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Generation Four: It’s Not Neglect, It’s Avoidance

Last time, Noémi gave birth to a “blue” lie baby named Phoebe.  As you can see, Phoebe is woefully normal looking!  I really have no idea why my game enjoys lying to me.  I think it gets some kind of sick kick out of it!  Either way, Phoebe is not the heiress… but that doesn’t seem to keep grandmother Artemis from caring for her.

Artemis: ‘I’m not going to neglect her just because she doesn’t meet your ridiculous standards!’

Oh, psh… you’re just bored, that’s all.  You’ll forget about her eventually.

Draco seems to have sensed my displeasure and is quick to spin up this little wish.  I’m only more than happy to oblige!  I’m surprised that he’s on this whole “baby train”, I figured he’d be the type to never spin up the wish.  Unfortunately for him, it’ll have to wait.  He’s got a level 3 Visa in China to earn!

I send Noémi with Draco to China.  He seems pretty pleased about that.  He’ll be too busy grinding that final visa level, but I’m sure they’ll find some time to make that wish happen eventually.  ;)

I love the dreamy look and the thought bubble he has in this picture!

Noémi must have also received the memo, because she spins up this wish.  All right!  I’m definitely happy to have these two on board with the program.  Having an heir(ess) is one thing, but it also following the wishes of the sims is pretty sweet, too.  I’d have never guessed these two would be the type to spin up these wishes, but who am I to complain?  Let’s get cracking on this baby making, folks!

Noémi: ‘We’re trying, but it’s kind of hard when you won’t leave us alone…’

I just spent way too long building you two a house because none of the vacation houses in China are anywhere near decent or not ridiculously designed… and now you’re kicking me out?!

Draco: ‘Do you want an heir or heiress?’

Oh, fine.  But make it quick…

Skipping forward a bit, Draco and Noémi return home and it seems their attempt was successful!  Artemis uses her super mind powers to guess the gender–it’s another girl!  Let’s hope this one is blue, eh?  Too bad she can’t be useful and gauge that for me.

Artemis: ‘We can’t all be blue supremists like you.’

Oh, ouch.  So says the former heiress… I don’t remember you complaining when you reigned!

Artemis continues to coddle Phoebe, who has grown into a toddler that seems to resemble her aunt Portia.  She’s got the hair, just not the skintone!  Her eyes are also the same color as Astra’s.  Tough luck, kiddo… so close and yet so far!

The look Youssef is giving her here looks pretty disapproving.  What’s up with that?  Who put a cactus on your dinner chair?

Youssef: ‘Psh, children… I thought we were done with that!’

I thought you liked your children!

Youssef: ‘Yes, I do… but they didn’t keep me from flirting with my wife.  This one always seems to be in my way!’

A very visibly pregnant Noémi is the first one in the entire legacy to ever order a pizza.  She seems quite happy about it, too.  I don’t normally indulge pregnancy cravings, but I figured Noémi would not be the type of pregnant woman to deny.  She’s a tad bit scary…

Noémi: ‘Hand over the pizza and nobody gets hurt!’

Pizza Guy: ‘But, uh, m’am, you have to pa–’

Noémi: ‘Do you like having legs that work?’

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8 comments to Generation Four: It’s Not Neglect, It’s Avoidance

  • I had that problem pop up, and i also have above and beyond specs. It got so bad, that it just kept crashing every time i saved. This was rather recently, so in last attempt i tried what was told to do in those whispers and downloaded CFF explorer and changed the exe accept 2gb instead, and it worked…i have been playing a lot since then and have had no problems at all. It saves every single time and no odd crashes either, so i do believe what they was whispering about it. If u need a tutorial or something let me know.

    • Mao

      I had been wondering about that, to be honest with you, but I didn’t want to do anything without knowing for certain. I had to edit some files for Dragon Age: Origins, so I managed just fine. It helps to be a computer person, too, lol!

      Thanks for the info, I’m crossing my fingers that it solves my issue.

  • Woooow, Youssef! Talk about odd! Maybe he’s having Issues with his Potential Performance. Maybe he needs some little blue pills to go with his blue wife! Also, I know it doesn’t fulfill the heir requirements, but I really love the way your sims turn out when they have the hair and eyes, but a normal skin tone. Not sure, I just think it makes them look sort of exotic. Non-lie-baby Aludra looks like she’s going to make a beautiful heiress!

    • Mao

      He is so crazy. I really think he’s just gone senile. The “blue pills to go with his blue wife” cracked me up! LOL!

      Yeah, the sims that turn out like Portia do look pretty interesting!

  • Ugh, that sucks that you’re getting those same errors again! What’s with this game?

    But I love the new senile Youssef! Changed his mind! Yeah, right. I definitely think he’s just too scared to make a move on anyone else with Noémi in the house. I’ve never seen an NPC autonomously flirt. Get back to work, lady!

    Aludra almost likes she has fangs in that picture at the end! It might go well with the whole evil thing, if she did.

    • Mao

      I think the game just hates me. It knows the nasty things I say about it. ;)

      Hahaha, senile Youssef is pretty funny. I was so shocked when he turned down the flirt! Flirty sims are about the only sims I’ve seen flirt autonomously without a mod and most maids tend to be Flirty.

      LOL! That would be so awesome if she actually did have fangs.

  • Mao, so glad your back. I’m having difficulties to with my game. It always crashes, so I haven’t update my blog yet. I uninstalled Awesome mod, and really miss that mod so much. I use it from the beginning I played the game, and noticed lots of differences. My sims are more flirty, not only for flirty sims (like Youssef), but also for charismatic, hopeless romantic, and good sense of humor sims. I don’t like it indeed, real people can have a good sense of humor but they will not tend to tell flirtatious joke to any one with their preferred gender(more over when they are already married!) I also miss the ability to switch between households easily, sigh :( . Lol, Draco! did they become romantic interest before? Youssef likes to flirt around, but he doesn’t like to be flirted by stranger :D It happened too with Gwen and Yuri Ivanov, they both flirty and because of those flirts they dislike each other presence, ROFL! But, Youssef must have lost his mind somewhere for thinking Bellatrix hasn’t graduate yet. Having mean spirited sim is hard, very hard. I applaud you for not changing their traits. Finally an heiress again!

    • Mao

      Sorry to hear your game is giving you trouble! I haven’t really had the chance to try out my fix yet, so I can’t advise whether or not it works.

      Draco wooed both girls, so the blonde is still set to a Romantic Interest, LOL! He never broke it off with her… I think he wanted me to forget. ;)

      The ability to switch between households was very, very awesome. I still miss Awesomemod and all of it’s truly awesome fixes!

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