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Generation Eight: Oui, Oui!

Generation eight begins with the transition of our latest heir, Altair.  I definitely can’t complain about his traits, as they are a good mix of things I find reasonable to play, haha.  As far as looks go, I think he looks a lot like Lyra, though he definitely has Gaston’s nose.

Altair Astrum
Genius, Athletic, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Dare-Devil

As if sensing her time as heiress is up, Lyra finally puts in enough hours on the campaign trail to finish up her lifetime wish.  Hooray, Lyra!  Now you can sit back and relax.  No more annoying campaign parties!

Lyra: ‘I think you’re actually the one who is happiest about that…’

Well, true, but that’s beside the point…

Oberon is nearing the end of his teen years and he seems to want them to go out with a bang… or jail time.  He’s been picked up by the cops several times for pranking the school and harassing the neighbors!  I have to admit, though, the pranks you can pull on unsuspecting houses are pretty hilarious.

Oberon: ‘They will rue the day they considered me less for not being heir!’

Actually, I think you win out by not being heir.  You get to do your own thing and cause havoc.

Oberon: ‘Hmm… I guess so.  Okay, then they’ll rue the day they considered me less for being a teen!’

There you go.

Aludra finishes up Altair’s portrait and it goes on the wall.  It’s amazing to see them all up there now and to have a visual representation of the progress.  Technically, I only have one more to go as far as completing the challenge goes.  It ends once generation ten is born… so close and yet so far…

Aludra: ‘Can I go back to painting ninjas now?’

Fine, fine… paint your stupid ninjas… but you’re doing another portrait once the next heir/heiress comes around!

Altair sets off to France to find himself a cute little lady, preferably with fair hair.  The pickings in France are unfortunately pretty slim, so lets hope there are still some eligible ladies about.

Altair: ‘You’ve given up on the whole concept of love and attraction, haven’t you?’

It’s the end of the challenge, buddy.  You’re lucky I’m even being picky at this point!

Altair: ‘Sigh…’

Altair finds one lady with a good face and blonde hair, but she’s not really digging on him.  I guess that’s all right, she’s an Adult anyway.  There’s got to be some more ladies out there somewhere…

Lady: ‘Sorry, I’m just not considering myself a cougar right now…’

I have him chat up the special merchant.  She’s got blonde hair, but a weird nose.  I’m not entirely sure it would mesh well with the rest of the genetics currently moving throughout the bloodline.  Still, she’s a consideration if no one else compatible comes up.  They get along okay.

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9 comments to Generation Eight: Oui, Oui!

  • You mean you can actually see the pranks they pull on the school? I figured it was just more of EA’s rabbithole crap!

    So now that Noelle’s hair is red, any kids she has might have red hair too, due to EA’s effed up TS3 genetics? Is that right?

    That last picture is so super-pretty. <3 They did something right in this game. ;)

    • Mao

      Unfortunately, you can’t see the school pranks but you can see them harass the neighboring houses with eggs, poo bags, and other assorted tomfoolery.

      I actually don’t know! I’ve never changed a sims hair color in TS3 before… I guess we’ll find out.

      I love the atmosphere… I just wish the sims were a little easier to photograph. ;)

  • Code

    Get well soon!
    And wow, gen 8? Good job! I’m still lucky enough to get to 3rd gen -__-

  • Congratulations on being so close to the end! Noelle has really nice features for a pre-made Sim. I’m interested to see if changing the hair color does indeed pass on to the next generation. I haven’t tried it yet to test it out.

    Get well soon!

    • Mao

      Thanks! I’m interested to see what Noelle’s facial structure brings to the table. I’m also happy I’m not the only one who hasn’t changed the hair colors before!

  • What’s up with Astrum’s heir/heiress with sims from France? Well, one thing for sure, his hopeless romantic trait found a good place in France. Wow, I’ve never noticed that Noelle Saint James is so pretty! Altair is lucky enough to have a controller like you :)

    I hope you are feeling better now…

  • WOW, what a difference Noelle’s makeover made. That hairstyle she initially had was BLECH on her face. She’s a lovely girl and definitely looks better as a redhead as well. Glad this spouse bridged the gap between yours and Altair’s wants. :)

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