to get Honor Roll in both elementary and high school! Her little friend is Alora Platt.

Also, notice the tacky Fanta fridge. Woo, classy.

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Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1

I don’t want to get too far ahead of my blogging with my prosperity. I’m only posting around twice a week (since the updates take time), so that’s impossible with how often I like to play my sims. I saw a challenge by Metropolis Man called ‘The Townie DecaDynasty.’ I did some moderate to easy → Read More: ‘Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1

Aperture Valley Begins…

I’ve got my first update up over at Aperture Valley. I am hoping to get round 1 completed before I leave for a week this Saturday, but between work and everything else… it’s iffy.

Make sure you add it to your RSS and/or get email updates, as this is the only time I’ll be using → Read More: ‘Aperture Valley Begins…

Waiting, Waiting…

I have Showtime, but I haven’t bothered installing it yet due to the fiasco that was patch that came with it(which I guess they fixed it now?) I’m patched up fully now, but I’m still waiting until Awesomemod is officially updated. Sigh. That’s the only thing I don’t like, waiting for mods to patch… not → Read More: ‘Waiting, Waiting…