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Blows off the dust…

Anyone still out there?  Well, even if you’re not, I’m still going to finish this.  ;)

For those that might still be… I apologize.  There are several excuses–loss of interest, lack of time, massive hard drive CRASHING, and balancing two jobs.  As for the HD crashing, I lost an ass-ton of Sims 2 stuff, but most of my TS3 stuff is safe and sound… go figure.  So, nothing really affected as far as this legacy is concerned.

I have Late Night, but I haven’t installed it yet.  I will be posting again, and soon… but I have some stuff to sort out first, like WTF hacks was I using again and all that nonsense.  Don’t you miss it when games were just simple click and play and no futzing around?

But, there will be an update.  I am so close, can’t quit now, and all that jazz.  ;)

5 comments to Blows off the dust…

  • Oh, bummer about losing so much of your TS2 stuff! :( I’m glad most of your TS3 stuff was untouched, but how weird!

    Looking forward to an update, when you can get around to it. :)

    • Mao

      I was upset at first, too… but it was mostly stuff I was never going to touch again anyway. :( So it was purging things I needed gone. The only reason my TS3 stuff survived is because I had previously moved it onto my main HD (sims had their OWN HD, my TS3 stuff and gameplay TS2 stuff were all on it) in hopes of re-installing TS3 there… didn’t happen, but it preserved my legacy and DLC, so that’s good, at least!

  • Geom

    Woo! Updates! :D I’ve been waiting ever so quietly. Wasn’t gonna say anything. yaaaay updates, now I get to see what happens with the blue people!

  • YAY, MAO IS BACK! And yes, I’m a little late noticing, but I have been a little insane in my life too and haven’t been checking the normal blogs I read as frequently. Nevertheless, I’m back now and anxious to see what keeps happening in your hood!

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