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Generation Five: Kiss Me Deadly

Aludra becomes a Young Adult and Noémi briefly remembers she’s supposed to be a mother.  She rolls up this wish, which amuses me greatly.  Noémi wants to go into the Thief branch, so I don’t see any future conflict between the two, career-wise.

Draco has different ideas about the future for his daughter.  Poor guy, he has no idea.  It’s okay, Draco… at least you’re trying to be a good parent here.  I’ll lock it in, but I won’t make any promises… why?

Because Aludra’s Young Adult transition trait turned out to be Commitment-Issues.  I can’t complain too much, she turned out really well… though I have to ask what’s up with the outfit.  Isn’t that a bit much?  You’re not the Empress of Evil quite yet…

Aludra: ‘Hmph… that’s just a technicality.  I dare anyone to call me on it.’

I doubt that’ll happen.

Aludra Astrum
Evil, Easily-Impressed, Grumpy, Ambitious, Commitment-Issues

I’m still not sure who she looks like.  She has some similarities with Draco, but also reminds me of her grandma Artemis, too.  Then again, I see some pudding from Noémi in there… it’s so confusing.

Of course, Draco is the only family member she has any relationship with.  Aludra and Phoebe don’t argue or anything, but they also don’t make it a point to converse, either.

Tensions between Noémi and Aludra haven’t eased any.  Noémi makes it a point to constantly harass poor Aludra about being Grumpy!  That’s probably not such a wise move, Noémi… she’ll be able to make you pay soon enough.  She’s not one to forget a wrong.

Aludra: ‘When I’m officially the Empress of Evil, mother is going down.

All these two do is argue anytime they are left in a room together.  I’m trying to keep them from becoming enemies, but it’s hard!  Especially now that Aludra is throwing blows, too.

Aludra: ‘Your marriage is a sham!  Dad only married you because she made him.  He really wanted the Blonde Chick.’

Oh, ouch… low blow, Aludra!  Why don’t you, um, stop before you say something really bad?

I ship Draco off to Egypt to work on his level 3 visa and Aludra tags along, hoping to find a suitable mate.

Draco: ‘What you really mean is we got kicked out of the house because Noémi was on a tear after what Aludra said.’

Shhhh!  Don’t you have some tombs to explore?!  Shoo!

In the three days that they’re in Egypt, Aludra fails to make any friends… instead, she makes enemies.  From randomly slapping this adventurer to insulting the locals, Aludra isn’t having a good time in Egypt.

Aludra: ‘She called me a spoiled brat!’

Well, you kind of ar–

Aludra: ‘NO!  I am evil and I demand to be recognized for it!’

Okay, okay, sheesh… you’re an evil, spoiled brat.

Aludra: ‘Thank you.’

What are you doing to that computer?  I thought you were still supposed to be looking for a mate!

Aludra: ‘I’m trolling a forum while I wait until I can go to China.’

Sigh.  You really want to go to China, don’t you?  Most of your ancestors have picked up their spouses in France!

Aludra: ‘Psh!  Nothing about France is evil.  Chinese Water Torture, however, now that’s evil.’


Noémi, why are you running?  You’re supposed to be working… and why is there a cop car parked… aw crap.

Noémi got busted.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had this happen to a sim that I’d almost forgotten about it.  I hate how there’s no cuffing animation, though.  They just pop into the car (in the front seat, no less) and then go off to jail!  I want some police brutality or something.

Noémi: ‘I’m too hungry to go to jail!’

I don’t think he cares, Noémi.  In fact, I think he’s hoping that you are too hungry…

Draco, ever the bastion of concern, plays in the sprinklers while his wife rots away in a jail cell.  Do you even know she’s there?

Draco, nonplussed: ‘Yep.’

Sigh.  As you were, then.

Aludra gets her wish and heads off to China with her father–his visa level is 3, so they can stay for a long time.  I somehow think Aludra will need it, especially with pick-up lines like this:

Aludra: ‘Do you want to paint me?’

Sigh.  We need someone to paint a portrait, but really, that’s not the way to go about it!

Aludra continues to try her seductive technique while Bao’s roommate, Manchu, phones up a friend.

Manchu: ‘Dude, you’ve got to get over here!  There’s some hot blue chick in a leather dress asking us to paint her.’

Yep, just lost any chance this blog ever had at a PG rating with that one.

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6 comments to Generation Five: Kiss Me Deadly

  • Oh, like always, it’s great update. I like the way you described their traits as it is. She’s pretty and cute but looks evil. Ooh, no! Commitment issues! If they felt uncomfortable a little, they might wish to break up with their partner. I had seen that in the game. I hope she will give you a purple heir/heiress soon.
    When I read this I think it’s funny , then sad at middle when Draco always rolled wishes for and phoned the blond woman, then it’s funny again. I felt sad about Draco because I have a sim who always wants to talk to another woman beside his wife. I get suspicious with this and let him to fulfill it, and behind those wishes, he actually had a crush on her. This is a game but somehow almost like real life in some parts. But, I think TS 3 are less frustrating than TS 2 wishes ;)

    • Mao

      My sims in TS3, so far, haven’t been as frustratingly obstinate as my TS2 ones… so at least I have that. I feel pretty bad for Draco, too! Poor guy just goes outside and plays in the sprinklers to hide from Noémi. They’re both elders now… and still the blonde chick wishes refuse to go away, haha.

      I’ve never played a Commitment-Issues sim extensively, so I’m curious to see what happens! It’s nice to know that she’ll at least feel uncomfortable in a steady relationship.

  • Aw, how lame that they don’t get handcuffed! They could have just stolen the TS2 cuffing animations like they did for half of the other stuff in game and they were too lazy to even do that!

    Man, I can’t believe Draco still rolls up Blonde Chick wants. You robbed him of his one true love, Mao!

    I haven’t heard of the instant elder bug! I’ve heard of instant toddler but frankly, I don’t mind that because who cares about those little pillbugs anyway? But I do love that Aludra killed Manchu with woohoo. That’s pretty awesome! And check her out taking on the Grim Reaper! No one is more evil than Aludra!

    And wow…are you sure Bao doesn’t have the stone-hearted benefit too? It seems like he’s got a little evil going on himself there! He looks majorly creepy in that last pic!

    • Mao

      I know! I was so disappointed… who runs to the cop car when they are arrested? Shouldn’t they run away?

      Haha, he won’t let me forget it, either!

      The elder bug has been around since the original game. My husband had it happen within just a few days of playing for the first time! It happens when you move someone in. They turn instantly to elder (even if they were JUST a YA a second ago) and then die. It’s really, really weird.

      Aludra is srs bsns and Bao freaks me out a little. I don’t even know what to begin to think about him.

  • Holy cow! Boy, she didn’t wait long after aging to really embrace her evilness! Her face has lost a lot of that pudding-ness, even if there’s a tiny bit left, so thank goodness for small mercies. I cannot believe she woohoo’d an old man to death. O.o Watch out, Bao! You’re dating a black widow…

    • Mao

      Haha, not at all… I can’t believe she brought TWO guys home. Augh! I think Bao digs the whole “black window” thing… /shudder

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