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Generation Three: Full House Wins The Game

Last time, Artemis went into labor and was rushed to the hospital to usher in generation four.  Artemis gives birth to twin girls.  Gah!  Apparently, Castor’s love of Kids music influenced Artemis’ womb.  Oh boy.  I have the stereo turned down low so I had no idea!  I’ll have to keep a closer eye on that from now on…

Castor and Artemis, along with Margot, arrive home with the twin girls.  Of course, the game lies to me again.  One girl is not blue, she’s got the same skin tone as Youssef.  The other, well, is only deceptively normal looking, but we’ll get to that later.

Artemis: ‘Twins, really?  I better not have to go through that again!’

We’ll see, Artemis…

Bellatrix Astrum
Good, Athletic

Portia Astrum
Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy

Leo reconnects with his now fully grown love, Tamsen Alto.  It’s hard to deny these two, they’re really cute.  This little romance has been blossoming since they were teens… they’ve been friends since elementary.  If things don’t turn out right, I might just spring Leo loose and let him run off with Tamsen.  I’m hoping to at least fulfill his LTW before that, though.

And now we see what I meant earlier.  Bellatrix is totally not the right shade of blue.  I have no idea what happened!  TS3 genetics seriously fail… this is so random.  It’s almost like Artemis was banging a smurf while I wasn’t looking!

Artemis: ‘That’s not very nice… hey, wait a minute, this means I have to go through all of that again, doesn’t it?’

Sure does, sister.

Artemis: ‘But the house is full!’

Not for long…

I give Bellatrix the benefit of a doubt and let her age to toddler before deciding to dismiss her as a possible heiress.  She’s just too blue and one of my rules is that the heir or heiress have all of Astra’s genetic traits.  Unfortunately, Bellatrix is only 1 1/2 for three… she’s very blue and she’s missing the family hair color.  Her sister, Portia, got the hair, but lost out on everything else.  She has Youssef’s eyes.  Sigh.

Leo bids his farewells to the only house he’s ever known.  I wish I could say it’s a sad parting, but he looks way to pleased to be getting out of this crazy house!  I wish I had the chance to fulfill his LTW, but with Bellatrix failing as heiress, I need to have Artemis and Youssef get on making what will hopefully be a completely, 100% applicable heir or heiress…

Leo: ‘I’ll miss my easel, but I’m sure Tamsen will buy me all the easels I want.’

Bye-bye, Leo.  Enjoy life as a free man!

It doesn’t take much for Artemis and Youssef to make up.  They may both be gigantic flakes and Youssef might be a flirty rogue, but they certainly get along when their attentions are focused on one another…

Artemis: ‘Do you mind?  This is kind of private.’

Youssef: ‘I am many things… but a showman is not one of them.’

Oh, right.  Sorry guys…

Castor’s crazy ESP kicks in and no sooner do Artemis and Youssef get down to business does he spin up this wish!  Castor, I don’t think you should know the intimate details of your daughter’s life.

Castor: ‘What are you talking about?  I’m just worried about a proper heir or heiress!’

Oh, all right… as long as it’s just that and not something creepy.

Despite being a gold-digging, lazy rogue, Youssef makes a pretty good dad.  He and Artemis are home all the time (because Artemis is on almost permanent maternity leave) and so they’re stuck with the majority of the childcare.  The toddlers are temporarily housed in the basement while I wait to make adjustments upstairs.  It makes it hard for the adults to care for them, but luckily, Youssef always seems to hear them cry and is quick to attention.

It’s kind of sweet… provided you forget about the whole ‘flirted with the crazy aunt’ thing.

Just a random, hilarious shot of Castor Salad Hand.  Seriously, he had a salad bowl stuck to his hand!  I have no idea how this happened.  The house is kind of chaotic with all the activity and when I checked upstairs, I caught Castor with this.  Thankfully, I could click on it and have him finish preparing the meal to get rid of it.

