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Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

Callisto and Bert try to get a little alone time, but forget what house they’re in.  Noelle is oblivious and continues to ‘cheer them on.’

Noelle: ‘This is so cool–it’s like that one vampire book I read!’

Really?  You’re not at all worried about the weird thing going on with your daughter’s arms?  I’m a little freaked out by it.  It must be hot tub weirdness…

Bert stays the night and is continually stalked by Europa in the morning.  She continually queues up conversation actions with him.  Finally, Aludra has had enough and scares the crap out of her right in front of Bert.

Europa: ‘Seriously?!  What is wrong with you?!’

Aludra: ‘Stop being such a useless fool and mooning over this sad excuse for a vampire!’

Bert is pretty unimpressed and wanders off to find Callisto.  Sorry, Europa, it’s just not in the cards.  You’re going to have to find someone else.

Europa: ‘You suck, Great-Great-Grandma Aludra…’

Aludra: ‘Ha!  I’m doing you a favor.  That boy is a joke.’

Noelle takes Europa off to France to try and ease her mind.  Well, at least, that’s what I had intended, but the first things the girls did was go to the nectary and get wasted.  Seriously!?  I am going to put you two in a program.

Noelle: ‘Shhh… it’s been so long since I’ve had a true taste of home, stop ruining it.’

Poor Europa doesn’t quite have the same constitution as her mother and finds herself quite ill after their morning of binging on nectar.

Europa: ‘I don’t feel so good…’

I tried to warn you.  Your mother is a machine.  I don’t think anyone can keep up with her.

Europa: ‘She’s out of control!  You need to stop her.’

Sigh… sorry, you’ve got a week of crazy parties and winos ahead of you.  Try to enjoy it.

Noelle throws a party every evening to reacquaint herself with her old friends.  Europa meets one of them is happy to see they have a shared trait; they’re both clumsy.

She eventually wanders off and finds the nectar.  She hits it pretty hard, which probably isn’t very smart… but I did tell her to enjoy herself.  I just kind of forgot that she was inappropriate and well, inappropriate sims tend to just kind of ‘do whatever…’

Like make out with the married man they just met and then get busy with them in the hot tub.  I missed that because I was so shocked.  I forgot that I had the Woohooer installed for my other hood.  D’oh.  Well, let’s hope that didn’t end up with any unforeseen circumstances, as these two do not get along when they’re not drunk and getting busy.

The granny in the back seems to approve of this illicit rendezvous.

It isn’t all fun and woohoo, though.  Europa gets stuck picking up after the parties and repairing everything that the guests break while her mother sleeps soundly.  Noelle is wild!  I should have known better than to bring here her without Altair… she’s kind of scary.  All she wants to do is party and now she’s spun up a wish to ‘make out with someone in the hot tub’… um, no.

Europa does get revenge on her mother, though.  She steals her clothes whenever she skinny dips and Noelle is forced to trudge back into the house to find some clothes.  Too bad Noelle is unflappably French and could care less!

I wish I could call and bring another house member to the vacation lot for the remainder, because Altair needs to get over here and get his wife in line!

Poor Europa is having no luck in the love department!  Everyone she meets is either married or totally uninterested in her.  That guy, Gustave, that she inappropriately woohooed with wanted nothing to do with her before or after that.  I’m pretty sure it was just a ‘party moment’.

Also, Noelle has lost her mind!  As soon as they hit France, she started spinning up the most insane wishes!  She wants to party, she wants to hot tub, and she wants to drink.  This girl has just been set free for the first time in years and she’s living it up… it’s a little scary.  Thankfully, she hasn’t had any wishes to cheat.  The makeout in hot tub wish was just a generalized wish she spun up after seeing her daughter have a one night stand with that dude, lol.

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4 comments to Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

  • LOL at Noelle gone wild. She’s determined to enjoy her momentary freedom to the fullest! ;)

    Poor Europa, used and then tossed aside by Gustave! I agree with Aludra though, Bert is a pretty sad kind of vampire. Hopefully Europa finds someone else soon and can move on from the giant neck scarf wearing sparkler.

    • Mao

      I guess! She really loved those nectar parties!

      Bert really is kind of a sad vampire. I wish TS3 vampires had something to make them vampire-y other than the weird skin and eyes. There really isn’t a whole lot to them.

  • “Most of the time in this game I find that my families barely know one another. ”

    Ugh, I find this too! I think part of it is that babies start with such very low relationships with their parents and it’s not easy to build them up. In TS2, they start at 50 or close to it.

    Anyway, Bert needs to be married into this family, just because it would be so hilarious to watch Aludra terrorise him for the remainder of the legacy!

    I had to laugh at Noelle though! She knows the legacy is drawing to a close, so she’s living it up while she still can.

    • Mao

      Yeah, that definitely doesn’t help. A lot of the times, my sims won’t even interact with each other! They completely ignore one another in favor or something else and because TS3 is weird, when they eat, they never eat together. Relationships in TS2 built quite a bit over eating!

      LOL! I would love to see Aludra harass Bert more. He practically lives there now as it is–he’s constantly stopping by.

      Noelle is WILD! Who would have known? :D

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