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Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

We return to the legacy lot to find that our heiress, Europa, and her twin sister, Callisto, have become young adults.  Of course, they both celebrate this fact in their own way.  I was completely serious when I said Europa hits the bar almost immediately after waking up.  Callisto spends most of her time with the martial arts dummy.

Europa Astrum
Brave, Clumsy, Inappropriate, Cat Person, Handy

Callisto Astrum
Athletic, Grumpy, Angler, Loner, Disciplined

Despite being an adult now, Europa still plays with her little brother Mercury.  They are best friends now.  It’s super cute.  I don’t know why they get along so well, but they do.  Every time he comes home from school, Europa immediately queues up conversation actions with him.  How sweet!

Callisto spends a lot of time practicing her kung fu moves, as she wants to top out the martial arts arena.  Poor Altair isn’t the best in the land, but Callisto still asks him to spar with her.

He gets his butt kicked pretty bad.  What kind of super spy can’t hold his own against a girl, Altair?!

Speaking of the twins, I guess I should show you how they turned out… Callisto is really cute.  She looks like a tan disney princess.  She has the perfect combination of her parents features.

Europa reminds me a lot of Aludra.  She’s definitely taken a lot of features from earlier in the gene pool.  It’s fun how different they look, I think it suits them.

When Altair isn’t getting his butt kicked by his daughter, he makes sure to spend time with his son.  These two are both geniuses, so they like to play chess.  A lot of times, they do this without me directing them, which is nice.  I like it when families get along.  Most of the time in this game I find that my families barely know one another.  I really wish sims pushed to interact more within the household.

Aludra can’t stand it when there is a ‘Good’ sim in the house, she feels the need to berate them constantly.  Needless to say, there’s no love lost between Aludra and Titania.

Aludra: ‘You make me sick!  How can you be such a goody-two-shoes and yet be so crazy?’

Titania: ‘You’re just mad because I won’t be your minion!’

Callisto takes a break from her rigorous training to spend some time with her newly aged up beau, Bert Marks.  They meet at the theater–in BROAD DAYLIGHT–to catch a show.  I see young adult Bert thinks ridiculously oversized neck scarves are snazzy… I’m not surprised by this.  He is a vampire that sparkles in the daylight, after all.  Sigh.

Bert: ‘You should see me when I swim… I glisten.’

Ugh.  Just stop talking.

Europa spends a lot of her time slacking off around the house doing absolutely nothing.  She doesn’t really need to have a career for her LTW and none of her traits really demand that she does a whole lot.  Usually she hangs out and reads or kicks back in the hot tub with Titania.  Oh, and she drinks.  A lot.

Europa: ‘I can’t wait until all this legacy business is over.  I want to kick back, relax, and have a couple bottles of aged nectar.’

Titania: ‘I just want to stop being called a gremlin…’

Altair doesn’t want Mercury to be a total wuss, so he tries to toughen him up by training him.  Poor Mercury wasn’t really cut out for athleticism like his dad and sister, so he struggles quite a bit.  Most of their ‘training sessions’ end up with Mercury falling off the treadmill.  Poor guy!

Europa fulfills her LTW by doing absolutely nothing.  Between her love of alcohol and the fact that I wanted to see how difficult this LTW was, I figured I’d give it to my last heiress.  I’ve had Noelle working on it since she came into the house.


Also, that LTW is ridiculously easy.

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4 comments to Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

  • LOL at Noelle gone wild. She’s determined to enjoy her momentary freedom to the fullest! ;)

    Poor Europa, used and then tossed aside by Gustave! I agree with Aludra though, Bert is a pretty sad kind of vampire. Hopefully Europa finds someone else soon and can move on from the giant neck scarf wearing sparkler.

    • Mao

      I guess! She really loved those nectar parties!

      Bert really is kind of a sad vampire. I wish TS3 vampires had something to make them vampire-y other than the weird skin and eyes. There really isn’t a whole lot to them.

  • “Most of the time in this game I find that my families barely know one another. ”

    Ugh, I find this too! I think part of it is that babies start with such very low relationships with their parents and it’s not easy to build them up. In TS2, they start at 50 or close to it.

    Anyway, Bert needs to be married into this family, just because it would be so hilarious to watch Aludra terrorise him for the remainder of the legacy!

    I had to laugh at Noelle though! She knows the legacy is drawing to a close, so she’s living it up while she still can.

    • Mao

      Yeah, that definitely doesn’t help. A lot of the times, my sims won’t even interact with each other! They completely ignore one another in favor or something else and because TS3 is weird, when they eat, they never eat together. Relationships in TS2 built quite a bit over eating!

      LOL! I would love to see Aludra harass Bert more. He practically lives there now as it is–he’s constantly stopping by.

      Noelle is WILD! Who would have known? :D

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