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Generation Three: Telepathic Anguish

Last time, Artemis had twins… and one of them was blue like a smurf, so she had another child to ensure the legacy continues, smurf free.

Crazy Pants Diana has fun harassing the smurf–er, Bellatrix–with her crazy.  It isn’t very nice, but it amuses me, so it’s allowed.  Poor Bellatrix doesn’t know what to think about her crazy Great Aunt!

Artemis finally goes back to work after spending the majority of her Young Adult years on maternity leave.  Thankfully the promotions are coming pretty fast thanks to all that extra skilling time!

Artemis: ‘I kind of miss being home with the kids.’

Too bad, missy.  You have a LTW to earn!  And besides, you wouldn’t miss it if you were here–it’s noisy and annoying.

Youssef, despite being a bit of a cheating lout, is very much interested in Artemis’ career.  What, Youssef, you want to run home and say you married a doctor or something?  Sheesh.  I thought doctors were supposed to cheat on their spouses, not the other way… haven’t you ever seen ER or that soap opera excuse for medical tv, grey’s anatomy?

Margot finally finishes her LTW, yay!  And what a face she makes about it, too.  Why can’t sims ever be happy about this?

Margot: ‘You have me living with a deranged woman, a cheating foreigner, and a smurf granddaughter.  What do you expect?’

Wish you’d read the fine print when you signed that marriage license, huh?

Youssef does the unforgivable and makes a pass at Margot, in Draco’s nursery, with Castor there.  She shoots him down, of course, but Castor saw it.  Luckily, he has enough sense to “take it outside.”

Castor: ‘He’s lucky Draco is in here, I’ll turn him into liquid goo.’

It’s usually not a good idea to piss of a mad scientist, Youssef…

Portia brings home a familiar looking friend from school.  This is one of Jupiter’s children, Stanley Astrum.  He definitely has his father’s, uh, bulkiness!  The combination of the purple eyes and hair with a normal skintone looks neat, though.  Jupiter has like four kids!  It’s nuts.

I’m a little scared, though.  The game doesn’t recognize these two as relatives.  They could marry when I throw Bellatrix and Portia to the mercies of the lifestream… oh boy.  Creepy!

Meanwhile, Castor and Youssef have it out in the hallway.  Castor really isn’t letting this go, his relationship with Youssef has plummeted and they’re not far from beoming enemies!  It’s kind of exciting, actually.  No one in this family ever fights.

A random child is there to witness it all, she came home with Bellatrix, I think.

Awhile later, while everyone is settling into bed… I find this outside!  What are some random child and its mother doing outside of the house?  Youssef better not have been trolling around town!  I’ve been mindful to keep him home… but maybe he got away from me?  Nope, I checked the family tree, everything is kosher… so WTF is she doing??

Artemis works the late shift and is forced to transition to Adult alone, outside of the hospital.  Well, not technically alone, there’s some sleepy old woman there.  Maybe a coworker?  It’s too late for random folks from the hood.

Artemis: ‘This is so depressing.’

Aw, c’mon, you don’t have long before you can relax and let Draco take over.

I bought the family a game system because with so many people in the house at once, it’s hard to get everyone together and interacting.  Now everyone clusters to the living room!  Still, the animations are amusing and so I deal.

Castor and Portia are regular users of the system.

Portia: ‘Grandpa just got his butt pwned!’

Castor: ‘We’ll see about that…’

The twins finally become teenagers, hooray.  Smurfette Bellatrix still looks very smurfy.  Unfortunately, her complexion does little to add to her looks.  Portia doesn’t look bad, but her cheeks are a bit bizarre.  Neither have very pudding faces, though, so that’s good!

Bellatrix Astrum
Good, Athletic, Brave, Vegetarian

Portia Astrum
Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Heavy Sleeper, Commitment Issues

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8 comments to Generation Three: Telepathic Anguish

  • I just sliced the edge of my thumb the other day, so I’m having the exact same problem! Every time I hit the space bar, it’s like someone is stabbing me in the thumb. Misery! I can’t seem to train my left thumb to hit the space bar instead of the right one, though, so I’m just stuck sitting here going, “Ow…ow…owow…owow…ow…ow…OW, DAMMIT!”

    Draco has a lot of Castor’s pretty boy-ness about him, but I think he looks more masculine, which is awesome! Hopefully he didn’t inherit the weird faces too. -.- Down with the yawping YAYBIRFDAY mouth!

    • Mao

      Oh man, that sucks! Your poor thumb. I don’t type normally… I don’t use homerow or anything… my right pointer finger hits the spacebar. You know, I hadn’t even realized that until I thought about it just now as I typed… LOL!

      Draco and Castor don’t look too similar, so he looks like he’ll avoid the crazy feminine male thing… hopefully. And I miss the crazy faces, they’re so ridiculous.

  • That’s weird that the game doesn’t recognise Portia and Stanley as relatives. What would they be, cousins?

    LOL, does Margot ever look happy? She seems to always be grimacing! She realises she has a tough life, apparently!

    Are we sure Youssef doesn’t have some kind of hidden Insane trait? There’s something drawing him to Crazy Pants and I can’t imagine what that would be! Diana actually looks almost ashamed of herself in the last picture though!

    The more I play without Awesome Mod, the more I miss it. I had no idea Awesome Mod stopped the telepathy. Sigh. It makes my game go crash though, so I don’t have much choice.

    • Mao

      They are technically 2nd cousins? I think, I’m not sure. The Sims has always been sketchy about seeing cousins, lol.

      Margot is a big old sour puss. ;)

      I mostly miss Awesomemod for all the nice fixes… but I’m not losing my CC or doing hoops jumps to use it, so yeah.

  • Sheesh, what is up with Youssef, I think he’s crazier than Diana :) . Hot wife on the one hand, old crazy lady on the other….the choice should be obvious.

    So I’m to assume then that there is a problem with the game registering relationships, since I to have these sorts of issues. *sigh* I hope they at least know about the problem, and maybe when the next patch comes out in….hmmm, I dunno, a year?, they might fix it. EAxis did mention a game update with the new SP coming out, but what are the chances they fix the bugs!.

    I had to chuckle a little at Portia’s traits, what a disadvantage. I quiet like how Draco turned out, it’ll be interesting to see what his offspring look like.

    • Mao

      He is so crazy, I have no idea, LOL!

      I think it’s a temporary issue. I think if you just let them break up and pick someone else, it should be okay. I’m not really sure what causes, I haven’t run into it myself yet. :(

  • Hah? Everyone got upset by Youssef but not Artemis? It’s so weird. Maybe she is already get used to it, LOL! :D Draco is handsome. Poor Diana never got a chance for love kind of things, but I guess she never meant for it with her commitment issues trait. Youssef likes the attention he can get, but maybe he should get a therapist ;) once for a while. Probably he got a brain damage when he was a child, LOL!

    • Mao

      Youssef is a strange one, that’s for sure. I won’t be mourning much when his flirty butt dies, provided he makes it that long. The moment Artemis wants him gone, he’s gone, simply because he already fulfilled his LTW. ;)

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