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Generation One: Space Girls Are Easy

As it usually happens with most legacies, my founder, Astra, begins with humble beginnings.  Okay, I’ve played my share of legacies… but this has to be the worst start yet!  She has no walls, she can’t even afford anything to make food with!  The official rules have you starting in the empty lot up near the Landgrabb and Alto houses.  You have a whole §1,400 to build with.

So, I made the bare-bones of a house and gave her only the most necessary of things.  A bed, to sleep in, a shower to shower in (I forgot about the gym & pool), and an easel to (hopefully) make some cash with.  Everything else she can do at the park.  She has like, §71 to her name!  She is, officially, the poorest sim I’ve ever had in the entirety of the series.  Seriously.

Anyway, when I made Astra, I tried to keep in mind that she’d be surviving on the barest of things.  She’s Family-Oriented, Vegetarian, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, and Artistic.  Note the Vegetarian one, that’s going to be the “family trait”.  Not being a Veg-head myself, I’ve never played one.  This is my way of trying to see if I can even go without meat in a game!  The rest are kind of self-explanatory.

Except Artistic.  Seriously, Astra?  You’re like some kind of alien from space.  You can’t come up with a better painting that some blurry globes in watercolors?

Astra: ‘I don’t see you doing anything productive!  And veg-head, really?  Are you trying to ostracize people?’

Weren’t you supposed to be going to the park?

Of course, when I sent Astra to the park, I had intended for her to maybe use the bathroom, eat some food… not swing on the freaking swing set making the strangest face ever! You’ll have to pardon me folks, I’m not quite on the ‘sims 3 pudding face’ bandwagon.  The expressions?  Freak me the hell out in ways that I thought were reserved only for porcelain dolls.

Shouldn’t you be doing something productive, Astra?  How does swinging help your need to pee?

Astra: ‘I’m an alien.  We have exceptional bladders.’

That’s not what your moodlet is saying, missy…

After partaking of the public facilities, I made Astra start stealing the heck out of the park fruit.  You know, before, I had never noticed how much fruit there was at the park.  I always thought it was kind of silly.  Now, it all makes sense.  It is seriously like they made this game for the Legacy challenge.  That’s kind of ridiculous.

Astra: ‘Not as ridiculous as the notion that I’m going to live off raw fruit!’

What?  I thought that’s what vegetarians did.

Astra: ‘Your ignorance overwhelms and insults.’

Less talking, more harvesting.  You need to start planting your own goodies…

Her reluctance to partake of the fruit in her inventory leads Astra to one of the picnic baskets.  She grabs a Grilled Cheese.  Wait, cheese.  Astra?  You’re not supposed to eat cheese!

Astra: ‘I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan.  I can eat the byproducts of animals.’

I’m going to ignore how silly that sounds and instead focus on the fact that Simis Bachelor is trying to look up Astra’s dress!  You can’t see it from here, but he is, seriously.  His eyes are tilted downward and dude, that is just not cool.  She’s wearing tights, you get nothing.  Fail, Simis Bachelor, fail.

Astra: ‘So I am guessing he is not a possible mate?’

You guess correctly, my blue-tinged minion.  He’s married and fugly, even for pudding.

I’m going to take a break here and mention Astra’s weird wishes.  I know that World Adventures added in some new wishes, etc.  I know that it’s probably standard for new sims to eventually roll up a wish for some random, ridiculous place.  However, when you literally have §105 to your name, I somehow think traveling to the most expensive destination would be far from your mind.  No Astra, though.  She thinks big.  Shame, darling, you’re just going to have to keep dreaming!

Astra continues to paint in between frequent trips to the park.  Again, I’m hardly impressed.  How many times do I need to say it?  You’re an alien from space and all you can come up with is this?  It looks like something from 1st grade!  This isn’t going to make any money at all!

Astra: ‘You know, if Van Gogh had someone like you breathing over his shoulder every minute of every day with criticisms, I doubt he’d have ever become famous!’

He cut off his own bloody ear, Astra!  I don’t think Van Gogh and his crazy are relevant in this particular situation.  PAINT MOAR BETTERER!

Astra needed some socialization, so I had her chat up some random guy while at the park.  During this, I saw yet another thing I hadn’t seen prior.  Astra had the option to ‘Worry About Money’.  I’m assuming this is contextually related to her financial state at the moment.  She’s not a Mooch, so it seems a bit odd.  I’ve found that people do not like it when you ramble about your money problems to them, even if the animation is amusing.

