Mao’s Domain

Generation Eight: Oui, Oui!

Generation eight begins with the transition of our latest heir, Altair.  I definitely can’t complain about his traits, as they are a good mix of things I find reasonable to play, haha.  As far as looks go, I think he looks a lot like Lyra, though he definitely has Gaston’s nose.

Altair Astrum
Genius, Athletic, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Dare-Devil

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Generation Seven: Partied Out

Oberon transitions into a child who definitely looks like he belongs in the family!  He’s got his dad’s eyes, which definitely adds something to the look.  Much like his dad, he also likes wasting entirely too much time playing video games.

Oberon Astrum
Absent-Minded, Evil, Hot Headed

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Generation Seven: Deathblow

Aww, what’s wrong, Lyra?  You look a little puzzled.

Lyra: ‘What did you do to my son’s hair?’

It’s a mohawk!  Isn’t it cute?

Lyra: ‘…he’s a toddler.’

Which is what makes it so cute!  I didn’t even know I had it, I found it while trying to give him a decent hair style.  I’m just going to blame her dislike of it on her very pregnant belly you can only barely see in this picture.

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Generation Seven: I’ve Got My Chainsaw

Everyone is preparing for the wedding of the seventh heiress, Lyra.  Lyra and Aludra spend this time dancing while Theia pours herself a stiff drink.  You’d think she was the one getting married!

The last wedding was a quiet, subdued affair, so I thought I’d give this couple a bit more of a real ceremony.  Wu wasn’t happy with them all being clustered on one beach, her being a Loner and all, but she’ll get over it!

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Generation Seven: Big Pimpin’

Behold!  The heiress of generation seven… Lyra.  She’s cute, she definitely has a lot of her mother’s features, though I think she looks quite a bit like Pollux.  It’s nice to see some fresh looks in this house.  I’m kind of glad Aludra and Pollux chose to mix it up with some locals from China!

Unfortunately, our heiress’ first thought upon turning YA is about Aludra.  Scary.  She wants to become Leader of the Free World… I wonder if Aludra had any influence over that?

Lyra Astrum
Friendly, Evil, Good Sense of Humor, Savvy Sculptor, Charismatic

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Generation Six: Turn Back Time

Poor Deneb, it looks like he’s fallen victim to another one of Lyra’s pranks!  At least she’s not just picking on poor Pollux anymore.

Deneb: ‘…It’s… everywhere!’

Calm down, buddy… it’ll be okay.  Just get back in the shower and wash it off.

Deneb: ‘Children are evil!’


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Generation Six: What Were We Doing Again?

You’ll have to bear with me here, folks.  It’s been a long while since I’ve seen anything out of my legacy family!  I’m also a little under the weather while I work on this… so, yeah.

But it’s an update and that’s good, right?  Right.

Vega Astrum is a toddler.  She has purple hair, but lacks the purple skin.  Sadface.

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Generation Six: The Miracle of Minion Creation

Last time, Bao shuffled off this pixelated mortal coil with a whole lot of hoopla.  Not so much surrounding his death so much as Aludra scaring the crap out of Death.  Still, the effects of such a tragic event rippled through the house.

Wu: ‘I’m not even sad, but I can’t stop crying!  I hate being pregnant!’

Pollux: ‘Pregnancy hormones are crazy…’

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Generation Six: Baby, Don’t Fear the Reaper

I didn’t waste any time getting Pollux and Wu hitched.  I mean, Wu made it pretty clear she wanted it to be as private as possible, so it’s not like I had to worry about a party.  I just gave them a private little ceremony in the huge backyard.  The family stayed inside, not caring or not knowing what was going on!

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Generation Six: China Girl

Our generation six is not only a real boy, but now he’s also a Young Adult… woohoo!  Oh, and his ghostly twin, Sirius, aged up, too. ;)

Pollux Astrum
Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye, Neat, Lucky

Sirius Astrum
Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Hydrophobic, Absent-Minded, Vehicle Enthusiast

Pollux looks a bit like Manchu, but he’s got some of the Astrum features mixed in there, too.
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