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Generation Five: Anything But Normal

Annnd… we’re back!  Playing a bit of catch-up, our generation six heir–

Pollux: ‘I’m a boy, a real live boy!’

Yes, yes you are.  You are also suffering from some serious clipping issues.

Pollux: ‘I’ve only been alive for five minutes.  Give it time.  This whole ‘hands can’t go through things’ isn’t easy to unlearn.’

I guess that’s true… but you’d better have it nailed by the time it comes to getting a wife.  I’m not sure anyone can handle that amount of discomfort up close.

Pollux Astrum
Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye, Neat

Anyway, moving on… our heir is finally a legitimate heir.  His half-brother, Deneb, has just recently become a child.  Unlike Pollux and his twin Sirius, he had a father who was actually alive, so he got to be a real boy from the get-go.

Not that it helped his sanity any, granted.  Just look at that face.  Crazy Pants’ DNA haunts us still…

Deneb Astrum
Insane, Genius, Mooch

Meanwhile, their mother is getting bizarre wishes.  Seriously, Aludra?  There aren’t any bars here to brawl in!

Aludra: ‘So, get on it!  I’ve got a need to threaten someone with a partially broken wine bottle!’

I’m not entirely sure that I want to encourage that type of behavior.  Especially not with the way that you’ve been acting lately…

You know, the whole jumping your mother anytime she turns a corner and all of that.

Aludra: ‘She was a bad mother!  My experience as a good mother has just brought it out into the open.’

You’re a good mother now?  Oh boy.  I didn’t realize that you had a hidden ‘delusional’ trait, Aludra.

Aludra: ‘What are you talking about?  My boys are doing great!’

Yeah, sure they are…

That’s why our heir is currently eating cake that’s on fire. What are you doing, Pollux?!

Pollux, chewing: ‘It’s angel food cake.’


Pollux: ‘Well, yeah, how else do you make it?’

Seriously, dude, I’ve never eaten cake that’s on fire and I’ve eaten a lot of cake in my short time on this earth.

Pollux, raising an eyebrow: ‘I wouldn’t have guessed…’

Oh, buddy, you are sooo barking up the wrong tree with that remark!

All insults aside, I blame Aludra.  For being such a ‘good mother’, she sure brings up the worst topics at the dinner table.  Why can’t they just have a normal family dinner like everyone else?  Is it really necessary to discuss the demerits of love and romance?  Sheesh…

Of course, asking for normal is a bit too much in this house.  Poor Deneb climbed on the crazy train as a baby and hasn’t shown any signs of disembarking anytime soon.  He spends his “quiet time” sitting alone, in the bathroom… on the bathtub.

Deneb: ‘I… don’t like it when you stare at me.  It… makes me… uncomfortable.’

Well, get used to it.  I’m the omnipotent eye around here.

Deneb: ‘…big brother is watching…’

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7 comments to Generation Five: Anything But Normal

  • LOL, I would so be letting that happen! I have second cousins who are married in my hood, so way closer than Sirius and purple-hair girl.

    Is Draco seriously sniffing that laundry?! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that!

    • Mao

      I did the same thing with my prosperity in TS2, mostly to keep the unique genetics going as opposed to vanilla standards townies/etc have. Here, though… I dunno. Maybe if she didn’t have the purple hair. She’s like Jupiter’s third gen, so their relation is SUPER distant, given that Jupiter is his Great Uncle x4-5. But with the purple hair, it’s undeniable that they’re related!

      Yes, he’s nose deep in the laundry! I missed getting a shot of it, but Sirius also got the Soaked moodlet from moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. Not quite sure what he did to make that happen!

  • It is so good you are back, I was so happy when my feedDemon told me there is a new entry in your blog. Yeppy! So welcome back.

    Lol at the little boy spending his time in bathroom, he must really not wanna hang out with the rest of them. Looking foward to the next update :)

  • The hair color sure is an easy way to tell if your heirs and spares are macking on family members or not! I have to confess, this is the only ts3 blog I can read without cringing because your sims are less puddingfacey than any others I’ve seen. I was just thinking how Noémi has aged rather nicely. I still think she retains that cute little small woodland creature face!

    • Mao

      LOL! Yeah, it’s an easy way for them to be BUSTED.

      I know what you mean about pudding face. I try to breed it out or choose sims with less pudding…

  • Lewis

    I know this is old now, but…


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