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Generation One: It’s A Clowncar’s Life, For Us

Last time, Christopher and Astra were threatening to drive me into madness by wanting another baby immediately after the birth of our heir apparent, Castor.  As you can see, I gave in to their wishes.  I mean, a spare is always nice, right?  And at least Astra managed to match this time, even if those full gloves look silly without her other outfit…

Christopher: ‘I wonder if the baby is wearing gloves, too.’

Astra: ‘I hope not!  Think how nasty they’ll be to wash once it’s out…’

Yeah, I can’t imagine floating around in baby secretions is good for alien brand polyester.

Castor becomes a toddler.  I’m really not used to playing on Normal, I usually play on Long.  Everything is happening so fast!  Not that I’m complaining, really.  The toddler stage lasts way, way too long on long.  It really does.  So far, it looks like Castor takes everything from his mother.

And, like me, he’s wondering what the hell is up with Christopher’s ridiculous beanie.  Is that really a standard part of a kitchen whelp’s outfit?  Weird.

A very pregnant Astra takes some time to acquaint herself with her newly toddlerized son.  How cute.

Astra: ‘He’s like a tiny, male mini-me!’

Yep, pretty much.  He’s also the heir.

Astra: ‘That’s not presumptuous or anything…’

I’m making a semi-loose rule that heirs have a recognizable amount of features from you, the founder.  Castor has everything so far.  It would take something huge to kick him out of his heir seat!

I’ve never been very fond of TS3 toddlers, to me, they all look the same… but Castor makes cute faces, I’ll give him that.  Of course, it could just be the fact that he looks so much like his mother.  I’m so glad he got all of her traits!  TS3 genetics are so random, it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get… lol.

Also, notice the bottle?  The nipple and the mesh are having a bit of an argument… I think the mesh won.

Astra, you’re looking a bit bigger than usual… or maybe it’s just that pink.  I don’t know, but I could swear you look bigger.  You’d better not have twins!  I’ll beat Christopher back there crazy with that trash can lid!

Astra: ‘You’re seeing things.  I look the same as I did last time.’

Christopher, meekly: ‘Yeah, uh, really.  Stop being so insane.’

Watch it, bub.  You’re still on trash can lid watch!

Astra sneezes and goes into labor.  No, seriously, she sneezed and I got the pop-up that the baby was coming.  I know it looks like she’s retching over the nasty toilet, but it isn’t so.  Castor could care less about his mother’s plight, having deposited his unnecessary baggage into the potty.  All he can think about is toys!

Enjoy them while you can, little buddy.  Soon you’ll have to share!

Diana joins the family looking as woefully normal as anything.  They both wanted a girl this time, so they get a bunch of aspiration points which I spend accordingly.  Astra can now paint awesome stuff that will hopefully give me plenty of money to make this crazy box of a house into a livable habitat!

Diana Astrum
Easily Amused

Astra basks in domestic bliss.  Okay, so it’s easier than I thought it would be.  Diana is incredibly fussy, though, and takes a bunch of time away from Astra’s painting schedule.  Buh!  Bad baby!

Astra: ‘Don’t yell at the baby!  She doesn’t know any better.’

If this baby wants an actual house she’ll sleep more and cry less.  At this rate, you won’t have a true house until generation three!

Of course, Mr. Reproduction immediately wants to have another baby.  No, seriously, as soon as the “It’s a Girl!” moodlet disappeared, this popped up.  Seriously, dude?  Don’t you ever quit?  You’re not even Family-Oriented!  I’ll lock it… just in case Astra wants another one, too.  Sigh.

Christopher: ‘Children are the joy of the world!’

Yeah, you think that because you don’t have to deal with them all day.  You’re either at work or fishing!  There’s more to child-rearing than just making the child.

Christopher: ‘….’

That’s what I thought.  Geeze, you’re worse than my husband!

Diana quickly becomes a toddler.  More and more, I’m growing to like playing a legacy on “Normal”, lol.  Dealing with babies for such a small amount of time is awesome!

As I anticipated, Diana is almost a complete copy of Christopher.  She has all of his coloring and I’ll bet all of his facial features, too.  I’ve dressed her in the family colors, but I think from now on, “spares” can wear whatever colors they wish so to differentiate them from the “main line”.

OMG, Christopher, are you serious?  Didn’t we go over this already?  As if the “WooHoo with Astra” and “Have a Child” wish weren’t obvious enough, he has to make it blatantly clear that he wants to have another child with Astra.  All right, all right… I get it.  Geeze.  Stop already.

As if that weren’t enough, he starts reading a pregnancy book!  Where did you get that from?!

Christopher: ‘Astra left it lying around.’

I don’t think that particular book is geared towards men, Christopher.

Christopher: ‘I know, it’s pretty graphic, but I figured if you saw me reading this you couldn’t help but succumb to my wishes!’

Fine, you know what?  I’ll let you have another try, but just one.  If there’s a lullaby, then you win, otherwise… no more babies!

Castor gives me a look, almost as if to say, ‘what the heck is wrong with my dad?’  I wonder the same thing until I realize it’s his birthday and he’s becoming an Adult.  Go figure, I guess that explains the baby-mania.  Having a bit of a mid-life crisis, Christopher?  Though, I don’t think the standard reaction is to have more kids…

Consequently, it looks like he’s trying to grind on Castor’s highchair and this amuses me in ways it probably shouldn’t.

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11 comments to Generation One: It’s A Clowncar’s Life, For Us

  • Lol, what a classic legacy you’ve got going on here. I love, LOVE, Astra. She’s purple and awesome. I can also honestly say that Christopher is soooo off my list of sims to marry into any family of mine, lol. Dear Lord, I’d go mad…..mad I tell you!!.

    Hope you had a supa xmas and champagne popping new year.

  • oh god, those two are proper at it! I don’t remember him being so child crazy in my game…guess he is taking your legacy very seriously indeed

  • Oh, man, what is UP with Christopher? Take it easy on the babies, dude! I knew you’d give in but you may regret it – it doesn’t sound like Christopher is at all done making babies!

    The first generation of my TS3 legacy had 5 kids, because I wanted to get the “Surrounded by Family” LTW out of the way. I don’t recommend it, LOL. I grew up the last two teens early just to get them out of the house.

    I wonder if mean-spirited or maybe evil children can “tease” toddlers, like kids can in TS2? I was pretty bummed to discover the other night that toddlers can’t interact with each other. No huggle!

    • Mao

      I’ve capped them at three. Three is enough, haha!

      I did the Surrounded by Family with Lila and Demetri over at Different Views. I didn’t find it difficult managing the kids but I also wasn’t playing a legacy. My tiny house is filled to the brim with five sims–I can’t imagine having more, agh!

      You know, I’m not sure. I never had Demona around other children when she was still a child. It’ll be interesting to find out. The only way toddlers can build relationships is if they play with toys in the same room. :(

  • My God. You remind me of George Dean in Riverview. He’s family oriented and has the Surrounded by Family LTW. His unlucky wife was ready to kill both of us by kid number three. They definitely want the clowncar lifestyle.

  • It is too bad that this isn’t TS2 where he could have a lemonade stand (in response to Castor wanting a T.V.).

    And that is a beautiful painting. That’s one of the pre-installed paintings? I definitely gotta paint more!

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