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Generation Six: China Girl

Our generation six is not only a real boy, but now he’s also a Young Adult… woohoo!  Oh, and his ghostly twin, Sirius, aged up, too. ;)

Pollux Astrum
Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye, Neat, Lucky

Sirius Astrum
Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Hydrophobic, Absent-Minded, Vehicle Enthusiast

Pollux looks a bit like Manchu, but he’s got some of the Astrum features mixed in there, too.

First order of business is… where will our new heir go to find a spouse?  This is always a fun bit!  It’s almost a guarantee that any newly aged Young Adult will roll up some sort of travel location wish.  I’m too surprised that Pollux wants to go to Shang Simla… it’s where his father is from, after all.

Pollux: ‘Maybe I want to get in touch with my roots!’

Ha, right.  You just want to get ‘in touch’ with some lovely Shang Simla ladies!

No time is wasted once Pollux arrives at the family vacation home in Shang Simla.  Forget raiding tombs, this guy is all about raiding houses for cute girls.  He runs into one, but their traits are not syncing up and she keeps getting bored by him.  Poor Pollux.  Maybe it’s the terrible lines he keeps using…

Pollux: ‘What’s your sign?’

Shang Simla Native: ‘You can’t be serious…’

After some extensive searching, Pollux finally runs into this cutie named Wu Xio.  I hadn’t noticed her before because she’s the food merchant.  Good thing I found her, because she was instantly open to Pollux’s advances.  I’m sure it has more to do with her wanting to get the hell out of her crappy job and less to do with Pollux’s charm.

Wu: ‘You’re a gemini?  Me too!’

Oh, and that, possibly…

Of course, it doesn’t take long for Pollux to show how much he truly admires Wu.

Pollux: ‘What do you expect when you denied me any teenage relationships?’

Well, there was that whole ghost thing.  As you can tell from Sirius, it doesn’t exactly ‘bring the ladies’!

I oblige him, hoping he has more luck than his ancestor Castor did.  He does!  Looks like Wu might just dig him for more than his money after all.  I run with it and have him declare her ‘his woman’ before wandering off.  I have the storymod enabled and I don’t want it hooking her up with anyone else.

Pollux mostly just worked on his painting skill for his Visionary LTW and took some pictures for his photography skill (and to place around the house).  I really like the scenery around Shang Simla… I just wish it were easier to get decent-sized photos to hang on the walls.  I hate that there’s no real “hang on wall painting” size, not even with the digital frames!

Before heading back to Sunset Valley, Pollux stops by and chats up Wu again, just so she doesn’t forget about him.  He probably should have spared her the terrible lines, though.

Pollux: ‘I can shake it like a salt shaker!’

No, no you can’t.  You don’t even know how to dance!

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Aludra already has dreams of grandchildren.  What?  How else am I supposed to interpret this wish that popped up out of nowhere?  It’s not like there’s any babies around!  It’s just like Aludra to dream of grandchildren just so she can steal their candy…

Aludra: ‘What else are they for?  They’re just larvae.’

Nice, Aludra… nice.

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10 comments to Generation Six: China Girl

  • Aludra really does look totally evil with that red glow and how she’s staring at Pollux like that. And he’s just standing there waving, totally unperturbed.

    I’ve never seen the want to have a private wedding and I’ve had plenty of loners! Wu would be very happy in my game, where everyone has a private wedding because I’m so lazy!

    The picture of Wu playing the guitar in her nightie with creepy old Sirius in the background is so…well, creepy!

    • Mao

      The red glow looks kind of strange with her complexion! It definitely looks more pink than red, which amuses me greatly. ;)

      My sims always seem to want private weddings. I don’t know why, as having a “wedding party” isn’t nearly as grand as it was in TS2. Maybe it’s the pressure of pleasing the guests, LOL!

      Sirius is srsly creepy. xD

  • This is hilarious.
    The pictures of Aludra glowing red scared the hell out of me. I have played Loner, but I have never seen the wish to have a private wedding before. Pollux have made a right choice, Wu is beautiful. ROFL @ his flirts.

  • Ohh, I love Wu’s looks and her traits! I think the traits seem to fit together pretty well, which I would imagine makes for a more convincingly natural sim. I have to confess, I’d be tempted to get Sirius out of the house before trying for more babies, just for the little extra room! Besides…then, NO MORE GHOST TRACK. I seriously cannot imagine that playing ALL. THE. TIME.

    • Mao

      I really like Wu, too! :D

      The thought of booting Sirius has occurred to me. We’ll see what happens!

      The ghost track doesn’t bother me so much anymore… though now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll probably notice it again.

  • Lorna

    Has anyone noticed Sirius face when he’s staring at Wu? Creeepyyy. Bad Sirius, Bad Bad Sirius!

  • Oh no! Sorry. :X Forget I said it. Imagine some other comment…about puppies or something…

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