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Generation Three: Burninating Mummies & Breaking Hearts

Last time, there was a whole lot of birthdays.  Still waiting on Draco’s all-important Young Adult birthday, though.  There was also a lot of adultery on Youssef’s part.  As you can see, this hasn’t changed the least.  He’s ballsy enough to do it right in front of Artemis!

Seriously, Artemis, how can you stand for this?  You should knock his block off.

Artemis: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’


Of course, when Youssef tries to “talk politics” with Margot, she’s completely uninterested.  Seriously, dude, give it up.  She’s not having any of what you’re selling–especially not with her husband in the same room!  You really want to make an enemy of Castor, don’t you?

Ahhh, so many minus signs.  I’m getting used to seeing this.  I’m also getting used to Castor reading Youssef the riot act while Artemis wanders off, feigning ignorance.  This time, she’s wandering off to Egypt.  I want a level three Visa so they can purchase a vacation home.  I’m hoping to get one of each in each of the locales.

She does a whole lot of tomb crawling.  Unfortunately for her, I was rushing through a tomb and she got zapped by fire.  Oops.

Artemis: ‘Oops?!  I’m singed!’

It happens…

She’s a Lucky sim, though, so it isn’t always bad.  I mean, there could be mummies in that sarcophagus, but it’s empty and she’s free to roam around the tomb.  See?  That’s lucky!

The last part of the tomb happens to have two mummies, though, and that’s not very lucky at all.

Artemis: ‘Good thing there’s this handy fire trap switch!’

Ahhh… burninating the mummies!  You’re a regular, Trogdor, Artemis.

This mummy won’t be returning anytime soon.  Ahh, fiery mummy death…

Unfortunately, I think Artemis got a little too swept up in the moment and missed one.  Hey, Artemis, you might want to turn around.

Artemis: ‘Can’t you see I’m busy?’

Yeah, I can, and so can the mummy whose sarcophagus you’re currently desecrating.

Artemis: ‘…what?’

The mummy leaps on Artemis before she has a chance to flee.  Unfortunately for Artemis, she’s not much of a fighter and the mummy really packs a whallop.  Poor Artemis.  The mummy hobbles victoriously back to its sarcophagus.

It leaves my generation three heir passed out on the tomb floor, next to the ashes of its fallen companion.  It could be worse, Artemis could be dead.

Artemis: ‘You mean I’m not?’

Of course you’re not!  You’re talking, aren’t you?  Get up… we have things to do.

When she’s not pissing off mummies, Artemis can be found committing crimes… crimes like breaking and entering.

Artemis: ‘No one lives here!’

And yet, you’re sneaking in.  This smacks of illegal activity!

Artemis: ‘There’s no one to let me in and I have to get to the secret base!’

Yes, but even if there was someone home, you’d still be breaking into their secret base.

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8 comments to Generation Three: Burninating Mummies & Breaking Hearts

  • There is so much going on here. OMG, Portia and her LTW! I also had sims who won’t die easily, but usually they are sims who like to do exercise or eat Fruit life ;)
    Glad that Draco did not inherit Youssef trait. He does look handsome. I think I’ve wrote it twice :P
    Love your pics, they are amazing. I was laughing from beginning, especially about the mummy.

    • Mao

      Way too many sims! I have to keep the game zoomed out to keep an eye on all of them. At least things are taming down, though I’ve been really focusing a lot of energy on fulfilling Portia’s LTW.

  • Bwahaha, the mummies! I’ve only come across one, and it was while I was testing Egypt, so I didn’t actually do much with him. I think I may have cheated and teleported my Sim away from him. LOL.

    *snort*, I can never wait for my legacy elders to die and GTFO either! They seem to live a lot longer in TS3 than in TS2!

    That is just an awesome pose Draco is striking in that last picture. He looks pretty damn impressed with himself in that suit, even if you’re not. ;)

    Tamsen’s smurf kids look way smurfier than Bellatrix! Wow…definite genetics fail there, TS3!

    • Mao

      I have so much fun with the mummies. Their faces are just too hilarious. xD And yes, the old folks seem to live forever, though I’ll miss Castor. And Draco, oh man. He is a HANDFUL! I don’t know what I’m going to do with him, lol…

  • Code

    Hah, the first picture on the second page, Artermis was like “OHAI blue ghost lady! Have you seen any money around here? 8D”

  • Wow, that blue is so…BLUE. O.o It seems like it hit the other family worse than it hit Bellatrix…she seems a paler shade than they are.

    I think I would love to play sims 3 just for a day or two to run through the vacation spots; especially the tombs. I read all you wrote about the expansion packs as they came along, and France doesn’t particularly seem appealing to me, but Egypt looks awesome, even if repetitive and tedious after multiple plays.

    RIP Castor, and sigh, I know the old biddies have to go at some point, but I’ll miss CrazyPants and her exclamations. And her accosting of ghosts.

    • Mao

      I think they’re all the same. I’ve put them next to one another and it seems to be the same blue. Even Leo’s girl is blue. I really think it’s a freak accident with tan sims + purple sims. Probably with how TS3 handles color mixing or whatever. Pretty nuts!

      Egypt is awesome. It’s so pretty!

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