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Generation Six: Baby, Don’t Fear the Reaper

I didn’t waste any time getting Pollux and Wu hitched.  I mean, Wu made it pretty clear she wanted it to be as private as possible, so it’s not like I had to worry about a party.  I just gave them a private little ceremony in the huge backyard.  The family stayed inside, not caring or not knowing what was going on!

Of course, the nuptials were quickly followed by Sirius catching himself on fire…

Sirius: ‘Less derision, more PUTTING OUT THE FIRE, PLEASE!’

Don’t be such a baby!  You’re a ghost, it’s not like you can feel anything.

Sirius: ‘That hurts in more ways than you know, but not nearly as bad as the FIRE!!!

Good thing Pollux is Brave!  He wastes no time coming downstairs to put out his brother’s flaming spectral, flaming behind.

Sirius: ‘I’m not sure this is any better!’

Quit your whining and just be glad Pollux was here to put you out…

Pollux: ‘Might want to hold still… that fire is really in there.’

The excitement continued when the doorbell rang.  Now, you may not realize this, because you don’t actually play my game… but my legacy family is very isolated.  They go against everything The Sims 3 stands for.  They’re not “out and about” or “mingling” with the rest of the hood.  In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone in my legacy (and myself, included) could give two figs about what goes on outside of this very crammed lot…so, the fact that the doorbell rang was quite startling.

Even worse, I had no idea who the dude standing outside was!

So, I sent the one person sure to send them packing faster than a sawed-off shotgun to the face… Aludra.  Grumpy Aludra wasted no time telling this sim to ‘get off her lawn’!

Aludra: ‘Get off my lawn, you over-excitable jack wagon!’

Apparently, it was some work mate of hers… a minion of sorts.  Maybe he had a crush or something, I dunno why he decided to visit out of the blue!  They’re not even friends!

Also… note that sporty car in the background.  NO idea where that came from.

Another mystery… Bao has a laptop. Why does he have a laptop?  I have no idea, I sure as hell didn’t give him one!  Things are going insane around here, insane!  It’s like I don’t even control these little people anymore–they just do as they please.  Argh.

Bao: ‘My laptop.

No, Bao.  There’s a reason I didn’t give you a laptop.

Bao: ‘Mine.’

Seriously, dude, give it up.  It’s all you’ve been doing for days!  Worse yet, every time you use it, the entire family clusters to try and use it too, which results into angry, arm-waving traffic jams.

Aludra continues her ‘out of sorts’ Grumpy streak by continually giving me what-for about Wu playing the guitar in the hallway and blocking the bathroom.  Never mind the fact there are like, three other bathrooms!

Aludra: ‘I don’t care.  This is my bathroom!’

Sigh.  It doesn’t matter where I click play, Wu always heads for the hallway.  Super annoying!

Sirius is one of the few sims to leave the house (aside from Wu, who actually has a job).  He keeps getting Inventor opportunities and I’m up for anything that boosts his skill!  Inventing seems to take forever… and it’s not like he has any traits that boost it.

This picture is mainly here because the whole ‘ghost on a scooter’ makes me giggle.

It’s the simple things, folks.

Sirius returning home made me realize that someone was missing.  Deneb never came home from school and I had denied his request to ‘visit a friend’s house’ because it’s just annoying.  He usually just gets kicked out for being balls ass crazy, anyway.

I track him down and where is he?  Standing in the playground outside of the school.

Seriously?  Deneb hates kids!

Deneb: ‘Stupid kids and their stupid playgrounds…’

I think it’s time to come home, buddy.  It’s pretty late.  You can be crazy at the house.

Deneb: ‘All they do is play pretend everywhere…’

Ugh.  Seriously?  You’re standing in a playground, muttering about how much you dislike children.  There’s crazy and then there’s… this.  Go home.  Now.

Back at the house, I find out that Wu is so obsessed with her guitar that she’s figured out a way to learn it in her sleep.  WTF?  This has never happened to me before.  I’m not sure how it got stuck, but it did and I didn’t realize it until she got a skill-up while I knew she was sleeping.  I had to reset her to get it to go away!


Aludra has decided that Manchu has a greater use than just annoying her family; she puts him to work playing chess with her while everyone else is fast asleep.  Of course, for some bizarre reason, a very singed Sirius finds this absolutely intolerable.  Dude, that’s your father!

Sirius: ‘Ugh, he’s just so… spectral.’

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Sirius: ‘Ghosts are icky.’

…WTF?  I think you’ve been singed a bit too much at the inventing bench.  Go have a shower.

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9 comments to Generation Six: Baby, Don’t Fear the Reaper

  • I notice my Sims are getting way more random visitors since LN, both in apartments and regular houses. Sometimes they know my Sims, sometimes they don’t.

    Love Deneb at the school “Stupid kids and their stupid playgrounds…” LOL. That’s pretty creepy, hanging around a schoolyard at night.

    Ha, Deneb as a doctor! Not the brightest idea in the world.

    That is so AWESOME that Aludra terrified Death! If any Sim was going to do that, it’d have to be Aludra!

    • Mao

      That’s so crazy! I have EA progression turned off entirely, but I know that my storymod tries to push visitors. Still, to visit Aludra, of all people… LOL!

      Deneb is both creepy and crazy! Despite that, he’s decent looking pudding.

      I still giggle over Aludra scaring the crap out of Death. Too freaking funny!

  • Geom

    Death is scared of your sim! That’s so weird. And funny. Grim playing video games is pretty weird already, but getting spooked and running away is so silly.

  • Ha-ha..Death was really funny! I can’t stop laughing right now.
    It’s reminds me how much I miss your writing this legacy ;)

    Oh, Wu.. it’s a bit surprise that she thought it was an investment of marrying Pollux. And ROFL too at the scene of Pollux oblivious to Wu’s pregnancy. These sims just can’t take their hands off from video games and computers ;)

    • Mao

      Yeah, they are pretty daft. They need to pay more attention! ;)

      Thanks, I missed writing it. Hopefully I’ll have more time to sim after the holidays!

  • Ha!! I love it! Maybe Aludra should be turned into a downloadable default replacement Death. ;) I’m sorry to see Bao go, but I am slightly mollified by the fact that Deneb has turned into a handsome Next Gen CrazyPants. :) The outfit cracks me up!

  • Hey Mao, I was wondering… you have realistic sickness in BS, right? I’ve tried downloading and installing it to my Sims 2 game, but it never seems to “take.” Where did you download your version? I’m wondering if I have the right one…

    Also, miss your updates!

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