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Generation Four: ‘Two of Hearts’

Last time, Draco became a Young Adult and Portia was well on her way to becoming the town bicycle.  As is custom for any newly crowned heirs of the Astrum family, Draco had the option to travel abroad.  The first wish he spun up was for France, so off they went.  Yes, they–Artemis, Portia, and Draco.  Artemis has a LTR for extended visits and Portia needs a fresh pond to pick from.

Here she is roping her first foreign man.  Not much of a fight…

Meanwhile, Draco is off getting his adventure on.  It seems he has about the same luck as his mother when it comes to traps…

Draco: ‘You’re blaming me?  This is all your fault!’

It is not.  You’re the one who walked into a trap.

Draco: ‘You’ve done this mansion how many times now?  You weren’t paying attention!’

Meh, you want zapped again, pretty boy?  Keep it up.  I’ll make sure those eyebrows of yours never grow back.

When he’s not off getting signed, he’s chatting up the locals.  Unfortunately for Draco, most of them seem to either be with someone or pregnant.  Poor Draco.  She’s too old for you, anyway!

He does eventually meet a cute blonde little thing at the park, though.  I hate how difficult it is to expose traits without the Observant LTR.  Has anyone had any luck doing it the old-fashioned way?  It worled prior to World Adventures, though rarely… but now?  It’s virtually nonexistant.

You can also see that Portia is definitely making her mark on France…

Here she is with #9.  I can’t believe she’s actually trying to talk a married man into leaving his pregnant wife for five seconds of lust with her!  You’ve got issues, Portia.

Portia: ‘Five seconds with me is like an eternity!’

Yeah, I’d believe it.

Portia: ‘Wait, that’s now how I meant that!’

You said it, not me.

Draco met this pale lovely while he was at the nectary.  Their introduction went as follows–he said hello, she promptly began yelling at him.  Love at first sight?  I’d like to think so.  Her name is a bit annoying, though.  It’s Noémi–typing that little e thingy is a bit of a daunting task.  I had to look it up with my character map.

I had hoped for more variety with the blonde lady, but Noémi is so plucky… it’s hard to say what will happen!

Although, this did amuse me.  Following in his grandfather’s footsteps!

Draco: ‘I’m a deprived male, what do you expect??’

All right, you’ve made your point, but she kind of has to agree.  You can’t just maul her.

After some “sweet time” with Noémi, Draco wakes up and finds that his blonde cutie with an even more annoying to type name, Thérèse (TWO “E” squiggles!), thought she’d stay over.  So they chat it up while Noémi wanders out.  This could get messy… Jerry Springer messy.

It would seem Draco’s inherited a bit more from Youssef than I anticipated.

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7 comments to Generation Four: ‘Two of Hearts’

  • “Has anyone had any luck doing it the old-fashioned way? It worled prior to World Adventures, though rarely… but now? It’s virtually nonexistant.”

    Argh, I’ve noticed the same thing! I thought it was just me!

    Portia the homewrecker! Good lord…lock up your sons and husbands, France! Her 10th boyfriend is certainly…um, interesting? Will Portia be moving on out now? She’s going to be frightening without anyone to rein her in!

    Ha, Noémi is awesome. I love her and I’m glad she won. That first kiss is so cute, although Noémi doesn’t look too thrilled about being on the receiving end, does she?

    And I love the name Noémi. I almost named Naomi Novak Noémi but I went with the English version for ease of typing, in the end. ;)

    • Mao

      I’m glad it’s not just me, then. They screwed lighting up with WA, too… go figure, lol.

      LOL, yeah, Portia will be leaving now that her LTW is finished. She can go crazy on the town. ;)

      I’ve taken to just copy and pasting Noémi’s name. I’m lazy.

  • Yeah, same with me. Ellie struggles to learn anyone’s traits, so I brought her that reward thingy to. Lol, I see Youssef has made his mark on the world, or on his son anyway. Hopefully Draco will not follow to closely in his fathers footsteps….it will make for entertaining reading though. I’ve always loved Artemis’s oblivious nature, it’s amusing.

  • What happened to the 9th? Did the man leave his wife? To become a heart breaker did Portia had to be their girlfriend? I had one heart breaker (hopeless romantic – it was so hard to let him broke up with his girls but finally he married the 10th after breaking up with her, LOL!) Wow so many things happened in France. LOL, Draco in one room with two girls and he was hitting on them. He may not inherit Youssef trait but maybe it will be his sixth if he got one more. What’s up with those women and yelling? I thought France is full of romantic women ;)

    • Mao

      Portia was going through men so quickly it wasn’t worth documenting. She would literally date them and then immediately break up with them. Everything was made a lot easier by all the attraction LTRs she had, lol.

      And me too! But all these women do is yell, LOL!

  • Ahhhh, French catfights. Always a good time. I think I envy Artemis’ oblivion. I could use that in my everyday life!

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