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Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

I’m so wrapped up with achieving Oberon’s LTW as quickly as possible that poor Altair suffers from neglect.  He’s forced to take his breakfast on the run on his first day of work.  So hilarious!

Altair: ‘Do you know how hard it is to eat and drive?  I’ll be happy when the revolving doors of man whoring are done with…’

Patience, grasshopper.  There’s a reason I’m getting this out of the way early!

When Altair isn’t trying to climb the career ladder, he’s playing mediator between his great grandma Aludra and everyone else.

Altair: ‘Sorry, sir… I’m going to have to call you back.  I’ve got to stop my great grandmother from killing my dad.  Talk to you later.’

Aludra: ‘Play that classical crap one more time… I DARE YOU!  ONE.  MORE.  TIME.’

Gaston isn’t really bothered by Aludra’s outburst.  Anyone who has lived in the house longer than a week knows how volatile she is.  Instead, he’s still trying to get his wife to immortalize him in sculpture.

Gaston: ‘It would be a shame for the world to miss out on my gun show.  I’ve been working on it, you know.’

Lyra: ‘I know.  Can we stop talking about this now?  I’ve have it up to my ears with sculpting!  It’s like a sculpting sweatshop here!’

Hey, I’m just trying to fulfill that insane ‘be worth a million dollars’ want everyone has spun up lately… geeze.

Oberon shows his mastery of seduction by not only wooing in the present, but also the future.  I’m not entirely sure that’s proper use of a Time Machine, but whatever floats your boat… or unfurls the integrity of space and time in this case.

Avery: ‘Let’s pretend I never shot you down as a teen and do that again… only, in the past this time?’

Oberon barely has time to breathe inbetween his romantic conquests.  The maids make sure he has a steady supply of… um… man… lovin’.

Garland: ‘Er… is he going to be here the entire time?’

Oberon: ‘Does it matter?’

Garland: ‘Not really!’

Poor Gaston… Oberon is completely shameless!

When Oberon isn’t defiling some random object in the house, he’s harassing his older brother.  Altair might be more straight-laced than his wild brother, but that’s no cause to give him grief.  He’s a nice Family-Oriented sim, after all!

Oberon: ‘If you want, I can give you some tips… you’d be surprised what you can do with a rolling pin…’

Altair: ‘Not listening.  Completely ignoring you.’

The maid well runs dry and so Oberon actually has to leave the house to find his next mark.  He meets Trinity Baird, who seems to be of some relation to Aludra’s vampire friend, Jody Baird.

Oberon wastes very little time and within a few hours, he is introducing Trinity to his creepy bedroom.  Why creepy?  Because it’s the ante-chamber to Aludra’s room… lined with statues and pictures of her.  Yeah, I wouldn’t turn the lights on, either!

Lyra isn’t ignorant of her youngest son’s dalliances.  It’s hard to be, when the whole town is talking about the manipulative Casanova!  He’s got quite the reputation, but he’s never been caught, so they can’t prove anything.

Lyra: ‘Why can’t you be a good boy and focus on promotions like your brother?’

Oberon: ‘I have my own kind of promotions–’

Lyra: ‘Stop!  I don’t want to hear it!’

Looks like Oberon’s evil ways even top Lyra’s!

Bam!  LTW achieved.  This is my first time doing it and it’s extremely easy.  I just wish I had done anything but the shower for the last one, it made for an awkward picture.

Oberon: ‘I think I might actually like this one.’

Oh, really?  Are you sure about that…?

…Because he’s balls ass crazy!

Oberon: ‘Oh my…’

Yeah, get a bit old helping of that crazy, Oberon.  You brought it on yourself!

Oberon: ‘Help?’

Nope, I’m out of here.  Good luck with that!

Whew, I am finally 100% better!  That was quite a bit of crazy and I’m definitely glad it’s over.  I was worried it might be something serious, but now I’m better and that’s all that matters.  Hooray!

My game did its first unannounced crash to desktop in FOREVER when I was playing.  I lost several sim days of progress, which really made me mad.  I saved like a madwoman and it didn’t crash again.  I’ll have to look into it and make sure it’s not a problem I’m going to have down the line…

Playing through Oberon’s conquests was fun, but I’m glad it’s over.  It’s almost time for the next generation to come in.  I also noticed poor Noelle was woefully absent in this.  She was spending her time gardening and working on her nectar making… I’ve got her close to her goal of Renaissance sim.

I’m going home in a week (for a week) and then I come back to my holiday work schedule, so updates will be sporadic.  I wonder if I can finish this before 2012?  Haha!

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5 comments to Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

  • :) I’m glad that you are feeling better now. This post is so entertaining as well. Lol@ Oberon and his lifetime wish…The last one made me ROFL.

    Noelle is surely a calm lady, not getting distracted by all the chaos/madness in the house :) I can’t wait to see their babies/

    Oops, I hope Oberon didn’t try something else that time machine, but a little surprise maybe entertaining to watch. Nah, I don’t think he’s that risk taker or is he?

    Lol, the maid on the picture (Garland) was very funny. It’s already eight generation now! Wow!

  • Oh my gosh, Oberon was a bit wrong as a teen, wasn’t he? LOL…yeah, you’re definitely going to get some creepers in your stats for that little comment!

    “Lyra: ‘No… it’s not. It’s from the guy she literally scared the pee out of.’


    Bwahahaha! Aludra is awesome!

    And be worth a million dollars? Geez…don’t aim your bar too low, Astrums! I’ve never seen that want. Probably because none of my Sims have ever been worth even close to that much.

    What was Oberon’s LTW? Was it that Be The Boyfriend of 10 Sims one?

    • Mao

      Haha, Oberon definitely brings a new flip to the Evil sim!

      I knew there was a reason I kept Aludra around.

      Actually, it was Master Romancer – Woohoo with 5 Different Sims in 5 Different Places. I’m not sure which expansion added it.

  • Nothing like marrying in crazy to an already crazy, evil family! Can’t wait to see more of our heir and his new wife in the next episode. (Also, isn’t it nice to feel better after being sick for so long? This winter has been the worst for sickness for me too.)

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