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Generation Eight: Wait, What?

Okay folks, we’re back and it’s only been like five months.  Sorry about that.  If this were the “old days” of my simming life, this legacy would have been finished a long time ago.  Both fortunately and unfortunately, I have a lot more going on in my life now than I did then.  Still, this legacy will be finished.  I’m actually pretty close.

Before we get into that, though… let’s get caught up.  You’ll have to forgive me, as half of these pictures were taken back in October when my eyes were still a mess and I’ve since forgotten what I took them for.  So, let’s play catch-up.

As you can see, Gaston is still alive and Noelle is pregnant again.

The gremlin… ahem… Titania becomes a kid who I deck out in crazy outfits because, appropriately, she’s Insane.  This is really beginning to be a running theme in this legacy, isn’t it?

Titania Astrum
Insane, Good, Lucky

Gaston finally passes on.  Sorry, buddy, but you were around way longer than I ever thought you’d be.  Appropriately enough, he died at the graveyard while placing Lyra’s urn.  At least now we won’t have to make that trip to the cemetery.  Have a good one, Gaston–say “hi” to Lyra for me!

The twins become teens.  Altair and Noelle make some interestingly attractive sims.  Europa and Callisto don’t look anything at all twins.  Instead, they both seem to favor different aspects of their parents.  It’s neat.

Europa Astrum
Brave, Clumsy, Inappropriate, Cat Person

Callisto Astrum
Athletic, Grumpy, Angler, Loner

Despite Oberon leaving the nest, he still comes back around to see how things are going.  I guess Altair felt the need to lecture his brother on how not to get busted by the police.  He should have known better.  I’m pretty sure Oberon responded with some kind of lewd comment involving uniforms and handcuffs.

Oops, I guess I forgot to add a picture of the baby Noelle had.  His name is Mercury.  He somehow managed to get Christopher Steel’s hair (from generation one!)  I know it’s his because it has the weird bright roots and brown-green body.  It definitely sticks out.  Amazing that it showed up this far down the line!

Mercury Astrum
Eccentric, Easily Impressed

I know the French (and Europeans in general) are a lot more lax about teenagers and alcohol, but when faced with her daughter’s burgeoning alcoholism, Noelle just shrugs it off.  Europa throws them back every morning, this is becoming a problem!  I am horrified at your European indifference, Noelle!

Noelle: ‘Relax.  All good French children learn early how to handle their liquor.’

I’m not even going to dignify that stereotype with a response.

Europa’s vampire friend from Elementary school ages up and joins her high school class, much to my joy.  I really do want to bring him in as the second half of the last progenitor of the final heir/heiress!  Unfortunately, these two get on like two angry dogs.  They’ll talk fine enough, but their relationship bar never seems to move towards friendship… sigh.

The gremlin… um… Titania grows up into a pretty young lady.  I’m actually impressed.  Her facial features are a perfect combination of Altair and Noelle.  She’s cute, even for a pudding that looks like a groupie for the Blue Man group!

Titania Astrum
Insane, Good, Lucky, Star Quality

Unfortunately, like most of the descendents as of late, Titania has a bit of a wild streak.  She celebrates her adolescence by egging one of the neighbors… and not even their house.  She tries to egg the actual sim that comes outside and yells at her!

She should have known better than to do it so close to home, though.  She’s busted by the police and grounded by her mother.  Oh, to be a teen!

It’s hard enough keeping these two from jumping on one another, but Altair makes things worse by coming home in the most ridiculous of outfits.  Seriously, what is this supposed to be?  You look like you fell out of the eighties… and man, Noelle is digging it.

No more babies for you!  I don’t care how many wishes you roll up or how many hours you guys spend eating one another’s faces… it’s not happening!

I am pretty sure that were it not for my prodding, Europa and Titania would forever dress like they were mentally deficient.  In Titania’s case, she kind of is… but Europa is just lazy.  She spends most of her time rocking her pajamas to the point where I don’t even know why I bothered giving her other outfits.  I am glad I made Titania’s wardrobe especially crazy, though.  I love seeing what she’ll wear next.

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2 comments to Generation Eight: Wait, What?

  • “He somehow managed to get Christopher Steel’s hair (from generation one!) I know it’s his because it has the weird bright roots and brown-green body. ”

    I always thought there was something weird about that guy’s hair! I never examined it closely enough though. It just looked “off”.

    Europa and Titania are both gorgeous. If this was Sunset Valley, I’d suggest hooking Titania up with Gobias Koffi. Seeing she looks like she’s in the Blue Man Group, it would just bring the Arrested Development references up a tad!

    Eternally faithful? Is that a game thing? I’ve never heard of that! When did that come in? Poor Aludra…she just needs some lovin’, clearly. ;)

    You just know EA are saving weather until the very last expansion! I think they know people are fed up with them but they’re trying to keep people hooked through the whole TS3 franchise by making us hold out for weather until the very end.

    • Mao

      I remember seeing him for the first time and wondering if there was fungus in his hair. I checked it when he moved into the legacy, finally, and it is a really funky brown shade.

      LOL! You can never have too many Arrested Development references, right?? :D

      Eternally Faithful is one of the Relationship reputations they introduced via Generations. It’s the first time I’ve had any, since I think the WooHooer was screwing it up (not sure if he’s since fixed this or not). You get it when two sims have been together and 100% faithful for like 30 days. It’s a persistent moodlet that gives a nice boost!

      They had better not. It was one of my favorite additions to the series, ever. It just makes the passage of time so… tangible. Who wants sunny days every day? I want weather back. These lackluster expansions are getting old.

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