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Generation Four: The Invention of Pancake Torture

Of course, Youssef still hasn’t given up.  In fact, he’s gotten worse… now he flirts with Noémi right in front of Draco!  Yikes, Youssef… just when I thought you couldn’t out-do yourself, you go and do something stupid like this.  Of course, Draco doesn’t look amused.

Draco: ‘He’s joking, right?’

Afraid not, he does this often.

Draco, sighing: ‘I guess I’ll just let Noémi handle it…’

You’re not going to do anything at all?!

Draco: ‘Whatever she does to him will be much worse, don’t you think?’

You’ve got a point there–now I kind of feel bad for him.

Aludra has discovered the telescope behind the house.  Don’t let the innocent look fool you, she’s totally plotting something evil.  She’s probably using the telescope to spy on everyone else in the neighborhood or something.

Aludra: ‘You have a really bad view of me, lady.’

Uh huh, because I’m not fooled by that look of innocence!

Aludra: ‘Hmph, just wait ’til I’m big enough to cause real trouble.’

That’s what I’m afraid of…

Aludra somehow enlists the aid of Artemis in her plot to torture her elder sibling, Phoebe.  They’re eating pancakes in front of a hungry Phoebe.  She seems to be rendered motionless by the sight of the tasty, syrup-covered goodness.  I’m not sure what to think about Artemis’ involvement in all of this!

Artemis: ‘What?  I’m just eating with Aludra.’

You realize what she’s doing, right?  She’s teasing Phoebe, you guys got the last two plates.

Artemis: ‘Eh?  No, Youssef is making more.  We’re just eating.’

Sigh.  Your obliviousness has extended far past Youssef’s attempted trysts, Artemis…

Poor Phoebe seems to have an almost ridiculous need to converse with adults.  Here she’s looking on longingly as Artemis and Bellatrix discuss something or another.  I have no idea what.  Aludra just looks annoyed.

Aludra: ‘They’re blocking the TV!’

Now I’m beginning to understand why Aludra feels the need to torment Phoebe so much!  She keeps beating her at video games.  What’s the matter, Aludra, can’t handle that your sibling is better than you?

Aludra: ‘She’s not!  She’s cheating.’

Phoebe: ‘I am not, see?  I just beat you again and I didn’t do anything to cheat.’

She’s got a point, Aludra.  I think you might just be bad at video games.

Artemis passes on to the other side, completely blindsiding me.  She was only one day past the bar being filled!  My poor heirs and heiresses don’t seem to have much luck living beyond their bars.  Artemis had a ton of lifetime points, too.  I don’t get it.

Oh well, goodbye Artemis!  At least you won’t have to worry about Youssef anymore.

At first glance, this looks like just your typical mourning scene… however, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize why I took the screenshot.  Notice that cad Youssef!  He’s only pretending to mourn!  What a lout you are, why did I ever bring you into the house?  Sigh.

Another little shocker is that our evil heiress is brought to tears by the death of her grandmother.  Shouldn’t she be cackling wickedly or something?  I don’t think crying is very evil.

Aludra, sniffling: ‘Shut up!  I’m… I’m not crying, there’s just… something in my eye!’

Uh huh, something called tears.

Aludra takes a break from her mourning to butt in on Youssef and Grim’s conversation.  She’s back to being evil again, that’s a relief.  I have to say, that little breakdown had me wondering if this little one had what it took to be truly evil!

Aludra: ‘Why do you think I’m consulting the Grim Reaper?  He’ll tell me the true ways of evil!’

Phoebe becomes an adult and while this is before I forced her to the mirror and dresser, I just had to snap this shot.  Look at that face!  Too funny.  I’m not sure who she looks like yet, but she got her mother’s skintone and eyes for sure.

She ended up with No Sense of Humor for her teen trait, which means she’ll be putting everyone to sleep!

Phoebe Astrum
Light-Sleeper, Slob, Athletic, No Sense of Humor

The stupid burglar strikes again!  Seriously?  You fail at life.

What part of burglar alarm are you missing here?  Sheesh.

