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Generation Three: Artemis Astrum ‘Does’ Egypt

Last time, Artemis Astrum, our generation three heiress, was getting ready to take her mantle.  Now a fresh Young Adult, she’s ready to face the world as the legacy’s heiress.  I mentioned before that I tempted to do away with the Family Trait thing, but I went through with it anyway.  Her finishing traits are as follows:

Artemis Astrum
Friendly, Neurotic, Lucky, Hopeless Romantic, Vegetarian

Her LTW is to be a World Renown Surgeon.

Castor immediately spun up a wish to visit France when he transitioned, so I was curious to see if Artemis would do the same.  She did and she picked Egypt, which made me happy!  I’ve been wanting to go to Egypt.  It’s my favorite locale.

Artemis: ‘Maybe I’ll meet a cute, rugged adventurer with a manly chin, penchant for whips, and a fear of snakes…’

Sorry, Artemis.  I don’t think you’ll be running into Indiana Jones anytime soon… not unless you’re in possession of a sacred, historical treasure.

Of course, Castor would prefer it if his daughter stayed home and pursued her dream.  Margot also shared his desire.  Sorry, guys, but Artemis has to go spread her wings!  You’ll get over it.  I promise she’ll come back in one piece.

Castor: ‘When I went to France, I found Margot… you’re not sending her to find a man, are you?’

I dunno, whatever happens… happens.  ; )

Artemis arrives safely in Egypt and immediately grabs some of the native wildlife.  What are you doing, Artemis?  Collecting bugs just means you’re going to spam your wish panel with useless collection wishes!

Artemis: ‘But look, it landed on my hand!’

Argh, stop making that face.  We have things to do.  Time for adventure!

Artemis heads off to meet her contact for the local jobs and is a bit taken back when, after her briefing, he immediately starts trying to mooch money off of her.  Uh, this dude just lost points.

Artemis: ‘Is he serious?  Doesn’t he work for this corportation?’

The economy must be pretty terrible here, too.  Just keep moving…

During another Adventure, Artemis has to talk to some of the locals.  She runs into a newly widowed woman with a small child.  It’s a sad thing, really.  Her husband just up and drowned!  I have no idea what happened, but the story engine I use alerted me of this and I was kind of confused…

Artemis, being the kind sim she is, decided to comfort her instead of badgering her for information.  That’s sweet, but we’ve got things to do here!

Artemis: ‘Don’t be so heartless!  Besides, I accidentally broke her toilet… I’m trying to find a good out before she finds out.’

Artemis meets a roguish local by the name of Youssef Nagi.  Of course, being Artemis, she’s immediately smitten.  His house looks like a cave and one of the first questions he asks her is about her job.  I am not so sure this is the kind of guy you need to be hooking up with, Artemis.

Artemis: ‘But he’s just so… roguish!  And local!’

Sigh.  Did you have to tell him you’re going to be a doctor?  I think I saw money signs in his eyes!

Artemis: ‘I was trying to be impressive.’

I think having a house that doesn’t look like a cave would impress this guy… thankfully, it’s time for you to go home.  Say goodbye to Youssef!

Back at home base, Castor is still on about this Manon thing.  Really, Castor?  She’s apparently an old woman on her last leg, if the pop-ups about her not having much time left are anything to go by.  What is your fascination with this?  Just let it go!

Castor, grumbling: ‘It could’ve been great, had you not ruined it with your morals!’

Sure, buddy, sure.  Haven’t we been over this already?  You barely know what to do with one girl.

Artemis mostly just hangs out around the house in her pajamas while everyone else is off to work and school.  I have her working on her logic skill a bit before I send her into the fray of a career.  She actually has one last trip to Egypt left before I start her on her LTW, anyway.

Artemis: ‘Is that who I think it is?’

It is.  That’s Youssef… he is apparently visiting the town with a bunch of other locals from Egypt.  I invited him over…

Artemis: ‘But I’m in my PJs!’

So?  You’re a sim, spin and change.  I wish it were that easy for me…

Youssef sticks around long enough to run the gauntlet of greetings with the family.  Of course, Castor is right in there, giving Youssef the shifty eyes.  He doesn’t trust this roguish money-grubbing and I’m not entirely sure if I do, either.

Youssef: ‘You have a lovely home…’

Castor: ‘Yeah, it’s nice.  And purple.  Everything is purple.’

Youssef, glancing at Artemis: ‘I like purple…’

Castor, glaring: ‘I’m sure you do…’

Artemis, smiling uncomfortably: ‘Okay, I think that’s enough greeting for one day!’

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8 comments to Generation Three: Artemis Astrum ‘Does’ Egypt

  • V

    I’m loling right now because I had my sim marry Youssef… but then I changed some of his traits. Mostly the flirty one. :P But he was such a pretty set of pixels (so rare for TS3!) that I couldn’t resist!

    • Mao

      Vveee! :D

      LOL! Well, you just answered one question I had. I was curious if the locales started out with the same batch of sims everytime!

      And Youssef is a cheeky, flirty bastard, LOL!

  • Ha, I can’t believe Castor is still hung up on Manon. Give it up – who knows how many guys that bike has been with by now?

    I love Artemis getting her flirt on with all the locals! Maybe she senses Youssef’s golddigging ways and is hedging her bets, in case someone less golddiggy comes along!

    It’s only post WA that I’ve noticed Sims autonomously flirting, you know. Only my flirty Sims used to do that but now, it seems like any of them will.

    • Mao

      He is such a silly sim! At least she’s dead now, he can’t spin up any wishes. ;)

      Artemis is ridiculously flirty. I have no idea why. I didn’t have this issue with Castor in France!

      I think it might be EA’s attempt to make their default story a little less fail. That’s all right, I’ll stick to my story mods!

  • And here I thought neurotic was the family trait. Don’t ask me why.

  • I always wonder too if my sim’s husband would like to visit his friend (woman) and that woman has a flirty trait. Ouch!! Watch out Castor now you want to visit her house next thing you want something else! I don’t blame Artemis, Youssef is handsome ;)

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