Mao’s Domain

Generation Five: House of Pain

While everyone else in the house might be a little taken back by Manchu’s ghostly presence, Bao doesn’t seem to mind it at all.  Which strikes me as odd.  These two may have been roomies and best buddies, but… they were also romantic rivals!  I mean, Bao didn’t even let Manchu’s spot on the bed get cold before hopping on next to Aludra.

Bao: ‘Have you never heard the saying ‘bros before hos’?’

Er, yeah, but I think you both completely missed the meaning behind that…

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Generation Five: Anything But Normal

Annnd… we’re back!  Playing a bit of catch-up, our generation six heir–

Pollux: ‘I’m a boy, a real live boy!’

Yes, yes you are.  You are also suffering from some serious clipping issues.

Pollux: ‘I’ve only been alive for five minutes.  Give it time.  This whole ‘hands can’t go through things’ isn’t easy to unlearn.’

I guess that’s true… but you’d better have it nailed by the time it comes to getting a wife.  I’m not sure anyone can handle that amount of discomfort up close.

Pollux Astrum
Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye, Neat

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Blows off the dust…

Anyone still out there?  Well, even if you’re not, I’m still going to finish this.  ;)

For those that might still be… I apologize.  There are several excuses–loss of interest, lack of time, massive hard drive CRASHING, and balancing two jobs.  As for the HD crashing, I lost an ass-ton of Sims 2 stuff, but most of my TS3 stuff is safe and sound… go figure.  So, nothing really affected as far as this legacy is concerned.

I have Late Night, but I haven’t installed it yet.  I will be posting again, and soon… but I have some stuff to sort out first, like WTF hacks was I using again and all that nonsense.  Don’t you miss it when games were just simple click and play and no futzing around?

But, there will be an update.  I am so close, can’t quit now, and all that jazz.  ;)

Just a Small Break

Just a tiny break while I spend some time exploring Ambitions.  When I get new expansions, I like to mess around a bit without impacting any of my “major” hoods, ie this one.  I’ll get back to this whole legacy deal once I get a handle on all the new stuff.

No worries, it shouldn’t be too long!  You can click the link above and head over to Different Views if you want to see what I’m up to in Ambitions.

Generation Five: Taste the Rainbow

Last time, it was decided that Pollux was the heir due to meeting the criteria (aside from the whole ‘ghost baby’ thing!)  I’m still working hard on finishing all the ingredients for the ambrosia.  All I need now is the Life Plant.  I’m hoping one of those plants that Bao is so lovingly caring for is a Life Plant.

Pollux plays in the sprinklers, not knowing how much rides on those few plants!

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Generation Five: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Last time, Aludra decided to be a complete skank and bring home two guys from China.  Fortunately for me, Manchu didn’t quite make the transition and found himself glitched and turned instantly elder.  Of course, none of this has phased our dastardly heiress.

So, Draco, does it bother you at all that your daughter brought home two guys she had absolutely no intention of marrying?

Draco: ‘Nope.’

Of course it doesn’t… silly me.

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Generation Five: Kiss Me Deadly

Aludra becomes a Young Adult and Noémi briefly remembers she’s supposed to be a mother.  She rolls up this wish, which amuses me greatly.  Noémi wants to go into the Thief branch, so I don’t see any future conflict between the two, career-wise.

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Generation Four: The Invention of Pancake Torture

Of course, Youssef still hasn’t given up.  In fact, he’s gotten worse… now he flirts with Noémi right in front of Draco!  Yikes, Youssef… just when I thought you couldn’t out-do yourself, you go and do something stupid like this.  Of course, Draco doesn’t look amused.

Draco: ‘He’s joking, right?’

Afraid not, he does this often.

Draco, sighing: ‘I guess I’ll just let Noémi handle it…’

You’re not going to do anything at all?!

Draco: ‘Whatever she does to him will be much worse, don’t you think?’

You’ve got a point there–now I kind of feel bad for him.

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Generation Four: Where Evil Grows

I know I’ve been “out of the loop” for awhile, I apologize.  RL is still kicking my ass and the only reason I’m currently playing is because I need time to unwind before I go homicidal and bad things happen.  Unfortunately, the majority of these pictures were taken back in March! You’ll have to pardon me if this update is short and/or disjointed.

Artemis: ‘That’s your excuse for leaving me here alone with that succubus?!’

That’s not very nice, Artemis.  She is your daughter-in-law.

Artemis: ‘She’s a spawn of hell!  All she does is scare me… even through the walls, I can feel her evil eyes!’

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Not Done Yet…

I know it’s been two months, but I went on a break… a much needed one.  I’m pretty busy with my job, but I do want to finish out this legacy.  It’s just going to take some time, as RL is pretty busy for me right now!  Just wanted to let those of you know (who are still following this) that I’m not done yet.  There will be updates, I just need some time to sit down and play and blog.

But I haven’t thrown in the towel… not yet.