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Generation One: Growing Up Astrum

Last time, Castor became a child, Diana became a crazy child, baby Jupiter joined the family while Astra and Christopher tried to drive me insane with baby wants.  While there will not be anymore additions to the Astrum family this generation, it gives a chance for the kids to get to know one another.

Castor and Diana like to play tag outside.  Who could blame them?  This lot is seriously huge, I couldn’t cover it if I wanted to.  I mean, there’s TS2 huge and then there’s this huge and this is huge.  Like, New York city huge.

Castor, winded: ‘I think they get it.  The lot is huge.’

Hey, don’t get sassy with me.  You’re the one playing tag with Miss. Crazy Pants!

Thanks to some income steadily filling the coffers, I’m finally able to make the ‘house’ a bit more of an actual living space.  Of course, no sooner do I get them a television does Astra plop toddler Jupiter (who is blue, btw) down in front of it.  Really, Astra?  It’s not like you work for a living!

Astra: ‘It’s the gardening channel–it’s educational!’

Sure, sure.  As if you weren’t already negligent enough!  Good thing I didn’t let you guys have anymore…

Despite being certifiable, Diana is pretty good with Jupiter.  Actually, she takes better care of him than Astra!  Which, really, isn’t all that surprising.  The only child she really cared for was Castor and even then, she spent a bunch of possible ‘bonding time’ painting.  Maybe Diana doesn’t want Jupiter suffering the same fate?

Of course, it could also simply be because she’s crazy.  I catch her talking to the trash can in her bathing suit quite frequently, which is more than just a little disturbing…

Diana, annoyed: ‘You again?  This is a private conversation.’

Well, pardon me, Miss. Crazy Pants…

Castor becomes a teen, finally!  Uh, Castor, buddy… you don’t look bad, but um, I think you maybe would have made an awesome girl.

Castor, annoyed: ‘Shut up.’

No, seriously, dude.  I checked Astra in CAS to make sure she’d make an okay dude… let’s hope it’s just a teenager thing.  You know, that awkward “androgynous” stage…

Kid in the Background: ‘I thought he was a girl!’

Sorry, little dude.  Keep moving.  This one’s a dude.

Castor sighs…

Castor Astrum
Easily Impressed

Newly teen Castor tackles the hardships of high school homework while Diana munches down on some leftovers.  I should mention here that I’m pretty hands-off with these sims.  Other than directing them to fulfill wishes or have Astra paint/garden and Christopher fish… they kind of ‘do their own thing’.  I find that Castor and Diana spend a lot of time together, which is cute.  They are best friend.

Castor: ‘What am I supposed to do?  Ignore them like mother?’

So bitter, Castor!  Anyway, where is your mum?  She keeps disappearing…

Castor, sighing: ‘Where do you think?  Painting, again.’

Eh?  But I looked outside.

Castor: ‘You put the easel in the living room, idiot.’

Ah!  There she is and she’s painting the first portrait.  I hate TS3 portraits, by the way.  The random ‘cropping’ and blurriness really bothers me.  I miss clear, recognizable pictures, sigh.  Anyway, Astra has to work on her own because she’s the ‘artist’ of the bunch.

It’s easy to forget, with all the purple and everything, but Astra’s skin tone is actually blue.  I’m glad that shows up in the painting!

Jupiter becomes a child and Christopher seems to feel that it’s the right time to teach him about the ‘facts of life’.  With a face like that, I can’t imagine that this a conversation poor Jupiter wants to hear.

Christopher: ‘…and he’ll come and then you’ll be dead and everything’s over.  Forever.’

Jupiter: ‘Death sounds crappy, dad.’

Christopher: ‘It is, until you wake up and you’re this cool ghost that came back and annoy your family for ever and ever…’

I had completely forgotten about that… auuugh!  Where are the ghost busters when you need them?!

Jupiter Astrum

I was busy sending Christopher off to fish up more Perfect fish for his LTW… when I came back?  Astra was chatting with the mailman in her pajamas.  I usually make her garden ASAP when she wakes up, which results in her being in the front yard without pants.  I, however, never thought she’d randomly chat up the mailman.

