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Generation Seven: I’ve Got My Chainsaw

Everyone is preparing for the wedding of the seventh heiress, Lyra.  Lyra and Aludra spend this time dancing while Theia pours herself a stiff drink.  You’d think she was the one getting married!

The last wedding was a quiet, subdued affair, so I thought I’d give this couple a bit more of a real ceremony.  Wu wasn’t happy with them all being clustered on one beach, her being a Loner and all, but she’ll get over it!

I tried to time it so they’d get married right at sunset, but it took them so long to get the ball rolling it happened at the later part of sunset rather than the earlier, brighter part.  It’s kind of like how my wedding turned out, actually!

Try to ignore the doofy, horse faces.  Of all the times to make them!

Aww, married sims are married!  This is typically where the baby making would begin, but Lyra has things to do before she’s put on maternity leave!

Poor Pollux, I think he’s going a bit senile.  He spends breakfast trying to extol the virtues of park benches to his mother and daughter.  I’m pretty sure they’re just kind of ignoring him, hoping the moment passes.

Pollux: ‘You need a good, sturdy wood…’

…Pollux, are you still talking about park benches?


It’s easy to forget, but Lyra is still an Evil sim!  There’s nothing Evil sims like more than scaring the crap out of their spouses.  Gaston is a hard one to sneak up on, though.

Gaston: ‘Sweetie… why are you sneaky walking behind me?’

Lyra: ‘What?  Oh, I’m not.’

Gaston: ‘Yes, you are.  You’re hunched over, tiptoeing, and you have a conspiratorial grin on your face.’

Lyra: ‘…I have to pee?’

Gaston: ‘Okay…’

Nice try, Lyra.

Since the butler proved to be a useless, endless machine of culinary failure, I’ve resorted to other methods.  The maid has been rehired, I’ve changed certain parts of the house to make it more mobile and functional, and I’ve got Aludra mass-producing food whenever the stocks get low.  She’s got cooking maxed, knows every single recipe, and has several of the skill challenges finished… so, she’s a great candidate.

Aludra: ‘I cook because I enjoy it, not because you make me!’

Of course you do… how about picking up the Handiness skill?

Aludra: ‘I am not a butler!’

Oh well, it was worth a shot.

I noticed something odd happening every morning around two to seven am.  Aludra would be out on her Miner, as she usually is, and there would be strange people gathered around her.  At first, I thought it was paparazzi.  It wasn’t until I saw Aludra kept getting the ‘Rude Guest’ moodlet that I realized these were unwelcome visitors.  They’re all Astrums of a sort!  They may not all have the name, but they’re distant relatives.

Why the hell are they in my legacy yard in the wee hours of the morning?!  It happens every single night that Aludra uses the Miner.  It’s bizarre.

Bao Louie emerges for the first time as a ghost.  His urn is with Manchu’s on Aludra’s new dresser, out in her separate apartment.  He doesn’t seem to have any ill will about dying and immediately wants to know the latest gossip.

Really, Bao?  You always were such a weird sim…

Theia is unimpressed with the ghosts of her grandmother’s former lovers.  Bao takes the new elevator down to the basement (for reasons unknown, there’s nothing important down there anymore) and interrupts her early morning writing session.

Theia: ‘I can’t wait to leave this place.  I’ve had enough of the weird.’

Soon, Theia… now get back to writing!

Lyra, luckily, takes the weirdness in stride.  She doesn’t freak out.  Instead, she hangs out with Gaston in the hot tub.  My sims love this stupid hot tub.  Anytime they’re bored, they’ll wander out to it and just soak for a few hours.  Lyra was in there alone and I had Gaston join her.  They’ve both been skilling like crazy since the wedding, so I figured they deserved some time together.

Gaston: ‘Want to break in the hot tub?’

Lyra: ‘I thought you’d never ask.’

Oh geeze, you two!  I better not hear any chimes…

While Lyra and Gaston defile the hot tub, Pollux catches this creeper trying to get a show.  Pollux has become a little crotchety in his elder years and proceeds to accost the would-be peeper paparazzi with his pimp cane.  Way to bring a ho down a notch, P-Man.

Pollux: ‘Get off my property, you dirty old man!’

Paparazzi: ‘Who you calling old?’

Pollux: ‘Get!  Or I’ll put this cane so far up your butt it comes out your mouth!’

Paparazzi: ‘Eeesh, I’m goin’, I’m goin’…’

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7 comments to Generation Seven: I’ve Got My Chainsaw

  • Code

    You play AC too!? 8D I cannot wait until Revelations!

  • Well, clearly, the miner was waking the neighbours! Seriously, that’s why the other Sims were in the yard. The one family I’ve used the miner with had the same thing happen.

    That maid clearly doesn’t know what’s good for him, hanging around Aludra like he is.

    Altair is adorable! How weird about his skintone – it almost looks blotchy!

    • Mao

      LOL! Seriously? I had no idea. I just thought it was a random reunion. I guess Astrums live in the other two huge houses, haha!

      I know, but it ‘clears up’ once he gets older… thank goodness!

  • Aludra really amused me. I’m glad that you let her drink that potion, plus her high skill in cooking was really needed in the household. Wonderful pictures of the wedding, and also the photographs on the wall. **giggles** Pollux was really funny with that cane. He’s being quite finicky as an elder. Looks like the paparazzi would not be there again for a while.

    Lol at Aludra’s statue… I’m guessing that she was going to the toilet but could not. Seriously, that picture cracked me up.
    Congratulations for the baby! Wow, in one birth. Gaston’s genetic surely wasn’t that strong :) Fortunately.

    The baby looks so cute, and especially with his hair like that. O.o. Careful there, Aludra is holding him. Perhaps he’s going to be the next Emperor of Evil? Only a guess ;)

  • I agree with MJ about the statue of Aludra. What in the world was she doing when posing for this?

    I’m so happy to see another blue child, even if he is a little diluted. The miracles of sims genetics!

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