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Generation Six: The Miracle of Minion Creation

Last time, Bao shuffled off this pixelated mortal coil with a whole lot of hoopla.  Not so much surrounding his death so much as Aludra scaring the crap out of Death.  Still, the effects of such a tragic event rippled through the house.

Wu: ‘I’m not even sad, but I can’t stop crying!  I hate being pregnant!’

Pollux: ‘Pregnancy hormones are crazy…’

Pregnancy might make women crazy, but at least it’s only temporary.  There’s no cure for permanent crazy.  Poor Deneb, his father might be gone but he’s not truly gone.  If only this were in Deneb’s head!

Deneb: ‘I told them beds could float, but did they listen?  No!  Thanks for proving me right, dad!’

Uh, Deneb, Bao’s dead and that’s his ghost haunting a bed…

You know what, never mind.

Wu goes into labor.  I think the stress of being unable to control her emotional impulses was just too much for her.  I’m pretty sure she spurred it along in order to get control back.

Pollux: ‘What’s all the screaming about and why are you making such a… bizarre face?’

Wu: ‘Hospital… baby… coming…’

Pollux: ‘You really should stop making that face–what if it gets stuck like that?’


No sooner does Wu give birth that Aludra decides one grandchild just isn’t enough to man her army of completely loyal minions.  She’s pretty sure that five is a good, solid number.  I’m not too sure Wu will be up to making that happen…

Aludra: ‘Who says she has a choice?  I make the decisions around here.’

…I don’t even want to know what you’re thinking.

Unfortunately, little Theia seems an unsuitable subject for Aludra’s planned brainwashing.  I’m pretty sure Theia is lucky on that part.  As you can see, she’s not going to be a heiress, she’s woefully normal looking!

Aludra: ‘Unsuitable for my purpose and yours.  I think we ought to rid of her quickly.’

Wait, Aludra, I didn’t mean–

Aludra: ‘Deneb, take her out the back, make it quick.’

HEY!  WAIT A MINUTE!  Put that kid down right now, or I’ll locking you BOTH out of this room permanently!  Why is Deneb even in here?  He HATES kids.

Aludra: ‘Hmph… we need to make room for more suitable candidates.’

Why don’t you let me worry about that?  Sheesh.  Don’t you have a world to take over or something?

Theia Astrum
Excitable, Friendly

Sirius manages to catch on fire… again. I will admit, I experimented with him a bit.  Once I found out he was on fire, I let him burn.  I couldn’t remember if ghost sims could die by fire or not… apparently not.  He burned for hours and nothing happened, so I eventually had Pollux put him out.  Lucky break, Sirius.

Sirius: ‘You say this to the guy getting sprayed in the butt by a high pressure fire extinguisher.’

Next time, don’t catch your butt on fire!

Wu is less than concerned about Sirius’ incident.  She’s more worried about his lack of hygiene.

Wu: ‘Being hydrophobic is no excuse for bad hygiene!’

The poor guy just spent hours burning and she’s yelling at him for not showering!  He could have starved.

Wu: ‘He could have at least wandered over the floor hygienator or something…’

Amidst all the chaos, Aludra steps into the next stage of life.  Now a grandma, you’d think she’d settle down on the attempts to conquer the world and focus on her grandchildren…

Aludra: ‘I hope you’re kidding–family stuff is for saps.  I’m only here to turn those kids into my loyal minions.’

Of course you are.  Don’t you have a takeover plan to execute?

Aludra: ‘…it can wait, I think my stories just came on.’

…no comment on that one.

For being a ghost who spends all his time in the basement at the invention bench, Sirius has a soft spot for his little niece.  He sneaks up way too often to cuddle or play with her.  I try to be annoyed, but it’s kind of endearing, especially when the rest of the house ignores her (aside from Aludra, who steals her candy.)

Maybe Sirius is thinking of having his own ghostly babies.  I feel bad trapping him in this house of crazy, but he’s still got things to do before he can even think of leaving!

Wu is pregnant again, but her vanity is unrelenting.  She’s constantly checking herself in the mirror.  I’m pretty sure she’s developing a complex or something.  The pregnancy pounds seem to always go right to her face…

Wu: ‘I heard that!’

Wasn’t sure if the fat had reached your ears yet or not…

Wu: ‘Grrrr… I hope my children bring you endless torture, just like you’ve brought me!’

Sure, sure… so says the woman living in the big, posh house.  Give it a rest and go save Theia from Aludra.

Speaking of Theia, she’s now a toddler who resembles her mother in just about every way.  It’s cute, but it doesn’t get this legacy anywhere.  It also means Aludra can harass her more.

Aludra, feigning shock: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about…’

Right, right… why don’t you put the toddler down and back away slowly?  You won’t be stealing any candy today.

Aludra grumbles.

First and foremost, no I don’t take special notice of when my sims use the bathroom.  However, this is a special case.  I was zoomed out and saw Deneb freaking out while he was going to the bathroom! What the hell?  He was making crazy faces and looking behind him and it was just… a mixture of hilarious and disturbing.

This guy is a total loon.

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13 comments to Generation Six: The Miracle of Minion Creation

  • Friendly and evil…yeah, not seeing how that’s going to work. EA are weird!

    What happens in TS3 if you save while a Sim’s pregnant? Are the genetics set at birth, or could you quit without saving, go back in and get a different looking baby? Because there’s no way my Sims would be having three babies in such quick succession, lol!

    • Mao

      You know, I remember doing that, but I can’t remember the details of why. Anyway, I think I remember it being somewhat random. But loading this house takes about 10 minutes or more, so I haven’t done that in a LONG, long time. It’s just easier to make them have kids. The house pretty much runs itself, with me throwing a few commands in here and there, haha.

      I am crossing my fingers that Lyra makes the cut with eyes, though, as the house is FULL and I don’t want to evict anyone just yet.

  • Ha, I love Aludra. She’s classic. Happy New Year, I hope you had a good one.

  • geom

    I love reading these! Poor Wu, though, popping the children out one after the other. Ouch!

  • Detris

    Hey Mao I was just wondering if you were still around. I just so happen to click on this link in my favorites. I am all caught up. I am loving Aludra poor babies will never be able to keep their candy.

    • Mao

      Hey there, Detris! I’m still somewhat around. Don’t have nearly as much time as I used to, but I am enjoying my legacy family quite a bit. Glad you found me again!

  • mohohon

    YOU’RE BACK! It’s been a while reading through everything, and I must say you still have the ability to make these entries endlessly amusing! Poor Wu though, she must be happy that she’s finally produced a suitable heir!

  • I just realized I never read this! Yay for continuing the skintone this far into the challenge! Aludra reminds me of one of my grandmothers… the bitchy one. :p I still love her, though, and Deneb. Can’t wait to see little Lyra grow up!

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