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Generation Seven: Partied Out

Oberon transitions into a child who definitely looks like he belongs in the family!  He’s got his dad’s eyes, which definitely adds something to the look.  Much like his dad, he also likes wasting entirely too much time playing video games.

Oberon Astrum
Absent-Minded, Evil, Hot Headed

Lyra, now climbing the political ladder like it was on fire, has begun throwing lots of campaign fundraisers.  It’s definitely given me the opportunity to get to know more of the neighborhood.  In fact, it enlightened us that Deneb actually convinced some poor woman to not only marry him, but have his baby.  Wow.

Lyra: ‘I was so confused when she said she was my aunt!’

I can imagine.  I never expected crazy Deneb to land a lady!

Altair is nearing the end of his childhood years and so decides to show his mother his many accomplishments as a scout.  The green kind of clashes with his look, but look at that face of pride!

Altair: ‘And this one I got for mentioning who my great grandma is…’

No body wants to mess with anyone who is related to Aludra.  That’s probably wise.

I got the alert that Deneb had a baby, so I had to investigate.  Looks like crazy had his crazy baby!  It’s a girl, but she’s not crazy.  Maybe she dodged the bullet there.  What future can she hope for, though, being raised by someone who is bananas and someone who is nuts enough to marry someone who is bananas?  Poor kid!

Lyra is really close to the top, but those charisma points are a pain.  Too bad studying isn’t easy when you’ve got two hyperactive boys making all sorts of noise.

Altair: ‘Watch out, mom!  There’s a rhino on the road!’

Lyra, sighing: ‘Don’t you boys want to go outside and play?’

Oberon: ‘Can we get an outside TV?’

Lyra: ‘…’

It seems like Oberon has taken up his mother’s mantle as house prankster.  Anytime I leave him alone, he’s laying a trap somewhere.  Unlike Lyra, he favors the whoopie cushion.  It’s almost his signature at this point.

It sure does liven up the campaign fundraisers that Lyra is always throwing…

Speaking of which, those campaign fundraisers are pretty much on auto-pilot.  Lyra has the Legendary Host reward, so she always rakes in the cash.  I only ever have her interact or befriend people to further her charisma skill requirements.  Other than that, they wander around the house until they get bored and the party ends.

Lyra: ‘I really wish you guys wouldn’t mess up the house.  Grandma scared away the butler…’

Gaston finally becomes an Elder.  Seriously, dude, your aging was totally bonkers.  He ages pretty gracefully in the middle of a campaign fundraiser.  Most things happen around campaign fundraisers these days…

As you can see, Gaston also completed his LTW.  This is, again, all thanks to campaign fundraisers!

Gaston: ‘I feel so fulfilled now.’

Wonderful, dude.  I’ll feel the same once I can stop throwing these stupid parties.

Altair becomes a teen in the midst of another fundraiser, much to the creepy glee of Aludra’s vampire friend.  Seriously, lady, hands off.  Hopeless Romantic or not, he’s not coming within a foot of getting it on with you.

Altair Astrum
Genius, Athletic, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic

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7 comments to Generation Seven: Partied Out

  • I’ve just known that a child sim can be a boy/girl scout in TS3 with the latest expansion. I will definitely try that for my child sims.

    Altair and Oberon are such two opposite brothers. Altair is very sweet. I hope he will find a good lady, and not that lady back there. Creepy!

    The proms bring surprises to our teen sims. I was quite surprised that Altair didn’t have any, though.

  • Speechless

    Iv never had a scout or a fundraiser or a maxis made gay in my game. It’s so intesting to see all those things in someone else game as otherwise I wouldn’t even know about those options. I hope he gets his perfect looking lady with fair hair :)

  • Crazy Deneb got married! That’s kind of sweet, in a disturbing kind of way. Deneb’s wife is looking a little depressed, I have to say. ;)

    LOL, I laughed so hard at that horrifying bedtime story Altair is reading to his little brother! How like Aludra to offer that kind of story to read to a kid!

    And wow, I have never, ever had a Sim develop a same sex attraction in this game without me prodding it along, not even with Twallan’s SP (which is supposed to allow for it but maybe I have a setting wrong).

    • Mao

      LOL! I was thinking the same thing when I saw her. She’s looking a little rough around the edges.

      With Twallan’s SP, you have to set the one value higher. It’s under Flirt, Chance of a Gay Sim… I think you have to set the value higher. There’s another value I thought, too, but I forget. He changed a lot of the options I used to know recently, lol.

  • “I know Altair is on the cusp of Young Adulthood, but he’s going to want a lady with ovaries that aren’t filled with moth balls, thanks.”

    HA! That cracked me up. :’) Also, the boys turned out very handsome. I think Wu’s genetics really merged nicely with the existing family genetics. Can’t wait to see who becomes heir. :)

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