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Generation Eight: Double Trouble

We rejoin the Astrums at a rather… awkward time.  Looks like it won’t be long before the next generation comes into play… provided Noelle can stay awake.

Altair: ‘Do you mind?’

Noelle: ‘Could you be anymore intrusive??’

I just call it like I see it.  Is the romantic fizzle gone already?  All right, I’m going…

Meanwhile, poor Lyra is forced to face Grim when he comes for a coworker.  Don’t ask me why she has that haircut in her work uniform, I have no idea.  She’s had this issue forever and I haven’t figured out how to fix it, sigh.

Leave it to Grim, he could hardly wait until the poor dude had finished his shift to come calling!

Gaston and Noelle, being the French sims that they are, enjoy defiling the hot tub with their nakedness.  Unfortunately for them, the hot tub isn’t a big fan and breaks frequently.  Way to go, guys.  Why don’t you just wear swimsuits like everyone else?

Noelle: ‘You call what Oberon wears a swimsuit, really?’

It’s more than you’re wearing, missy!

When Gaston isn’t breaking the hot tub, he’s breaking in the new bar I installed.  He frequents it quite a lot… I’m guessing his old age is getting to him.  His days are numbered, provided his weird aging bug hasn’t extended into his elder years.  This guy has been around for a long time given that he was an Adult when he married Lyra!

No generation nine yet?  Get to it, you two!  Stop being such boring layabouts!

Noelle: ‘We’re working on our respective wishes!’

Altair: ‘Forgive us for wanting to be settled in our desires before we have children…’

Sigh.  How progressive of you both.  Unfortunately, this challenge has nothing to do with that so get with the baby making!!

Looks like my pep talk worked!  Noelle has a baby bump and is donning her maternity clothing.  Of course, Aludra is on hand to give her plenty of unwanted advice.

Aludra: ‘Babies aren’t all love and cuddles, you know.  They’re demons.  They’ll steal your body’s best and make your brain turn to mush.’

Sure, Aludra… just scare the mother of generation nine.  I do want to finish this challenge at some point, you know…

When she’s not trying to ruin my plans, Aludra is distracting the maid.  Imagine my surprise upon seeing this.  He’s not only sitting down, but he’s sipping on a juice box from the family’s fridge!  I hope you’re enjoying your break, dude… it’s about to be over.

Aludra: ‘Shh… you’re ruining my concentration!’

And you’re distracting the maid!  Sheesh.

Altair is a good husband to have.  Being a Family-Oriented sim, he’s more than happy to see to all of Noelle’s pregnancy demands.  You’re a lucky sim, Noelle.  He’s the first one since the founder!

Noelle: ‘You could always send me on a spa day…’

Then who would care for the garden?  Silly girl.

Aludra paints how she envisions the world once she finally takes over.  Really, Aludra?  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Aludra: ‘Fire will rain from the sky!’

And how exactly are you planning on dodging the flaming balls of death?

Aludra: ‘Psh, they won’t touch me… only those who try to usurp me.’

You are insane… but we already knew that, didn’t we?

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3 comments to Generation Eight: Double Trouble

  • Aludra: ‘Babies aren’t all love and cuddles, you know. They’re demons. They’ll steal your body’s best and make your brain turn to mush.’

    Ha, I thought Aludra would be into that kind of thing!

    Aludra’s paintings are…interesting. Is that as a result of her insane trait or her evil trait?

    These aren’t the first twins in this legacy, are they? I can’t remember if you’ve had any before.

    • Mao

      Haha, even Aludra knows better than to underestimate babies. ;)

      I think the Evil trait randomly tints paintings with a red hue.

      Nope, we’ve had a few twins! These were not planned or attempted, though… complete surprise.

  • Woohoo! The blue continues! I was surprisingly touched by the gift to Theia of the life fruit. Nice to give her a little extra time with her boy. <3

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