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Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

We rejoin the Astrum family in the midst of a very serious conversation… about sculpting.  Seriously?

Gaston: ‘You need to sculpt me.  The world needs to remember my awesome.’

Lyra: ‘…in your pajamas?’

Gaston: ‘Of course!  It’s stately, it shows my authority!’

Lyra: ‘More like your senility…’

Meanwhile, Oberon seems to be trying to hone his game on the maid.  I don’t think that’s going to work out to well, given that he’s an adult and everything…

Oberon: ‘We should catch a concert sometime.’

Avery: ‘…you realize I’m not part of NAMBLA*, right?’

Oberon: ‘Do you want to be?’

Avery: ‘No.

*I don’t even want to know what search hits I’m going to get with that one…

Noelle is, surprisingly, settling in quite well amidst the madness.  She’s quite the unflappable French lady, that’s for sure.  Other spouses have cringed or even regretted their decision to join this mad house, but Noelle?  She takes it all in stride.

Oberon: ‘Are you sure she’s all there?  I’ve been trying to bug her for days now!’

Sorry, buddy… this girl is steel.  I’m kind of impressed.

Finally, the wedding day approaches and Noelle officially becomes an Astrum.  She’s really cute… she kind of reminds me of Margot.  I hope some of that shows up in their babies, even if it will be awhile before they have any.

Lyra is not impressed with the festivities one bit.  Why the long face?  You’re not the heiress anymore, it’s official!  Well, more official than it was before.  You should feel relieved.

Lyra: ‘I’ll just be happy when this thing is done and my ancestors have the freedom to do… whatever they want.  That, and not having to deal with you.’

Why the hate?  I thought we had a good thing going.  Sigh.  It’ll be over soon, don’t worry… even if you won’t be here for it.

This totally random picture probably looks pretty innocuous… but look closer and you’ll see why I snapped it.  See the maid there?  It looks like the Crocodile Dundee ran down on some hard times and now he’s forced into a tight fitting polyester get-up to make ends meet.

At least they let him keep the hat.

I’m so distracted by the maid that I completely missed this insanity at the cake cutting.  What happened here and is that… pee on the floor?  It’s not Aludra’s, is it?

Lyra: ‘No… it’s not.  It’s from the guy she literally scared the pee out of.’


All right, who let the evil mastermind in the champagne?  Oh boy.

Lyra and Oberon share a birthday, becoming an elder and a Young Adult respectively.  Oberon is ready to break some hearts on his way to becoming a Master Romancer, while Lyra is just kind of hoping she doesn’t break a hip.

Oberon Astrum
Absent-Minded, Evil, Hot Headed, Great Kisser, Childish

Oberon immediately kicks things off by inviting his one-time crush, Rasheed, over for a little canoodling.  He decides it’s the perfect time to hone his seductive eyebrow technique.  Wow.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that one.

Oberon: ‘Be quiet… it worked perfectly.’

Indeed it did and Aludra’s there as a witness.  I don’t think she approves of how her hot tub is being used as of late.

Aludra: ‘…Rasheed, really?  I’d never have guessed.’

Me either, but the game decided we were both wrong!

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5 comments to Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

  • :) I’m glad that you are feeling better now. This post is so entertaining as well. Lol@ Oberon and his lifetime wish…The last one made me ROFL.

    Noelle is surely a calm lady, not getting distracted by all the chaos/madness in the house :) I can’t wait to see their babies/

    Oops, I hope Oberon didn’t try something else that time machine, but a little surprise maybe entertaining to watch. Nah, I don’t think he’s that risk taker or is he?

    Lol, the maid on the picture (Garland) was very funny. It’s already eight generation now! Wow!

  • Oh my gosh, Oberon was a bit wrong as a teen, wasn’t he? LOL…yeah, you’re definitely going to get some creepers in your stats for that little comment!

    “Lyra: ‘No… it’s not. It’s from the guy she literally scared the pee out of.’


    Bwahahaha! Aludra is awesome!

    And be worth a million dollars? Geez…don’t aim your bar too low, Astrums! I’ve never seen that want. Probably because none of my Sims have ever been worth even close to that much.

    What was Oberon’s LTW? Was it that Be The Boyfriend of 10 Sims one?

    • Mao

      Haha, Oberon definitely brings a new flip to the Evil sim!

      I knew there was a reason I kept Aludra around.

      Actually, it was Master Romancer – Woohoo with 5 Different Sims in 5 Different Places. I’m not sure which expansion added it.

  • Nothing like marrying in crazy to an already crazy, evil family! Can’t wait to see more of our heir and his new wife in the next episode. (Also, isn’t it nice to feel better after being sick for so long? This winter has been the worst for sickness for me too.)

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