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Generation Nine: Surprise!

It’s good Europa found someone, because Bert spends a lot of time cluttering up the legacy house with his massively ridiculous neck scarf these days.  He and Callisto are always canoodling, much to Altair’s annoyance.  The poor man just wants to pee!

Altair: ‘I really wish he’d mack on my daughter somewhere not in front of the bathroom door!’

Europa’s relationship with Yves seems to have really opened up her eyes.  She used to follow Bert around anytime he was over, but now, she’s kind of over him.  I’m glad!

Europa: ‘Ugh, I don’t know why I ever thought I liked you.  You don’t even like art!  What a doof.’

Bert is completely impervious to her insults, though.  I’m pretty sure he lives in a world of his own, where neck scarves over t-shirts are considered cool.

The family manages to get together for a meal and Noelle is trying to cover her tracks while Europa blathers on about their vacation.

Noelle: ‘Now, sweetie, don’t be silly.  Tell your father what really happened!’

Europa: ‘I don’t think you’d want me to do that, mother…’

Altair: ‘Why do I feel like I’m missing something?’

Noelle left out some nectar on the coffee table and Altair decided to have a glass or two.  This leads him to drunkenly rambling at Bert, who is again staying the night.

Altair: ‘So… if you and my daughter have babies… they better not be vampires! Vampires… pssht… wouldn’t know fashion if it… it hit them on the… fangs!  Yeah, fangs.  I mean… c’mon… look at that, that neck scarf… looks like some sort of ratty bandit mask!’

While the men are ‘bonding’, Callisto is tossing her cookies in the adjacent bathroom.  Are you feeling okay, Callisto?  I thought Luna was the only one barfing around here.

Callisto: ‘I think I’m just training too hard.’

Let’s hope so.  I’m not really gunning for babies right now.

Being that Aludra is still the top dog criminal in the hood and Altair is now a super spy, he feels the need to rib her any time he’s headed off to work.

Altair: ‘Oh, I am going to the raid the hell out of that lair, great grandma!  I am going to make all your minions cry!’

Aludra never really pays him any mind, especially not when Luna is being adorable at her feet.

Aludra: ‘Sure, sure… make sure you close the door to my office when you’re done.’

Altair: ‘Hmph.  See this tux?  That means this is serious.  I’m gonna serve all those minions their jail papers!’

Aludra: ‘Oh, and the lights… remember to turn them off this time.  You left them on last time and well, do you want to pay my electricity bill?  Didn’t think so.’

Okay, someone had to have left out some rotten food or TS3 has suddenly introduced diseases–what’s with all the puking in this place?!

Europa: ‘Ugh.. I don’t know but this sucks!’

I’m getting concerned!

Sigh… and rightfully so, it seems.  Europa’s belly pops not an hour later.  How did this happen?  Do we even know who the father is?!  This is not how I’d planned to bring in the 10th generation!

Europa: ‘Uh, mom… we need to talk…’

Noelle: ‘In a minute, I’m about to win this auction…’

Europa: ‘It can’t really wait… I think I’m pregnant.’

Noelle: ‘…crap.  I lost…. wait, you’re what?’

Well… I guess that takes care of that, doesn’t it?  I wonder if the baby will be purple…

Oh boy.  I really hadn’t intended for Europa to bring in the 10th generation so soon!  The challenge technically ends with the birth of the 10th generation and Callisto still has to achieve her LTW… hell, Titania and Mercury aren’t even adults yet!

Let’s just hope the dad is Yves.  Those other two dudes were crappy.  I knew I shouldn’t have installed the WooHooer, lol.

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4 comments to Generation Nine: Surprise!

  • I really hate how that “Move In With X” wish isn’t fulfilled unless you have your Sim move in to X’s house. I mean, seriously, do they want the Sim or the house? And it’s really fiddly to have to go to the other Sim’s house to move your own Sim in and in this case, seeing Yves isn’t a playable, it would be impossible. Yves is pretty adorable though.

    “I’m pretty sure he lives in a world of his own, where neck scarves over t-shirts are considered cool.”

    I think that world is known as 2008, or rather, a very brief period in 2008. EA are so with it. That shirt came with Late Night, I think, which came out in what, 2010? LOL!

    What’s up with Luna and Aludra? I thought animals were supposed to sense when they were in the presence of pure evil and react accordingly!

    So what will you do now that Gen 10 is on the way? Keep playing to get Callisto reach her LTW, or stop with the baby, as per the rules?

    • Mao

      You know, I think I had forgotten about that. What a crappy wish!

      HA! I was thinking the same thing. That shirt is ridiculous. Wasn’t there one like it in TS2: Nightlife? LOL!

      I think cats would naturally lean towards evil sims. I mean, come on, look at villains in movies, they always have a cat! I imagine Aludra stroking Luna while sitting in a high-backed swivel chair and laughing maniacally.

      I am not sure yet. I am pretty amped to start on my prosperity and this hood is getting glitchy (the save file is now like 3+gigs), so probably just until she has her baby. I did try to fulfill Callisto’s LTW, though.

  • Oops! Ha, I think Europa is in a hurry to finish this whole legacy business so she’s going to bring in the 10th generation on her own terms! ;)

    Looking forward to finding out who the father is. That was definitely a memorable trip, lol!

    • Mao

      She really is! She wants her freedom and to be rid of me… ha.

      I know! I was a little worried about it at first, but I’ll go ahead and say that it was Yves. Thank goodness!

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