Mao’s Domain


Back in the early years of The Sims 2, I was determined to finish a Legacy.  I tried several times and lost interest.  It wasn’t until I discovered blogging that my interest was rekindled enough to give it a true, honest-to-goodness try.  University was released during the middle of my legacy and despite the lure of distraction, I managed to finish it.  It’s hard to believe that was so many years ago!  I’ve since completed some other challenges, but you can find those blogs on my portal.

Since it’s been so long and I can’t seem to focus on TS3 for very long (the furthest I’ve managed to get is 4th gen), I decided to give the Legacy Challenge another shot.  This will be like my other gameplay blogs, there will be no engrossing storyline or characters.  Sorry, but I want to play for fun.  If you’re looking for stories, you can check out my trilogy of KiD, WoS, and AoL on my portal.  Otherwise, please be warned… my humor is a bit, well, inappropriate at times.  If you can’t handle adult languages, jokes, or anything of the sort… there’s plenty of other legacies to look at!  Those of you who are still here probably already know the drill and so we’ll move on.

The only cap I’m using is the Family Trait one.  I’ve bolded which trait that is below in Astra’s stats.  I’m using a galaxy/constellation naming thing with the help of my husband.  ;)   The only hack I’m currently using is Twallan’s Story Progression.  I’m testing it out while I wait until EA Games fixes their patch and I can reinstall Awesomemod.

The Founder

Astra Astrum
(Star Constellation)

  • Family-Oriented
  • Vegetarian
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Artistic
  • Green Thumb

Have the Perfect Garden

Likes Autumn Salads, Purple, and Custom Music

DNA Stats:

Eyes: Bright Purple
Hair: Purple
Skin: Blue