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Generation Eight: Double Trouble

Aludra’s not the only one with weird hobbies–Altair likes to gross out Oberon by eating crap off the ground.  Oberon, of course, is less-than-impressed.  Poor guy.

Oberon: ‘Augh!  Make him stop!”

No can do, pal.  Daredevil sims will be daredevil sims… just be glad this isn’t like the time he said ‘look what I can do’ and then ran to the shower.  We all know how that one ended…

Noelle goes into labor while working on her next batch of nectar.  Darn it!  Couldn’t you at least finish what you started before throwing a hissy fit?

Noelle: ‘I hope someone asks you the same thing when this happens to you!’

You know you’re not going to the hospital, right?  It’s a pain and you’ll get a better starting relationship with your kid this way.

Noelle: ‘I hate you…’

Join the club; I hear there’s a pretty smashing newsletter.

Holy crap, twins!  These are completely random, too.  No perks, no children music, none of those tricks.  At least they both wanted girls.  Also, we’ve got a purple baby, woo!  Let’s just hope she has the eyes and the hair.  I’m sure they’ll have more children, but I’m always happy when the heir is a guarantee early on… less panic.

Europa Astrum
Brave, Clumsy

Callisto Astrum
Athletic, Grumpy

Of course, Aludra has to introduce the girls to the facts of life immediately by stealing their candy!  You’re so mean, Aludra.  They’ve barely been around an hour!

Aludra: ‘This is an important step in their progress.  They’ll thank me for it one day.’

Or send you the bill for their therapy…

Time flies and the twins become toddlers.  They’re both pretty cute and as you can see, Europa has all the heiress features!  Callisto is pretty striking, she’s got her mother’s red hair and the purple eyes.  It’s a pretty combination.

While Altair is rearing the twins, these slackers are hanging out in the hot tub.  Thankfully, everyone has their bathing suits on for once.  Hooray!  Now how about you lazy buggers go do something useful?

Gaston: ‘Meh, I think I’ll stay a bit longer…’

Oberon: ‘I’ve already fulfilled my life’s wish, I’m content to stay here awhile longer…’

And you, Noelle?  You do have children, you know.

Noelle: ‘You’re the one who keeps mentioning Altair’s family mindedness… let him handle it.’

Sigh.  Hopeless louts, all of you!

Oberon does his duty as the uncle and eventually gets around to trying to teach Callisto to talk.  Of course, this ends up going horribly wrong when he teaches her things she probably shouldn’t know at a young age… or, ever, really…

Oberon: ‘Don’t judge me.  I am Evil, after all.’

This is true.  Looks like the evil streak has been broken with these two, though.

Oberon: ‘There’s still time!’

Noelle gets an opportunity to deliver a Life Fruit to her aging sister-in-law, Theia.  Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the once star news anchor.  She’s donned pigtails, a ridiculous vest, and some pointy shoes.  It seems she’s at the last of her days but her boy is still a teen, so she wants to stick around.  That’s him in the background.  Apparently, she did hook up with Manu after all.

Noelle delivers the fruit and gives Theia a little more time with her boy.  He looks a lot like Manu, it’s creepy.  They both have that girly mouth.

Sometimes, I am amused by what my sims get up to when I let them loose.  Only sometimes, though.  I’m too much of a control-freak to completely embrace this ‘new way’ of playing.  ;b

Twins!  Well, I guess I can’t complain as I got an heiress out of it.  The back and forth genders live on!  Also, Callisto has her mother’s red hair, so that means that when you change the hair color, it does transfer over to the children they have…

Europa – a moon of Jupiter

Callisto – also a moon of Jupiter

I’m leaving to go home for a week, so it will be some time before another update.  I’m so close!


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3 comments to Generation Eight: Double Trouble

  • Aludra: ‘Babies aren’t all love and cuddles, you know. They’re demons. They’ll steal your body’s best and make your brain turn to mush.’

    Ha, I thought Aludra would be into that kind of thing!

    Aludra’s paintings are…interesting. Is that as a result of her insane trait or her evil trait?

    These aren’t the first twins in this legacy, are they? I can’t remember if you’ve had any before.

    • Mao

      Haha, even Aludra knows better than to underestimate babies. ;)

      I think the Evil trait randomly tints paintings with a red hue.

      Nope, we’ve had a few twins! These were not planned or attempted, though… complete surprise.

  • Woohoo! The blue continues! I was surprisingly touched by the gift to Theia of the life fruit. Nice to give her a little extra time with her boy. <3

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