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Generation Eight: Wait, What?

Aludra: ‘How do I turn them off?’

You can’t.  They’re in love and they’ve recently been deemed ‘Eternally Faithful’… so they’re all over each other constantly!

Aludra: ‘Ugh.  Love is for sissies.’

And for those who enjoy some WooHoo action.  How long has it been, Aludra?  You’re rather cranky.



Speaking of love, WHAT is this?  Stupid prom!  All the girls went and, of course, Callisto was made prom queen.  Even worse, she and Bert ( or is it BURT?  I don’t know) somehow found one another in a romantic way.  Now he’s over here and she’s flirting him up.  NO!

This is not how this goes.  He is supposed to be with Europa!  I can tell by that pouty lip you know how much trouble you’re in, Callisto.

Even Luna the cat thinks Callisto is batty for trying to make this happen.  She wants to make him her boyfriend.  Sigh.  Really?  Altair, how can you stand back and do nothing?

Altair: ‘Shouldn’t the final generation be about love?’

Pftt.  You sap!  This is messing up everything!

Shameless.  Flaunting themselves in front of Europa.  Don’t let the calm smile on her face fool you… I somehow doubt she’s anything but calm right now.

Europa: ‘I thought you said I was going to get the vampire?’

Sigh.  It was out of my control!

Europa: ‘So much for omnipotence!’

Grumble… stupid free will!

Mercury becomes a pretty cute kid.  I’m interested to see what he’ll look like as he gets older.  He’s a Genius like his daddy.

Mercury Astrum
Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Genius

Europa tries to stave off her disappointment by eating cake on the couch.  Unfortunately, Titania is there to ruin the moment completely.

Titania: ‘This is total garbage–we’re not allowed to eat in the living room!’

She’s the heiress.  Also, how would you like it if someone stole your would-be girlfriend?

Titania: ‘Hmph… don’t get any ideas.’

Freakin’ Burt (or Bert… WHATEVER) the Immortal Butthead makes a statement by BREAKING THE FREAKIN’ NECTOR MAKER!  Seriously?!  I am going to hunt you down and steak you while you SLEEP, you sad excuse for a corpse!  Rawr!

Aludra, being the only one still awake, is forced to deal with the situation.  She does this by retching.  SO HELPFUL!

The repair dude shows up and acts like he just landed headfirst into Heaven.  Really?  This is not a good situation.  Why are you so flipping excited?

In more calming news, Europa and Mercury really seem to hit it off.  Whenever one of them is idle, they will talk (without arguing) and just have a grand old time.  This is kind of a nice change.  I rarely ever see siblings in this game interact unless forced, so I’m glad to see this little bond that they have.

Titania invites her girl crush over for some prospecting.  Is Audrey into girls, too?  Titania discovered her lady love at prom and has been spinning up wishes for her ever since.  Audrey is more than happy to stay over and watch the stars, but she’s not quite feeling the first kiss quite yet.  I think she’s still riding the fence as to her sexual orientation.

Altair finally gets his LTW, woo!  It took so long because I couldn’t go outside of the house on my old computer setup.  My computer would grind to a halt, it took forever to load anything, and then the game would randomly crash.  It sucked.  Now, however, I can move across this overcrowded hood like a rocket.  Good on you, Altair!  Glad to see an end to those silly outfits…

We’ll end this one with a shot of Luna being adorable and sleeping much like real life cats do.  So cute!

Sorry this is so late.  I should be back in action now.  There’s not much longer to go.  The legacy technically ends when Europa has her first kid.  Unfortunately, thanks to Callisto messing up my plans, I have no idea who that kid is going to be with!

In the mean time, I’ll be trying to figure out why wordpress is lagging so terribly… argh.

Also, my game patching issues were caused by Origin.  I’ve been gone so long that I didn’t even have Origin on my computer.  Wow.  Also, what the hell, EA?  Why are we getting another stupid Superstar knockoff?  Make with the freakin’ weather already.  I am tired of these stupid distraction expansions that add nothing to core gameplay and have features we’ll probably never touch again because they become daunting once your sim actually has more than one person in the household!

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2 comments to Generation Eight: Wait, What?

  • “He somehow managed to get Christopher Steel’s hair (from generation one!) I know it’s his because it has the weird bright roots and brown-green body. ”

    I always thought there was something weird about that guy’s hair! I never examined it closely enough though. It just looked “off”.

    Europa and Titania are both gorgeous. If this was Sunset Valley, I’d suggest hooking Titania up with Gobias Koffi. Seeing she looks like she’s in the Blue Man Group, it would just bring the Arrested Development references up a tad!

    Eternally faithful? Is that a game thing? I’ve never heard of that! When did that come in? Poor Aludra…she just needs some lovin’, clearly. ;)

    You just know EA are saving weather until the very last expansion! I think they know people are fed up with them but they’re trying to keep people hooked through the whole TS3 franchise by making us hold out for weather until the very end.

    • Mao

      I remember seeing him for the first time and wondering if there was fungus in his hair. I checked it when he moved into the legacy, finally, and it is a really funky brown shade.

      LOL! You can never have too many Arrested Development references, right?? :D

      Eternally Faithful is one of the Relationship reputations they introduced via Generations. It’s the first time I’ve had any, since I think the WooHooer was screwing it up (not sure if he’s since fixed this or not). You get it when two sims have been together and 100% faithful for like 30 days. It’s a persistent moodlet that gives a nice boost!

      They had better not. It was one of my favorite additions to the series, ever. It just makes the passage of time so… tangible. Who wants sunny days every day? I want weather back. These lackluster expansions are getting old.

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