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Generation Nine: The End

Callisto is less than thrilled with her surprise bun in the over.  She mopes around the house dreaming about all the things she could have done before having a baby.  Poor girl.  That’s what happens when you roll around with a vampire–apparently their swimmers can’t be daunted by ‘normal’ means!

Callisto: ‘I could be basking in the hot tub right now…’

Europa, meanwhile, takes it upon herself to ‘break things off’ with her teenage Romantic Interest.  He was randomly assigned to her during prom.  I think they went on one date when she was a teen afterward and that was only to try and get Bert’s attention.

She visits this dude’s house to tell him that they should just be friends, but he’s not really hearing her.  He seems to almost be begging her to give what they had another shot… when they really never had anything at all!

Europa: ‘Yikes!  This guy is crazy… get me out of here!’

As soon as she gets home, Europa throws her clothing off and switches to her pajamas.  This girl is obsessed with her pajamas.  Afterwards, she goes into labor and everyone starts freaking out.  Even Aludra is in a panic and she’s seen this a ton of times by now.

Altair: ‘What do we do?!’

Aludra: ‘I don’t know’

Europa: ‘Would you guys just go away and get Mercury?  He’ll know what to do!’

Europa gives birth to a boy that I name Aries.  He is woefully normal looking.  How sad!  I was kind of hoping he’d end up blue or something.

I thought I had his traits written down, but I seem to have lost the paper!  Drat.

Immediately after giving birth, Europa pops the question to Yves.  He arrived shortly before she went into labor.  You can kind of see their ‘outing’ plumbob over Europa’s head in her labor picture.

Europa: ‘Hurry up and say yes!  There’s an ice cream truck calling my name.’

So classy, these legacy sims.

Callisto goes into labor the same day, only an hour or two after her twin sister.

Callisto: ‘This sucks!  I have so much more traveling to do!’

Her child is male and also woefully normal looking.  I name him Saturn and his traits are on the same paper as Aries’.  Sigh.

Aludra is not impressed by the final spawn of this legacy being normal.

Aludra: ‘Pft.  Useless girls can’t even provide us with proper babies!’

Saturn is a vampire out of the womb!  How is that even possible?  The game even did the little ‘has become vampire’ alert for him!  That’s so creepy.  He has the eerie vampire glow and eyes, too.  He has his father, Bert’s, coloring and his mother’s features.

Aries isn’t completely normal, he has the purple hair!  How hilarious that the only thing to survive ten generations is that crazy hair.  Sigh.  And that’s it for this legacy.  Aries is the generation 10 heir and the end.

I can’t believe this took me 2 years!  Wow.  I’ve learned a bunch in that time, though.  I love doing legacies because they really throw you into the game and you can learn quite a bit.  This legacy had a lot of firsts for me!  I’ll miss it, but I’m also not someone to keep dragging something out well past its prime.

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with my random absences and commenting!  If you want to continue with my TS3 adventures, you can go to my general Ts3 blog, Different Views.  There’s also my prosperity-style TS3 blog, Aperture Valley.

My final thought?  I don’t think I’ll be coloring anything purple for a very, very long time… ha!

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6 comments to Generation Nine: The End

  • V

    I DO NOT LIKE ENDINGS, SIR. But I can’t understand why you’d be glad to be done with this one. XD Still! I will miss it. Not as much as anything involving Beryl or Christian though… just sayin’.

  • Ha, I love how the paparazzi is kind of dressed like he’s ready to take Callisto on himself! Maybe that was his attemped disguise!

    I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sim use the elevator and not get crushed in it or fall out of it like an idiot. EA obviously enjoyed that animation a little too much.

    Also, I didn’t know that about TS3′s UI. That’s lame – I regularly have over 20 Sims selected at the same time, for parties and school updates.

    Maybe the maid is frugal? I could imagine them wanting to root around in the trash.

    But wow! I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve never taken a legacy past Gen 3 but I guess it’s just not my style of play. I’m a bit bummed you didn’t get any purple skin for the very last babies of the legacy. Still Saturn being a vampire sort of makes up for that – he looks super creepy!

    • Mao

      The elevator really hates sims. They are always getting caught in it!

      Yeah, it really sucks. I thought they would just stack next to the first row, but nope. They disappear into invisible space… sigh.

      I know, it’s kind of hard to believe. I’m happy to have finally completed something in TS3, though!

  • Saturn is a creepy little vampire! He looks like he’s deciding whose blood to suck first, lol. Aries is cute with the purple hair. Too bad neither of them had the purple skin, but I can understand why you’d be happy to be done after two years! Congrats on reaching generation 10!

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