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Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

Whew, it’s been awhile.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a bevy of issues to deal with since I got back.  My eyes are getting worse (and then better, and then worse), so it’s hard for me to read/write/do anything on the computer.  Secondly, I’m about to find a new host, because my current one is driving me insane with all the issues/etc.  Thirdly, I leave this Thursday again for a week and I’m not prepared.  At all.

Anyway, on with the sims.  The text will be limited.  I can’t see for crap and so I apologize beforehand for spelling errors and very bad pictures.

As you can see above, Noelle is pregnant again.

I’m pretty sure this has a lot to do with Altair running around in his blues all the time.  Time to get him a promotion so Noelle stops jumping him all the time.

I will say, I’ve had a hell of a time getting him promoted because one of my Nrass mods clutters the dialogue so badly it would hide the ‘Question’ option.  Thankfully, I found a way to hide the dialogue options.  Yay!

Oberon, unfortunately, decides its time to move on.  He’s been a fun guy to have around, but all he does is get stuck with babies now.  It’s time for him to go be cool somewhere else.

Have a good one, Oberon!  Keep rocking the muscle shirt.

The twins begin their rapid decline into adolescent apathy by becoming children.  I hate that you can never tell what Sims 3 children are going to look like.  You always, always have to wait until they become teens.  Sigh.  Curse you, pudding faces!

Europa Astrum
Brave, Clumsy, Inappropriate

Callisto Astrum
Athletic, Grumpy, Angler

The costume trunk is very popular with this generation of kids.  They are constantly playing pretend.  They decided to play pretend as tyrannosaurus, but I don’t think gramps was too keen on that idea.  He’s obsessed with playing Classical music at high volumes.  Sigh.

Unfortunately, not even the classic musical blaring could hide this pregnant momma’s roars… or screams, whatever you prefer.  She wasn’t playing pretend, either.  The poor girls, their sex ed just happened a few years too early in their own living room.

Noelle gives birth to… a gremlin!  Holy crap.  Look at it.  It totally looks like a gremlin.  I name her Titania.

Titania Astrum
Insane, Good

While Noelle was giving birth, this new innovation in law enforcement comfort rolled up.  It’s the Stretch Police Cruiser!  It offers only the greatest comfort for the sims best and brightest.

Lyra passes on before Gaston.  I only have this crappy picture because it caught me completely by surprise.  I totally thought Gaston would go first!  The dude was waaaaay older than Lyra when they married.  D’oh/  Bye bye, Lyra… I quite enjoyed having you around.

To mend the wounds, the Astrums adopt a kitten.  I got pets when it was released in the hopes that now we will finally, finally get weather.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, the kitten’s name is Luna.

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10 comments to Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

  • V

    Mao, I think I would literally KILL you for Oberon. KILL. YOU.

    Okay maybe not. :P

  • I haven’t really played Generations much (as my game is once again not working at all) but my kids never used that costume trunk autonomously! They rolled up constant wants for it but never seemed to use it on their own. The two T-Rexes watching the childbirth is a pretty hilarious scene, I have to say!

    Whoa, Titania is like really dark! And much…bluer than any of her ancestors, no?

    At first, I thought Titania was biting Luna’s ear! Which actually wouldn’t be too far from normal, from the RL toddler-animal interactions I’ve seen.

    I hope your eyes get better. It sounds like hell!

    • Mao

      This is the first I’ve seen them use it on their own, too. I really wonder what the sudden fuss is all about!

      I think she beats Bellatrix, but only just barely. This is what happens when a blue sim gets busy with a tan sim, apparently.

  • Oww.. :( I hope you’ll get your eyes better. From the sounds of it, it felt so terrible.

    I enjoyed this update very much like before. You haven’t lost your sense of humor. :) Thanks for bringing us laughter.

    Ouch, The genetic system in TS 3 is very weird. Titania looks so .. blue, dark blue!

    Noelle seemed very fond of Altair. She should get herself busy with something else **cough- cough** or they will have ten babies in a near time :D

    Aww.. the boy Europa brought home with is very cute and he’s a vampire! I hope he can make it out into the family ;)

    Mr. Snuggles was having a fun time with…. I have never had that kind of gnome before.

  • Detris

    Sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope they get better soon. ((Prayers and Hugs))Where did the blue skin come from. I don’t remember any of the ancestors with it.

  • I love Titania! Her color AND her name! I think she should get a fairy makeover as an adult. :)

    I see from above comments your eyes are better…yay! You had a rough fall between being sick and being half-blind. :p

    • Mao

      Dude, that SUCKED! I couldn’t see for over a month. My eyes only got 100% better the beginning of December. I will never complain about my eyes ever, ever again… glasses or not. x_x

      Now that I’ve got the other issues tackled, I am going to be playing again… I have to have something to do while the husband hogs the Xbox!

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