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Generation Three: Crazy Lover

Last time, Artemis was on her second trip to Egypt.  The first time she visited, the pomegranate and plum trees hadn’t bloomed, but this time?  Score!  Nevermind the fact she’s stealing from the locals…

Local #1: ‘Is she stealing your fruit?’

Local #2: ‘Shouldn’t you stop her?’

Local #3: ‘…I see nothing.’

Oh geeze, Artemis, did you flirt with this guy so you could steal his fruit??  That’s a new low, even for you.

What?!  Artemis, who is Manchu and why do you want to greet him all of the sudden?

Artemis: ‘I don’t know, he looked interesting…’

He looked interesting, really?  You are such a flake.  Hopeless Romantic must translate to “absent-minded flirt”.

He’s no Indiana Jones, that’s for sure.  Are you happy now?  We have tombs to raid and stuff.  There’s no time for this silly socialization, I thought you had settled Youssef!

Artemis: ‘Look, he’s nice.  He doesn’t even mind that I look strange and purple.’

Sigh.  Of course he doesn’t, you’re an attractive sim giving him the time of day.  Say goodbye to your ‘friend’, there’s work to be done.

Artemis runs through some more tombs and gets her Egypt Visa nearly to level three, yay!  Of course, I don’t take many pictures because I’m sure most of you have seen the tombs by now.  If you haven’t… uh, oops, but I know I have.  I forgot how freaking long the ones in Egypt were, though!  By the time Artemis finally takes a break, her eight days are nearly over and done with…

Also, that thing she’s doing above looks really uncomfortable.  Her boob is past her armpit.

Well, this is cute.  I see you found your way back to Youssef.  Did Manchu not prove himself interesting enough for you?

Artemis: ‘I couldn’t find him.  He must’ve left.’

It’s probably for the best.  Now, there’s something I neglected to tell you.  I had every intention of you coming home with a husband.  So, that means you have to get married.

Artemis: ‘Married!?  We’re barely dating!  I don’t even know if I want to get married yet.’

Yet?  You’ve been a Young Adult and single long enough!  It’s time to settle down.  Youssef seems decent enough, even if I’m convinced he’s a money-grubber.

Artemis’ time is nearly up, so I pick a random, scenic spot and they get hitched.  Amusingly, it takes a few tries to get Youssef to accept the “let’s get married” interaction.  He had no issues accepting the engagement one, though!  They are literally tying the knot just hours before Artemis has to return home.

With Youssef added to the family, I can see all of his traits.  They’re not bad, but I’ve had Flirty sims before and so… I’m curious to see how this plays out.  Not surprisingly, his LTW is Swimming in Cash. Go figure.

Youssef (Nagi) Astrum
Flirty, Artistic, Angler, Friendly, Natural Cook

Returning home is definitely interesting.  Castor is hardly pleased, what with his daughter running off to Egypt and marrying some random, roguish local.

Castor: ‘I can’t believe you did this!  What gives you the right?’

Oh, psh.  You’re my bitch, Castor, get used to it.  You’d think he’d know this by now.

Not surprisingly, Youssef and Castor really don’t get along too well…

The stupid burglar from before tries to rob the house again and doesn’t even make it past the front door.  That’s right, sweet cheeks, I went and bought an alarm!  It wakes up the entire house, but it keeps this little twit from running off with the well-earned goods.  Have fun in prison!

Castor is very close to obtaining his LTW, he just needs a bit more fishing, so I send him over to the fishing hole.  I let Youssef join him, given that he’s an Angler and I want to see if these two can get along.  Castor ignores him while Youssef regales himself with songs from his homeland.  I love that local sims sing their local songs when they do random things.  Margot sings in the tub and shower; Youssef likes to sing while he’s cooking.

Castor: ‘There’s just something off about him…’

This coming from you?  The guy that was into scoring with two french chicks?  So judgmental…

Okay, Youssef… I know you’re a flirt and all, but really?  You’re going to hit on Miss. Crazy Pants Diana?

Youssef: ‘She is an unusual creature, but fascinating.’

Thankfully, Diana isn’t all that receptive.  She wanders off and Youssef is forced to go paint.  And if you’re wondering, he’s totally wearing pants… though how funny would it be if he wasn’t?

Artemis sees the whole thing but doesn’t seem to care, probably because Diana wasn’t all that receptive.  Still, Artemis, aren’t you a little upset?  Your new husband was just trying to flirt with your aunt!

Artemis: ‘She’s crazy, why should I be worried?  Besides, she’s old.’

With that kind of logic, I have to wonder how you ever hope to be a doctor…

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10 comments to Generation Three: Crazy Lover

  • I have to say I can’t blame Diana for slowly succumbing to Youssef’s charms…he’s pretty cute pudding! I have my fingers crossed for another blue baby!

    Also, gosh, does Leo’s face match that snob personality trait! <333Conansim<333

  • V

    See, this? This is why I changed Youssef’s flirty trait. :P I know you don’t care too much about happy endings, but I do, and I can’t take my poor innocent simlings being cheated on.

    …Never mind the fact that I had my girl go back to Egypt and get impregnated by dude from China. It’s not as if Youssef will ever know! XD

  • So the pomegranates do exist! I haven’t been able to find them in my game and I wondered if they’d been replaced with the pomelos.

    Ha, I love that Youssef really is a money grubber! Watch out, Artemis! It looks like he’s the type to stray too, apart from the gold digging! And of all the people to start flirting with, it had to be Crazy Pants!

    That picture of Artemis eating the potato is a true moment of Sims WTF-ery. I laughed out loud at that, for real. The way she has her mouth and the colour of her lipstick make it look like she’s got stuff smeared all around her face, which makes it even funnier!

    Love Leo and his Conan O’Brien-ness! Your game is clearly on Team Coco! Leo is too funny sitting there trying not to look at Youssef and Crazy Pants flirting!

    • Mao

      Yes! I was beginning to doubt it, too. You can find them outside two houses in Egypt. Just search the gardens and hover over the trees. They are sneaky. :|

      Youssef is such a dog, but I can’t hate him because he’s stuck dealing with the kids all day, haha. And that picture with Artemis had me LOLing, too. I had to show my husband.

      I was SO tempted to title this entry “I’m With CoCo”. :D

  • Poor Artemis, with her belly that big,like it’s going to blow any minute and now already is, while her husband is off to be “friendly” with her aunt :( That’s why if your sim married flirty sim they should not lived with anyone else like your parents, aunt, etc (if they want a happy life off course). Diana is crazy, she would not realized a thing. It was hilarious to see Margot’s face when Diana talked to her :D

    • Mao

      LOL, this is so true. Don’t marry Flirty sims when there’s possible targets in the house! I’ve had them hit on the maids, though, because maids have the flirty trait. Aghh! Haha there’s no end to it.

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