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Almost Done!

After wrestling with my webhost for months over spam issues and then upgrading my computer only to be slammed with a bevy of issues trying to get it to work (probably should have thought about my IDE DVD drives not being compatible with my Sandy bridge cpu/motherboard beforehand), and THEN getting consumed by Skyrim, followed by a ridiculous work schedule…

I am back to being almost done with this freaking legacy.  Now I just need to get my game to update instead of throwing hissy fits at me.  Sigh.

I should also clear up that my eyes began functioning again–finally–at the start of December.  It was a long, hard road but everything is better now and with no permanent damage.  The final verdict was unexplained serious inflammation… much better than the initial thought that I had a genetic issue.  I had to throw out all my makeup and give up contacts for awhile.  It was pretty sad.

In other news… my new setup runs my overcrowded, overburdened legacy hood like a pro.  It’s a freakin’ champ at juggling this hot mess.  I love you, Sandy Bridge!  I have no idea who you are or why they named a processor after you, but I love you all the same.

Now… to wrestle with the damn game.  Grrr.

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