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Generation Seven: Big Pimpin’

Behold!  The heiress of generation seven… Lyra.  She’s cute, she definitely has a lot of her mother’s features, though I think she looks quite a bit like Pollux.  It’s nice to see some fresh looks in this house.  I’m kind of glad Aludra and Pollux chose to mix it up with some locals from China!

Unfortunately, our heiress’ first thought upon turning YA is about Aludra.  Scary.  She wants to become Leader of the Free World… I wonder if Aludra had any influence over that?

Lyra Astrum
Friendly, Evil, Good Sense of Humor, Savvy Sculptor, Charismatic

Pollux wastes no time getting Lyra’s Young Adult portrait up on the wall.  Of course, he does this in his European Swimswear.  Really, Pollux?

Pollux: ‘You’re the one that bustled me out of the hot tub ASAP… what did you expect?’

I guess you’re right, but those shorts really are quite ridiculous…

And who is this dashing, would-be explorer going bananas over Aludra in the dining room?  He looks kind of familiar.  Who invited him here?

Theia: ‘I did.’

…Hmm, so you did.  Is that why you’re currently hurrying him out of the room and onto the balcony?

Theia: ‘As if Grandma needs anymore worship.’

Good point.

He’s got a good looking face for a pudding.  Who is he?

Theia: ‘I danced with him at prom, remember?  Manu Astrum.’

Oooh, right, he’s one of the side families.  Let’s see… he’s Portia’s grandson!  Wow!  That takes me back… back when Draco was alive.  Hmm… that’s a pretty distant relation.

Theia: ‘He’s a relative, the dance was forced on me by the game… I’m not into banjos and interbreeding, thanks.’

Now that I think of it, he kind of looks like Owen Wilson in Zoolander.  I’m kind of glad you passed.

Theia: ‘Can you leave me alone now?  I need to finish this interview for an article tomorrow.’

Oh, right… as you were.  Sorry.

Poor Pollux becomes an elder while he’s basking in the wonders of the hot tub, to absolutely no fanfare at all.  Lyra is out there with him, but have you ever tried hearing someone over the roar of a chainsaw?  It’s pretty much next to impossible.

Lyra, yelling: ‘What’s that, dad?  I can’t hear you!’

Pollux, muffled: ‘…aged… gray hair…’

Lyra, confused: ‘Uhh… that’s great, dad?  We’ll talk later, okay?  Kinda busy here.’

Pollux sighs.

Finally, Lyra’s graduation day arrives!  If you haven’t purchased Generations yet or you have yet to have a teen to YA transition, they don’t ‘automatically’ graduate.  They age up and then on the next weekday (or the next day if it’s already a weekday, I think), they’ll have a graduation ceremony at the courthouse.  They get their final grades and any awards they may have won, including their customized diploma (if you went to a boarding school, it’s different).

They, however, usually don appropriate hats…

Lyra: ‘That hat was stuffy.  This hat is more fun!’

…So much for decent graduation pictures.

After her graduation ceremony, I ship Lyra off to Egypt.  It’s the location she wanted to visit upon transitioning.  I was happy, because I was going to send her here anyway.  We don’t have much Egyptian blood in the line… unfortunately, there’s slim pickings.  Looks like I need to go through here and force the game to give me some eligible bachelors.

Lyra: ‘Someone who isn’t married or a teen would be nice… and also… well, not as… portly.’

I’m not going to comment on that, as I’ve never been to Egypt.  I’m just going to say that EA’s world view is usually pretty… sanitized.

While milling around, Lyra meets this dashing fellow.  Unfortunately, he is not a local… he’s another dude from France.  What’s with this family and French people?

Lyra: ‘It’s the accent.’

Sigh.  He’s not a local, Lyra!

Lyra: ‘He is in France!’

Why don’t you just walk away and we’ll find someone else?

Lyra: ‘Too late… I want to sculpt him.’

Is that what they’re calling it now?  Seriously, this a mess.  You’re supposed to meet a local and bring him home to diversify the bloodline!

Lyra: ‘…One sculpture won’t hurt.’


I allow Lyra to invite him over so that she can ‘sculpt’ him, but unsurprisingly, she never gets around to it.  She immediately rolls up a wish to kiss him and then works her charms by singing a song about love and nonsense.  Seriously, Lyra, this is not what I sent you here for!

Lyra: ‘Too bad!  I want this one.’

He’s not a puppy…

Lyra plants a big old kiss on the wooed Gaston and it’s over for my chances of getting anyone from Egypt.  At least he’s got green eyes and black hair, that’s an interesting combination.  I doubt I’ll get any purple out of this generation, so I might as well count whatever genetic cards I’ve got left.

Lyra: ‘Ha!  Now he’s mine.  Wait… he won’t Go Steady?’

There’s no option for it.  These adventurers are buggy.  You’ll have to wait until we get back.

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8 comments to Generation Seven: Big Pimpin’

  • Before I even read your comment, I noticed Pollux in the background of that picture and cracked up. It does look more “Big Pimpin” than “Southern Gentleman.”

    Gaston is pretty handsome, I can see why Lyra insisted on him. But I’m worried about the fact that he’s falling under Aludra’s lure too. I had no idea being evil was so irresistible to other Sims. ;)

    • Mao

      Haha, I’m so glad you see it, too! It’s so funny.

      Gaston and Aludra are friends. She never makes moves on anyone, so I think it’s safe. She’s actually get along with everyone at the moment, which is pretty shocking!

  • Ha, what is with that mailman?! Maybe Aludra’s red glow has hypnotic qualities.

    The pimp cane is awesome. I haven’t played TS3 for ages but I almost want to load up, just for the pimp cane. I guess that “southern gentleman” business is like the “bubble blower” in TS2 and the “nectar” in both games. ;)

    • Mao

      Oh, it’s still happening. I’m not sure what’s wrong with this town!

      The cane is hilarious. I love making them “Accost with Cane”… too funny. Get off my lawn, youngins!

  • Aww… Lyra is in love. Gaston is handsome. I could see why she insisted on sculpting him.
    The picture of Pollux with the cane cracked me up. Seriously! I got distracted too.
    Haha…what’s wrong with Aludra and the mail man and Gaston? Everyone seemed wanted to know her secret about getting her youth back.

  • Pollux: “I love it when you call me big pa-puh (throw your hands in the ai-ya, if youse a true play-a)”… the first thing that popped into my head. XD

    Yay for Lyra as heir! I hope you at least retain some purple; it would be a shame to make it this far to lose it now!

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