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Generation Six: Turn Back Time

Poor Deneb, it looks like he’s fallen victim to another one of Lyra’s pranks!  At least she’s not just picking on poor Pollux anymore.

Deneb: ‘…It’s… everywhere!’

Calm down, buddy… it’ll be okay.  Just get back in the shower and wash it off.

Deneb: ‘Children are evil!’


Of course, because Deneb isn’t all there, he targets poor Vega for his frustrations.  She’s not any better, she retaliates by making fun of the fact that he’s a Genius.  Seriously, you know, you’re crazy not mean!

Pollux: ‘I’m not even going to bother, just let them fight it out.’

How passive of you, Pollux.

Pollux: ‘Have you ever tried arguing with a crazy person?  It’s useless.’

Hmmm… no, but I’d guess that it’s true.  As you were, then.

Lyra’s prank pulling has really reached new heights.  Pretty much every single thing she can possibly trapped is rigged to blow whenever I turn my back.  Wu was her latest victim, wanting to play chess on the computer only to nearly have the life scared out of her by some angry yeti on the monitor.

Wu: ‘It’s so awful!  Make it go away!’

It’s gone, Wu.  You can open your eyes.

Wu: ‘Augh!  I can still see it in my mind.  What is that horrible woman doing to my child?’

Maybe Lyra wouldn’t be so eager to prank if she actually got in trouble.  Wu is too busy trying to keep her from going to the dark side.  Somehow, I think sleeping in Aludra’s bed is not a step forward in this process.

Wu: ‘She’s moving out into her new room, this is Lyra’s room now.’

True, but that’s still her bed you’re using.

Wu: ‘…sweetie, why don’t we go read somewhere else?’

That’s what I thought.  Do you know what’s gone on in that bed?  ((Shivers))

Pollux seems to be the only one that isn’t afraid of Lyra going full on Evil.  You’d think he’d have more of a clue given all the sink showers he’s taken, but he’s not.  Aludra’s pretty good about hiding it from him, I will give her that.  She even reduced herself to pinching Lyra’s cheek as he walked by to reinforce that she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Lyra: ‘Augh, stop!’

Poor Lyra… I’m not so sure I’d want my cheeks pinched by the Mistress of Evil, either.

Thankfully, there will be no more cheek pinching in her future!  She’s a teenager now and she looks like she got quite a bit of Wu’s features.  So far, the girls really seem to have taken after their mother the most in the face and their father in the body type.

Lyra Astrum
Friendly, Evil, Good Sense of Humor, Savvy Sculptor

Meanwhile, it looks like Aludra is doing a little aging of her own.  It looks like that potion didn’t work after all!  I guess that means I won’t be getting stuck with you for the next three generations!

Aludra: ‘…this… this is impossible!  I made it myself, surely it will work!’

I think that’s where the problem lies…

Aludra: ‘Ha HA!  I told you it would work!  Behold my newly reformed youth… oh, to be young and agile again.’

Oh boy.  I guess it worked after all.  I should have known better, giving you your own big room.  Don’t get too comfy, I can always just kick you out!

Aludra: ‘You wouldn’t dare… where else would you get the money to recoup all that you’ve spent this past week?’

Sigh.  Curse you and your dastardly mind.  Just try not to cause too much trouble, okay?  I really do want to finish this Legacy…

As if dealing with Aludra wasn’t bad enough, Lyra has to go and get herself busted by the cops for trying to prank the school!  You’re not supposed to get caught, dummy.

Lyra: ‘You’re the one who let me do it before dark!’

Hmph, don’t pin this one on me, missy.  You better go and face the music… I foresee grounding in your future!

Aludra uses her newly revitalized body to scare the crap out of her family members.  As if I should have expected any better…

Aludra: ‘Boo!  Ahahaha!’

Deneb: ‘Ahhh!  What happened to mom, why is she… young??  Have the voices finally come to collect?’

Calm down, Deneb.  Your mother took a potion and did this to herself.  There’s no big conspiracy and the voices aren’t coming to get you.  See what you’ve done, Aludra?

Aludra: ‘Bahaha… so worth it!’

Poor Pollux isn’t taking his mother’s youth serum ordeal very well and he’s still getting constant showers when he tries to wash his hands in the sink.  Sometimes, being a Neat sim is rough.  Luckily for him, Wu is there with affection and gentle reassurances.

Pollux: ‘It’s not fair, mom is going to look like that when we’re dying.’

Wu: ‘She’s a messed up woman, Pollux.  At least we know we’ll be rid of her eventually… how do you think she feels?’

Gee, thanks for the concern.

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6 comments to Generation Six: Turn Back Time

  • Oh, wow, Vega really does have useless traits. Well, unlucky isn’t so bad, actually. If they electrocute themselves trying to fix something, the Grim Reaper usually takes pity on them and resurrects them. That’s a plus.

    Glad Aludra will be around to make life hell for future generations of the Astrums!

    • Mao

      I’m OCD about traits matching with LTWs or even skills, so she has the ability to do pretty much nothing, sigh. The Unlucky trait is cute, but it hurts sims going for Grandmaster of Chess or whatever, I found that out the hard way before, haha!

      Aludra will make life hell for me for future generations! Although, maybe chasing off the constantly cooking butler wasn’t such a bad move after all. ;)

  • Poor Pollux. That picture of him chasing the car was hilarious. I have never had a sim experience something like that.

    Having Evil child/teen sim in the house is quite fun. All those pranks are so hilarious. Lol, I’ve just seen just now that sim can pinch a child’s cheek. It’s so cute. I guess :D Aludra really does love her. XD

    Lol, at what Wu said to Pollux about Aludra. I hope she didn’t hear it, or her evil trait may come out. And Oh my plumbbob, Aludra is young again!! And she surely is taking advantage of her youth, but I agree, keeping that butler from his job surely wasn’t a bright idea XD

    Lol @ Deneb, being so happy to be freed from your voices. XD
    Oh, Aludra you’ve got it all wrong! Kicked him in the butt and now you want to kiss him? Oh my, she really amused me.
    The girls are beautiful. They look so much like their mother.

    • Mao

      I laughed so hard!! What a random thing… I’m pretty sure it was a glitch. A funny glitch, though.

      The pranks were getting out of control, poor Pollux was CONSTANTLY soaked and Lyra kept getting busted because she’d set them with someone in the room.

      I thought Lyra looked a lot like her sisters and Wu, but as a Young Adult, she kind of takes after Pollux. I’m just glad they’re cute!

  • Aludra beating the butler’s ass made me LOL a lot. That’s too funny. I like her feisty temper. I also disliked how much the butler cooked as well, and found a mod for that too. It tweaks his cooking how you want it to: . You may have found some of these by now since I know these are older posts. Really enjoying the legacy!

  • Sad to see Deneb leave, but he didn’t delivery the crazy like Diana did, so I’m okay with it. I can’t believe Aludra’s potion worked! Her evilness is amazing, and I love seeing how the evil trait works with the friendly trait… the pranks built in are kind of neat. Though I’m sure poor Pollux doesn’t think so.

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