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Generation One: A Wedding For The Ages

Christopher Steel, who joined the family last time, has brought enough money in to put walls around the house.  They also now have a proper bathroom–no more running to the park to pee!  Of course, I have to question Christopher’s taste in pajamas.  What’s up with the cow pattern?  He’s not exactly Mr. Western.  I was pleased, however, to find that he’s only a few days older than Astra!

Christopher Steel – Perfect Aquarium
Great Kisser
Natural Cook

Um, Christopher, why are you sitting on the toilet to eat your waffles??

Christopher: ‘It’s the only chair in the entire house.’

That may be true, but the toilet, seriously?  Dude, that’ s just… nasty.

(While I knew it was possible, I’ve never had a sim eat on the toilet before!)

While Christopher eats his breakfast in the most disgusting way possible, I check out his relationship panel.  I noticed he didn’t get the “First Romance” moodlet with Astra, so that means he’s already been bitten by lady love.  It would appear he’s got two ladies!  Sheesh, he was busy.  Hopefully they don’t pop up in his wish panels… that would be bad!

Of course, with four walls and privacy, Astra wastes no time getting to the good part.  Sigh.  Really, guys?  I’m right here.

Astra: ‘So go away!  Go watch the grass grow or something.’

Grumblegrumble… I can still hear the music!  I had better not hear a lullaby after, either… we’ve got more to do before we ring in the next generation.

Success in her own love life brings Astra to reflect on others misfortunes.  Is that Cassandra, Astra?  You have an amazing amount of knowledge about the Goth family.

Astra: ‘Everyone knows about Cassandra.’

Really now?  She doesn’t even exist here.  Perhaps you know because of Bella, hmm?

Astra: ‘You’re not going to let that one go, are you?’

Not until you admit it!  Resistance is futile.

Christopher and Astra are very amorous.  They autonomously flirt and do cute things, which amuses me.  I don’t know if it’s the story progression mod or what, but I haven’t had sims do this before.  It’s been a few days now and I’ve switched Christopher over to the culinary career track to better fit his “Natural Cook” trait.  That’s his carpool honking and throwing a fit in the background.  It will have to wait, I have other plans for Christopher…

He pops the question.  They won’t get married right away, I need Christopher to have a day off so I can throw a wedding party.  He immediately got the wish after the animation finished.  Of course, I forgot about TS3′s stupid law about engagement/married–the couple takes the sim who proposed’s name.  I’ll fix that with the name change option at the city hall when the time comes…

When Christopher isn’t working, he’s usually fishing.  He’s an Angler and his LTW is to have The Perfect Aquarium.  Unlike Astra’s, this is actually a LTW I’ve completed before, so it won’t be too difficult… he’ll just have to spend all his downtime fishing.  It’s probably good I haven’t given Astra a career… she’ll be stuck with the kids.

This whole “rich mansion lot” thing is a bit ridiculous, but I love how close it is to a fishing hole.  Christopher can just hop across the street and cast his line while he waits for the carpool.  There’s also a hidden beach behind the house for the salty fish, but it takes a bit longer to reach and return from…

Christopher’s day off finally arrives (things always seem to take forever when you’re anticipating them), so I call the troops in and prepare the wedding venue.  I’ve picked the lot Christopher spends all his time fishing at.  It’s pretty and it’s close.  I’ll save the awesome beach wedding for another generation.  Goodness knows I’ve abused it in my previous plays of Sunset Valley!

Astra is understandably excited.  Being a Family-Oriented sim, she’s been waiting for this one for awhile.  More than happy to oblige!  Who doesn’t love a happily married sim couple?  Goodness knows I’ve been deprived of drama-free sim relationships for awhile…

Apparently some guests missed the ‘formal wear’ memo, but that’s okay.  It’s still a wedding, even if the guests look like a bunch of circus clowns.  Check out Mr. Frio, still rocking his leather jacket and ridiculous facial hair.  Don’t you own a nice shirt or anything dude?  Seriously.

I invited the two floozies from Christopher’s past in hopes that they’d see the wedding and know it was over.

