Mao’s Domain


This lists all the entries chronologically and sorts them by generation.

Generation One
Space Girls Are Easy
A Wedding for the Ages
It’s A Clowncar’s Life, For Us
Growing Up Astrum

Generation Two
Mon Dieu!
Logic Fail
Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Now With 10% Moar Death!
Super Crazy Pants!

Generation Three
Artemis Astrum ‘Does’ Egypt
Crazy Lover
Full House Wins The Game
Telepathic Anguish
Burninating Mummies & Breaking Hearts

Generation Four
Two of Hearts
Fast Forward
It’s Not Neglect, It’s Avoidance
Where Evil Grows
The Invention of Pancake Torture

Generation Five
Kiss Me Deadly
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Taste the Rainbow
Anything but Normal
House of Pain

Generation Six
China Girl
Baby, Don’t Fear The Reaper
The Miracle of Minion Creation
What Were We Doing Again?
Turn Back Time

Generation Seven
Big Pimpin’
I’ve Got My Chainsaw
Partied Out

Generation Eight
Oui, Oui!
Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it
Double Trouble
Quick and Dirty
Wait, What?

Generation Eight
Nectarholics Anonymous
The End