Astra: ‘He was curious about my vegetarian lifestyle.’

Sure he was.  Interested in that and not your butt, which is hanging out all over the place right now.  Tsk, tsk…

Diana and Jupiter discuss their absentee father.  Seriously, they don’t really see Christopher all that often.  He wakes up in the morning, makes some food, goes off to fish, goes to work, and then by the time he’s home, everyone is asleep.  So, yeah, at this point I’m kind of surprised the kids don’t think he’s dead or something.

Jupiter: ‘That’s our dad?  I thought Castor was…’

Oh buddy, that is SO wrong on so many levels.  I know you see him the most, but wow.  That’s really gross!  These kids need some daddy exposure, stat!

Diana, rolling her eyes: ‘And I’m the crazy one?’

Like a fox, sweetheart, like a fox.

OMG, CASTOR!  What are you doing?  That is NOT a face you should be making, especially not with those, um, girly lips of yours.  Seriously, what??

Oh, wait… right.  I forgot about this–I had Awesomemod and that negated the whole “OMGWTFBBQ EVERYBUDDY ITS A BIRFDAY!!!!11one!”  Sigh.  Who is getting older this time?

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11 comments to Generation One: Growing Up Astrum

  • AHHHH, OMGWTFBBQ, you are an MBPer!! Or a former one, at least! Small world. :) I always knew we had all the best storytellers in that comm.

    Anyway, though! I love reading this Legacy. It’s my desk activity at work; my shift is only a quarter over, and I want more! I will wait patiently, though, and enjoy more another day. Castor is a good-looking teen; maybe he’ll get more manly as he gets older.

    • Mao

      Okay, you’ll have to pardon me… I’m really bad with acronyms if I haven’t heard them before. :( What’s MBP stand for? Google fails. It took me forever to know what MSTK3 or whatever stood for and I loved that show, LOL! I should mention OMGWTFBBQ for, me, came from Something Awful and way way too much MMOing…

      I have fun writing this. It’s nice to be silly instead of serious! I have pictures ready (despite FRAPs failing at LIFE and losing some), just need to write it. Got distracted by working on the family tree, LOL!

  • Oh, I must have been mistaken! MBP is a writing community I used to belong to, and we used to have an annual “OMGWTFBBQ.” I’ve never heard the expression outside of that community before, so when you used it, I was like :O! It must be more popular than I knew! Nevertheless, I stand by my great storyteller comment!

    I’m terrible with acronyms too, which wasn’t any fun when I was dating a guy in the Marines. EVERYTHING in the military is an acronym. O.o

    Can’t wait to read the new one! (But no rush.)

    • Mao

      Ooooh! Okay! I’ve never been in any writing communities. Knock it Down was actually my first time ever putting anything out publicly. Ever. LOL! The term ‘supposedly’ originates from Something Awful and is propagated by gamers and nerds alike. But thanks. :D

      The funniest acronym fail I’ve had was “GTG”. In MMOs, it means “Good to Go”, but in chat it means “got to go”… and so yeah. That was fun.

  • Oh, I think I just remembered the second thing I miss about Awesome Mod (which now makes my game crash :( ) – the lack of birthday swarm! I’m totally with you on that! It’s not that exciting, people!

    I think Castor looks a lot like Christopher. Except, you know…blue. With purple hair. And yeah, a little girly!

    • Mao

      I know! I also miss all the fixes. :(

      Castor does, but he didn’t seem to inherit a thing. Jupiter and Diana got Christopher’s facial qualities and Castor looks nothing like them.

  • LOL. I know how everything can be on autopilot when there are other things you’re working on. OMG I think we’re psychically linked. On about half the pictures I was thinking the same thing you said afterward. And for being certifiable, Diana certainly is beautiful. LMAO at the Shang comment! I miss him, he was great.

  • It must be a riot to have a neurotic sim and an insane sim in the same household. I might have to try it out sometime soon.

    As always, your updates are a hoot!

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