Mao’s Domain

Family Tree

A “visual” family tree of sorts as we go through the generations.  I didn’t use the standard CAS pictures because I’m lazy.  Siblings are listed in birth order.

Generation One

Astra Astrum, Founder

Have the Perfect Garden

Family-Oriented, Vegetarian, Loves the Outdoors, Artistic, Green Thumb

Christopher (Steel) Astrum

Presenting the Perfect Aquarium

Great Kisser, Daredevil, Natural Cook, Friendly, Angler

Generation Two

Castor Astrum, HeirBecome a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

Genius, Easily Impressed, Neurotic, Vegetarian, Party Animal

Margot (Petit) Astrum


Unflirty, Neat, Handy, Good, Easily Impressed

Diana Castor, Spare

Jack of All Trades

Insane, Clumsy, Can’t Stand Art, Natural Cook, Commitment Issues

Jupiter Astrum, Spare

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Brave, Excitable, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer


Generation Three

Artemis Astrum, Heiress

Become World-Renown Surgeon

Friendly, Neurotic, Lucky, Hopeless Romantic, Vegetarian


Youssef (Nagi) Astrum

Swimming in Cash

Flirty, Artistic, Angler, Friendly, Natural Cook


Leo Astrum, Spare

Master of the Arts

Absent-Minded, Artistic, Snob, Unlucky, Good Sense of Humor


Generation Four

Bellatrix Astrum, Spare

Become An Astronaut

Good, Athletic, Brave, Vegetarian, Ambitious


Portia Astrum, Spare


Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Heavy Sleeper, Commitment Issues, Mooch


Draco Astrum, Heir

Seasoned Traveler

Clumsy, Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic, Athletic, Adventurous


Noémi (Boutillier) Astrum

Living in the Lap of Luxury

Adventurous, Unlucky, Kleptomaniac, Mean-Spirited, Athletic

Generation Five

Phoebe Astrum, Spare

Become a Superstar Athlete

Light-Sleeper, Slob, Athletic, No Sense of Humor, Bookworm


Aludra Astrum, Heiress

Become Empress of Evil

Evil, Easily-Impressed, Grumpy, Ambitious, Commitment-Issues


Bao Louie

Physical Perfection

Artistic, Brave, Lucky, Handy, Workaholic


Generation Six

Sirus Astrum, Spare

Monster Maker

Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Hydrophobic, Absent-Minded, Vehicle Enthusiast


Pollux Astrum, HeirVisionary

Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye, Neat, Lucky


Wu (Xio) Astrum

Hit Movie Composer

Loner, Unflirty, Genius, Virtuoso, Snob


Deneb Astrum, Spare

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Insane, Genius, Mooch, Dislikes Children, Unlucky


Generation Seven

Theia Astrum, Spare

Become Star News Anchor

Excitable, Friendly, Bookworm, Workaholic, Frugal


Vega Astrum, Spare

Become An Astronaut

Insane, Clumsy, Hydrophobic, Coward, Unlucky




Lyra Astrum, Heiress

Become Leader of the Free World

Friendly, Evil, Good Sense of Humor, Savvy Sculptor, Charismatic


Gaston (Rufus) Astrum

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Athletic, Charismatic, Party Animal, Good Humor, Disciplined

Generation Eight

Altair Astrum, Heir

International Super Spy

Genius, Athletic, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Dare-Devil

Noelle (Saint James) Astrum

Renaissance Sim

Brave, Excitable, Easily Impressed, Athletic, Computer Whiz

Oberon Astrum, Spare

Master Romancer


Absent-Minded, Evil, Hot-Headed, Great Kisser, Childish


Generation Nine

Europa Astrum, Heiress


Brave, Clumsy, Inappropriate, Cat Person

Callisto Astrum, Spare


Athletic, Grumpy, Angler, Loner


 Titania Astrum, Spare


Insane, Good, Lucky, Star Quality


Mercury Astrum, Spare


Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Genius