Bellatrix finally gets her shot at being an Astronaut!  That means she’s fulfilled her LTW and can now leave the house.  She does so immediately.  She’s several days into adulthood, but there’s still a chance to find a man and maybe have at least one kid.

Bye, Bellatrix!

As soon as Bellatrix leaves, Youssef rolls up this weird wish.  I’m confused by it, because it says he has three grandchildren, but Draco and Noémi only have two kids!  I check the family tree and see that Portia has somehow gotten herself hitched and pregnant.  She has a baby!

Well, I guess there’s hope after all…

Youssef’s hopeful moment is quickly stolen away by a very angry Noémi.  They’ve been fighting quite a bit, so when I saw her striding towards him with purpose, I knew what was coming.  The action read as “beat up” and boy did she hand it to him!

It was over in a matter of seconds.

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8 comments to Generation Four: The Invention of Pancake Torture

  • Aw, what?!? I can’t believe Artemis is gone! I’d say Youssef was about to go nuts with the flirting but being married never slowed him down anyway! Kind of surprised to see him roll up the wish for 5 grandchildren – did he even pay attention to the two he lived with?

    And then Youssef! Aw, RIP, you cad!

    I really like teen Aludra. She’s only a little bit pudding! And hold on, can child Sims not see ghosts? What the hell is up with this crazy game?

    “Am I the only one who hates having sims do skills that don’t pertain to traits/etc?”

    No! I’m like that too, for the same reason. I’m the same in TS2 with my Sims building up too much enthusiasm for hobbies that aren’t “them”. I’ve got my Sim Josie at med school right now and part of what I make her do is write novels, to stand in for term papers. But she’s building up Literature enthusiasm and it’s really annoying me! But I may be slightly OCD as well.

    • Mao

      My heirs and heiresses never seem to stick around long! I have no idea why. Youssef rolling that wish made me laugh; he never paid any attention!

      Also, children can’t see ghosts because they are barred from breaking curfew. The game automatically sends them home. :( Unless you’ve got one that visits or you’ve kept some on the lot, you’re out of luck.

      Aludra has aged up nicely, I’m enjoying her so far… though the last trait she rolled is definitely… troublesome.

      Ugh, sims having skills that don’t relate to their traits drives me bonkers! The hobby thing used to drive me nuts in TS2, too. Especially when the game would assign the OTH as something outlandish… most of my sims ended up liking sports… so annoying!

  • Ooh, I really love this update. It is so funny, interesting, and your pictures are just gorgeous. Too bad that Artemis had died. I had a couple who won’t died. Perhaps it was a glitch. I also had one who was really athletic and often did cardio work out, he lived longer than any other sims.
    I like the way Aludra looks. Where did you get the hair? Is that the hair from TS 3 Store or CC?

    • Mao

      Thanks, M.J.! I think that there’s a little challenge Athletic sims can complete (it’s on their skill page) to make themselves live longer. I think it has to do with jogging so many meters or something?

      The hair is from a CC site… um, trying to remember where. Maybe Peggy sims??

  • Wow, Noémi really IS a terrible mother. Wanting to pick on your own children and be mean to them is more than mean-spirited… too bad Maxis doesn’t call it what it really is: bitchy, lol. I think Phoebe is so lovely! Definitely a weird combo of traits, but her face is so sweet, even if she did inherit the making-crazy-faces genes. As for Aludra…holy cow, does that girl look nuts! Ha! Hope she’ll be as entertaining as Diana.

    Speaking of which, YAY FOR THE CAMEO! :D

    • Mao

      She really, really is. Ah well, mixes things up a bit! LOL at the bitchy thing, it’s very true. ;) I love Aludra… and yes, you get some Crazy Pants in this one!

  • If you ever decide to do an asylum challenge in Sims 3 and ACTUALLY make everyone but the playable insane, please let me know. I think it might be the most hilarious thing I’d ever see.

    • Mao

      Oh man, I hadn’t even considered that. I never did one in TS2… I can only imagine the chaos!! LOL!!

      It’d probably be a WHOLE lot of swearing.

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