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Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

The gremlin grows into a slightly larger and much louder gremlin.  Aludra seems to have taken a shining to this odd looking child.  Of course, she probably just thinks her weird looks will make her an even better minion…

Grandma Lyra’s death hit poor Callisto pretty hard.  Every time I look, she’s dressed like a princess and playing pretend with her little, sparkly wand.  Poor girl.

She makes a darn cute princess, though.

Noelle celebrates fulfilling her lifetime wish by jamming her elbow into the brick wall.  Way to go, Noelle.  Now get back to making nectar!

Aludra discovers a laundry gnome one evening as she’s removing the laundry from the dryer.  That’s pretty random.  I didn’t even know there were laundry gnomes.  How long has Ambitions been out now?  Geeze.

I call him Mr. Snuggles.

Europa brings home a boy from school that’s not exactly normal.  Kids can be vampires… seriously??  Wow.  That’s pretty wild.  Anyway, if he ages up properly with Europa… he might just find himself in the house…

Noelle and Altair have had the wish to defile the tree house since I bought it.  Unfortunately, the girls are always in it.  They take their chance one night and get splinters for their trouble.  Seriously, Altair got a moodlet that said he had splinters!  Too funny.

Altair’s disguises as a secret agent crack me up.  What on earth is this supposed to be other than the obvious?  I mean, he is flaming… snicker.

Oberon would be proud of those stylish duds, Altair.

Luna decides she doesn’t like gremlins and tackles Titania.  It’s the cutest thing ever, yet the game considers it a bad dialogue option.  WTF?  It’s adorable.  Screw you, EA.

I am scanning the house, looking for something, when I notice this.  Yes, both my active gnomes are perched on the bar.  Lushes.

Annnd this totally inartistic shot of Noelle tossing her cookies brought to you by my sense of humor.  I’m sorry, but the pretty outdoors ambiance met with her yacking in-apologetically  next to the grill kills me.  Altair got splinters, but it looks like Noelle got something else from their little tree house rendezvous.

Cross your fingers for my eyes.  They are driving me nuts.  I haven’t been able to see properly for over a month now.  It SEEMS to get better and then it gets bad again.  I’ve been to the eye doctor so many times I never want to see that big, owl-like chair contraption again.

So close to being done!  I am excited, because then I can try to work out my attempt at something prosperity-like.

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10 comments to Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

  • V

    Mao, I think I would literally KILL you for Oberon. KILL. YOU.

    Okay maybe not. :P

  • I haven’t really played Generations much (as my game is once again not working at all) but my kids never used that costume trunk autonomously! They rolled up constant wants for it but never seemed to use it on their own. The two T-Rexes watching the childbirth is a pretty hilarious scene, I have to say!

    Whoa, Titania is like really dark! And much…bluer than any of her ancestors, no?

    At first, I thought Titania was biting Luna’s ear! Which actually wouldn’t be too far from normal, from the RL toddler-animal interactions I’ve seen.

    I hope your eyes get better. It sounds like hell!

    • Mao

      This is the first I’ve seen them use it on their own, too. I really wonder what the sudden fuss is all about!

      I think she beats Bellatrix, but only just barely. This is what happens when a blue sim gets busy with a tan sim, apparently.

  • Oww.. :( I hope you’ll get your eyes better. From the sounds of it, it felt so terrible.

    I enjoyed this update very much like before. You haven’t lost your sense of humor. :) Thanks for bringing us laughter.

    Ouch, The genetic system in TS 3 is very weird. Titania looks so .. blue, dark blue!

    Noelle seemed very fond of Altair. She should get herself busy with something else **cough- cough** or they will have ten babies in a near time :D

    Aww.. the boy Europa brought home with is very cute and he’s a vampire! I hope he can make it out into the family ;)

    Mr. Snuggles was having a fun time with…. I have never had that kind of gnome before.

  • Detris

    Sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope they get better soon. ((Prayers and Hugs))Where did the blue skin come from. I don’t remember any of the ancestors with it.

  • I love Titania! Her color AND her name! I think she should get a fairy makeover as an adult. :)

    I see from above comments your eyes are better…yay! You had a rough fall between being sick and being half-blind. :p

    • Mao

      Dude, that SUCKED! I couldn’t see for over a month. My eyes only got 100% better the beginning of December. I will never complain about my eyes ever, ever again… glasses or not. x_x

      Now that I’ve got the other issues tackled, I am going to be playing again… I have to have something to do while the husband hogs the Xbox!

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