Hat Chick is understandably upset.  Seeing her “love” get married to another woman is truly a knife to the heart.  You have to wonder, though, if she didn’t realize this when she got the invite?  I mean, seriously, why come?  The other guests stare vacantly like zombies, as is par for the course in the land of TS3.

A disembodied Frio throws rice over the newly-wedded couple as they finish their nupituals and engage in some healthy flirting.  The two women from Christopher’s path switch between booing and making angry faces.  I can’t see this ending very well…

Of course, before I can deal with them, this pops up on Christopher’s wish panel as soon as they’re married.  No, seriously, it appeared right after the “Just Married” moodlet popped up.  Are you serious, buddy?  I think it’s a bit too late for that.

Christopher: ‘But those other women just look so… angry!’

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them.  I’ve never seen this wish before, but that means there’s an interaction, right?  So you can Just Be Friends with those chicks and the world will continue its natural revolution.

Hat Chick is first up on the chopping block.  I believe I found the ‘Ask to Just Be Friends’ interaction under the ‘Mean’ pie menu, which seems weird, but whatever.  Hat Chick is not happy.  Watching Christopher parade around with his otherworldly spouse was hardly pleasant and now he tells her he just wants to be friend?  Brother is going to get his ass beat.

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10 comments to Generation One: A Wedding For The Ages

  • I love that Mohawk accused him of cheating! Bwahaha, let it go, crazy! Once the guy marries someone else, it’s usually over. That whole wedding was too funny!

    I miss wedding rings too. I think one of the rings under accessories goes on the ring finger though. I still don’t get why they didn’t just include them.

    And Sims and their baby wants! Deep down, they must know that crying babies and red motives are infinitely more annoying to the player than to the Sim. The baby wants are just as nuts in TS2.

    My TS3 tip of the day: if you dress your Sim in an outfit with a pregnancy mesh before their bump shows, they won’t change when they start showing. It would be better if we could CAS them but it’s a workaround at least!

    • Mao

      OMG, Carla! I love you forever for that tip. No more ugly maternity clothes–woohoo. Now I just have to remember to preemptively do it. ;) I’ve been playing since pre-release, but I am still very much a TS3 newb, which makes the legacy even more fun.

      They really must. Damn babies. My sims in TS2 don’t seem to want babies near as much as TS3, LOL!

      The wedding was hilarious to play. I was laughing the entire time, I kept calling my husband to come over and watch the dysfunction! xD

  • LOL. This is even worse (better) than Nevio and Patricia’s botched wedding, or does that not count? Oh well, Christopher is hilarious! I kinda wanna fire up the Sims 3 and find him in Sunset Valley.

    • Mao

      I’ve had some dysfunctional weddings in my sims play career (like you mentioned, LOL!) but this one takes the cake. xD Christopher is driving me nuts with his need to sperminate!

  • Owch.. Cassandra? this is the first time I see the painting. When you played them, did any of your sims wish to go steady with their romantic interest. I never found that, except for flirty or hopeless romantic. LOL at Christopher :D , it’s a bit too late to break up. But those sims now can decide who they’re really want. I like reading your story,those narration are funny and really entertaining.

    • Mao

      I didn’t really give them a chance to spin up a wish. ;) I’ve had sims do it before, though… but I can’t remember if they were Hopeless Romantics or not!

  • Too funny wedding! I didn’t know about the “just be friends” interaction either. I’m going to have to do it in my own game.

    I forgot about TS3’s stupid law about engagement/married–the couple takes the sim who proposed’s name. I’ll fix that with the name change option at the city hall when the time comes…

    I forgot about that too! Thanks for reminding me!

  • The painting of the woman crying is actually Olive Specter according to SimWiki (weird, I know).

    Poor Mohawk girl. She takes it well, and gets insulted by the bride. Hot chick throws a tantrum and the bride pretty much leaves her alone. Astra is obviously picking on the weaker ex. :P

    Dangit Christopher, as soon as I start praising you you pull a stunt like this? *facepalm* Who knows, maybe he’ll turn out to be a good husband anyway :P

    • Mao

      You know, that actually makes sense, given her backstory with the husbands and all that.

      Aw, man, I miss the interesting premade sims from TS2! All the ones in this game are just blah…

      Christopher’s quiet exterior hides the heart of a well, I’m not sure…

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