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Skyrim Interruptus

For those who live under rocks or don’t bother with games other than The Sims, I guess I should inform you that I’m going to be missing awhile.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out the day before my birthday and in-between work and raiding on an MMO, I’ve been dedicating all my free time to it!  So, there won’t be any updates for awhile given my work schedule and my inability to play anything else at the moment, haha.

I did, however, upgrade my computer considerably and am now in the possessions of a high-end sandy bridge processor.  If that doesn’t make The Sims 3 run like a dream, I don’t know what will.  So, I am excited to see how the game runs on my new system, but not entirely ready to go through the toils of setting up that separate install quite yet.

I’ll be back soon enough to finish off this legacy… I’ve just got to burn out my Skyrim obsession a bit more.

Happy Holidays!

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