Artemis is pregnant again and for the last time.  With the birth of this child, the house will be filled to its maximum capacity!  That’s pretty nuts.  This is the first time in TS3 that I’ve had a full house.  My inner control-freak doesn’t like letting the sims run rampant, but I don’t really have much of a choice.

Artemis: ‘Thank goodness… I seriously hate being fat.’

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12 comments to Generation Three: Full House Wins The Game

  • Whuh? That kids’ music thing actually works?!? I thought that was just Guide rubbish! But whoa…what the hell happened with your smurf baby there? LOL, more TS3 genetics fail!

    Aw, sad to see Leo (or Coco!) leaving. Maybe he’ll drop around to visit but he looks he’s got it made in his new place anyway. Do you notice Sims don’t really do that in TS3 or is that just my game?

    Draco is really cute, in a slightly evil sort of way. And he has the correct genetics though. But what would you have done if he didn’t? Would you have shipped off the elders to make more space for babies?

    I think the Gold Digger LTW is broken. My sister had her Sim marry and kill off three different rich spouses and the LTW still wasn’t fulfilled. I think she actually fulfilled the Swimming in Cash one though. With Motherlode. They don’t even seem to have to earn the money – they just have to have it.

    • Mao

      Yep, the TV/Music thing is legit. I’ve tested it out before and was kind of shocked to see it’s true. What a weird, random thing… but then again, apples and watermelons for genders? Oh, EA.

      Sims don’t stop by at all, which kind of sucks. I miss surprise drop-ins by family members!

      I was kind of crossing my fingers, toes, and everything I could for a proper heir or heiress. I got lucky. If I had failed, SOMEONE would have gotten the boot for sure. Probably Youssef, because it didn’t take much to fulfill his LTW. It requires 73k, not 50k like the tooltip says, sigh.

  • Code

    Aww, Draco looks cute!
    And, it does seem hectic in that house. Are most of the things they do autonomous?

    • Mao

      I’m interested in what he’ll look like as a Young Adult or even a Teen!

      Yep, the only things I directly control are skilling and things they have wishes for (romantic stuff, etc). Otherwise, all interactions and weirdness are their doing! There’s just too many sims for me to micromanage them all, LOL!

  • Hats off to you for your crazy house, I would have shipped those elders off long ago, lol. I lol’ed at the smurf comment, weird that that happened. Gotta luv EA and their crazy, my game is going nuts at the moment. It says they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, but under ‘partner’ it says ‘none’. So they can’t get engaged, since it doesn’t register that they’re even together. *sigh*.

    I’m also interested to see what Draco will look like when he’s older, he seems to have the makings of what could be a rather handsome sim. But since all toddlers basically look the same, it’ll be a surprise. Hopefully he’ll at the very least, stick to one color.

    • Mao

      Ack, I know that is a bug, my friend Christina had it. I think she just had to move on to someone else and have them break up. :( That really sucks!

      Draco turned out to be very interesting looking for a pudding… LOL

  • Wow, is that skin tone freaky! Poor Bellatrix, she’d have to be brave to face life looking like that! I kinda dig the combination of Youssef’s skin tone with the Astrum hair, though. Pretty rad. Also, LOVE Diana’s outfit as an elder, ha! The stripey socks and gloves. :’)

  • So I thought you were being influenced by Harry Potter with that naming scheme but instead it looks as though J.K. Rowling was influenced by the stars. (Pun intended?).

    With Leo and Tamsen… did you marry them and such or did they do that autonomously?

    • Mao

      Haha, nope, I’m not a big fan of the HP series. :) She used a lot of star names, not sure why. Probably because a lot of them are of Latin origin.

      They did that by themselves! The majority of their relationship was autonomous. It was cute.

  • The smurf skin is due to the fact that TS3 mix the scale of darkness of the skin with the colour of the skin. Mother (light+blue) and Father (dark+brown) ended in Baby (dark+blue) !

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