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Generation Five: House of Pain

While everyone else in the house might be a little taken back by Manchu’s ghostly presence, Bao doesn’t seem to mind it at all.  Which strikes me as odd.  These two may have been roomies and best buddies, but… they were also romantic rivals!  I mean, Bao didn’t even let Manchu’s spot on the bed get cold before hopping on next to Aludra.

Bao: ‘Have you never heard the saying ‘bros before hos’?’

Er, yeah, but I think you both completely missed the meaning behind that…

Of course, having your ghostly brother sitting on the couch between you and your potential new friend isn’t any better.  Thankfully, Deneb is quite insane and I’m sure he could care less.  At least the little girl doesn’t seem to mind it that much.

I think she’s more bothered about Deneb’s ongoing ramble about refuge, to be honest.

With all the ghosts running about, it’s no wonder that Death is brought up in conversation.  Pollux is having none of it, though.

Pollux: ‘Seriously, just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean you need to be morbid.’

Sirius: ‘You’re alive for a few years and suddenly you forget everything we are?’

Yeah, tensions between the twins have been rising lately.  There’s a huge gap thanks to one being a ghost and the other being normal… I’m sure the teenage mood swings don’t help, either.

They also have a pretty Grumpy mum.  That can put a damper on any teen’s relationship.

I’m amused by this new moodlet.  I’m guessing it’s a recent addition, because I’ve never seen before!  Aludra gets it a lot now.

Speaking of Aludra… hey Draco, buddy?  You might want to turn around.

Draco: ‘What?  Why?’


Aludra: ‘RAWR!!!


See, I tried to tell you.

Aludra, giggling maliciously: ‘That was a scare worthy of a trophy…’

I’m sure that if Aludra weren’t so Stone Hearted, she’d feel guilty about Draco passing on later that night.  Thankfully, she is and there won’t be any remorse from her cold, evil heart.

Draco: ‘Is this the part where I die?’

Afraid so, champ.  You had a good life.  Maybe Blonde Chick will be waiting for you on the other side…

Noémi comes in to mourn the loss of her husband only to be nearly side-swiped by Death’s ridiculously over-sized scythe.

Noémi: ‘Hey, you in the robes, watch where you’re swinging that thing!  I’m trying to mourn here.’

I send Noémi to the graveyard to deposit her husband’s “remains” in the soil with the rest of the family.  Of course, while I’m not looking, she totally swipes some else’s grave stone.  Seriously, Noémi?

Noémi: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Yes, yes you do.  You stole a freaking grave stone!

Noémi: ‘Hmph, how can you be so rude?  Can’t you see that I’m trying to mourn my dearly-departed husband?’

Right, sure you are.  You lousy grave robber!

For reasons unknown to me, Draco feels the need to censor his grandson’s spandex swim wear.  I am greatly amused by this.

In Draco’s defense, they are really tiny shorts.

Pollux: ‘It’s EUROPEAN swim wear.  Geeze!  Get some class!’


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4 comments to Generation Five: House of Pain

  • Oh, wow, I’ve never seen that “out of sorts” moodlet before! But then, I don’t have Late Night or Fast Lane, so maybe it came with one of those. But I have that moodlet myself every work day, lol!

    Draco’s scared face is hilarious! He looks a bit dubious about death too. RIP Draco!

    “I’ll break Manchu’s urn over your head!”

    So wish that was a possibility! But I guess now that Noemi is gone, that’s not going to be happening anyway!

    • Mao

      I don’t have Fast Lane, either. I am seriously wondering if it was included quietly with Late Night, lol! Me too, me too… I am totally not a morning person.

      I was sad to see Draco go. He didn’t do much to contribute, but I liked him.

      Noémi was insane and I loved her towards the end. She really gave Bao what for! Shame that Manchu will continue to haunt until someone sneaks into Aludra’s room and gets rid of that urn…

  • Fun fun fun, coming back after all that time to a house as insane as this! And I’m not talking the fun Diana Crazypants insane, but the “argh there are too many sims, and I can’t keep my thumb on all of them” insane. Though I’m happy the insane trait has remained in the bloodline somewhere. :)

    So sad to see Draco and Noémi go, but at least Noémi went out with a bang!

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