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Generation Four: Where Evil Grows

I know I’ve been “out of the loop” for awhile, I apologize.  RL is still kicking my ass and the only reason I’m currently playing is because I need time to unwind before I go homicidal and bad things happen.  Unfortunately, the majority of these pictures were taken back in March! You’ll have to pardon me if this update is short and/or disjointed.

Artemis: ‘That’s your excuse for leaving me here alone with that succubus?!’

That’s not very nice, Artemis.  She is your daughter-in-law.

Artemis: ‘She’s a spawn of hell!  All she does is scare me… even through the walls, I can feel her evil eyes!’

Noémi takes some time out from terrifying her mother-in-law to teach little Aludra about the misfortunes of life.  I’m not really sure if you should use divorce as an example while teaching your toddler to talk!

Noémi: ‘Did you not get the memo?  I’m evil.’

Sigh, it’s so true.  You keep getting wishes to steal their candy!

Artemis seems to have caught the senility bug that Youssef developed last time.  I’m really wondering WTF is going on here, as this hasn’t happened before.  Is there a hidden Dementia trait I’m missing?  Sheesh, guys, come on.  She’s nearly an ADULT!

The silly robber is back and hoping to make a clean buck… poor robber, did you forget about the burglar alarm?  I think Will Smith dropped by and did one of those little MIB flashy things.  That, or she’s incredibly absent-minded.  Hope you like the inside of a jail cell!

When Noémi isn’t torturing Artemis, she’s heckling the help.

Noémi: ‘Look at his stupid hat!  How can I not give him a hard time?’

You’re not mad that he’s eating your food and not working?

Noémi: ‘I’m too distracted by that awful hat.’

Sibling rivalry starts early in the Astrum house!  You’d think, as the heiress, Aludra would feel some sort of privilege or something, but no.  Instead, she’s plotting the downfall of her sibling simply because she’s hogging the toy chest.  I think I’m going to have my hands full with this one.  Noémi may claim to be evil, but Aludra actually is!

Draco and Noémi seemingly have nothing better to do than fight over who gets to put the kids in their cribs.  Seriously, guys?  Don’t you have anything better to do?  Maybe I should get you guys some jobs or something, geeze!

Noémi: ‘Don’t you have a sprinkler or something to go play in?’

Draco: ‘Don’t you have a broomstick to fly around on?’

Oooh, so harsh!  How are you two still married?!

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6 comments to Generation Four: Where Evil Grows

  • TS3 Sims teach toddlers to talk about the most inappropriate things!

    Aludra is awesome. I would have been disappointed if she didn’t have the Evil trait, although she doesn’t seem to need it! I love that raised eyebrow in the close-up!

    Oh, and it’s so funny that you updated today because I was playing TS3 last night and I saw Youssef! Story Progression decided he was the casanova, which was hilarious!

    • Mao

      They really do. I think it’s intentional!

      Even though I begrudge them, I really do love Evil sims… they’re just so much fun.

      LOL! Youssef is TOTALLY a casanova. Sigh. He needs to learn when to turn it off!

  • Love this update. That picture of Bellatrix frightened me. She looked like a mixed of Alien and Smurf. Aludra seemed wicked. and Lol @ Artemis, it seemes she is really getting use to her husband inappropriate behavior. I am amazed that Draco and Naoemi are still married.

    • Mao

      Bellatrix is an odd looking sim to be sure! Aludra is very wicked… I’m curious and to how wicked she’ll end up being.

      Draco and Noémi remind me of those couples who are fiery, like to argue, and then go have wild, crazy sex together. It seems to fit them pretty well, even if it disturbs me!

  • I hate trying to get back into it after a long pause in playing or writing. It didn’t seem terribly disjointed. I think Noémi is really gorgeous, though, despite her insanity. Speaking of insane, I miss CrazyPants.

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