Anyway, back to Astra chatting up Mr. Frio.  I have Astra greeting males when she sees them so I can start figuring out who will help ring in the next generation.  Unfortunately for Mr. Frio, his Orange County Chopper sideburns and leather jacket are kind if freaking me out.  Seriously, dude, you look like an extra from Oz.  This is not a good look for you!

Astra: ‘But he likes my vegetarianism!’

Of course he does.  I’m sure he also likes long walks on the beach.  Newsflash, my alien amigo, men will say anything to park their spaceship in your spaceport.

Astra: ‘What kind of terminology is that?’

Bad space terminology.  Thank my husband.  You think I even know what I space port is?  The closest I’ve been to space is Mass Effect and I was too busy making jokes to realize what was really happen with the pew-pew lasers and spaceship crap.

Astra heads to the beach for a change of scenery and meets Wang-Chung, a visiting tourist.

Astra: ‘His name is Quang-Xing.’

Yeah, that’s what I said, Wang-Chung.  Anyway, Astra keeps trying to chat him up but I’m not feeling it.  Though, it could be worse.  She could be trying to chat up that crazy frenchman behind her who seems to have had a bit too much coffee.

Crazy Frenchman: ‘Vive la résistance!’

This is The Sims 3, dude, not The Saboteur.  Are there no sane males in this game at all?

Astra opts to have a nice, long drink in an effort to stave off the loneliness.  That, or she’s an alcoholic.  Wouldn’t that be a crazy trait?  Seriously.

Also, obvious picture of pretty sun and birdies is obvious…

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13 comments to Generation One: Space Girls Are Easy

  • Yay! I’ve never tried a legacy before, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a poor sim too, so this will be interesting to read for me! Christopher Steel doesn’t have a bad-looking face. Yay, him!

    • Mao

      LOL, after reading my whining and complaining, you likely never will. ;) I just have a dry sense of humor. The worst part is the poorness… seriously, they don’t even have a table!

  • Ha, Astra is awesome! “You can storm my beach any time” I LOL’ed.

    Love her “house”! At least you were smart enough to start with foundations. I’m going to rip down my TS3 legacy house next time I play because there’s no foundating and it’s irritating me.

    I love the paintings in TS3 too. My Sim painted Olive Specter in her wedding gown the other day!

    So funny she found Christopher Steel – he’s an elder in my legacy now and he’s STILL single! He must save himself for legacy Sims.

    • Mao

      I love foundations, I rarely ever make houses without them, LOL! Olive Specter, really? That is so cool! I’ve had a ton of painting sims and am just now running across the references to old games. I love it. LOL, he must.

  • I never play aliens or any other creatures but she is rather adorable and I totally love the way you write. Remember when i first time read your blog(u was doing that WA guide sort of thing with that girl) i was in fits of giggles.
    Anyway, lol Christopher Steel, he was also my founder sim hubby…women seem to love him! Hope in my story is his child…so he makes pretty babies :) Cant wait what happens in your game next.

    • Mao

      Hey there, Speechless! I loved the supernatural creatures from TS2, so I just had to “force” an alien into otherwise vanilla TS3. ;)

      When I do gameplay stuff, it’s fun to relax and just recap, no worries about story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it isn’t, but either way, I’m enjoying it.

  • Don’t worry Mao. I’m a “veg-head” as you put it and I don’t feel ostracized! And I’m not a big fan of raw fruit. I love cheese too. As long as the animal didn’t have to die to give me the foodstuff I’m eating, it counts.
    LOL, Christopher Steel in my game is a single elder too! Though I was thinking of hooking him up with that one chick in the army that lives around the corner from him. Well, before he became an elder.
    Aww, I still haven’t seen any of those Easter eggs, and I’ve got a Sim I’m working up to max painting skill! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to work some more.

    • Mao

      LOL, well I’m glad for it, Fini! ;) I know a bit more about it than I let on, I definitely know the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan… if only because I’ve known some odd folks, haha.

      Christopher and Erin would make a good couple. They’re friends in my game–I just got the “she’s about to croak, so call her” warning, LOL!

      • Erin! That’s her name! Couldn’t remember. I love that town. I need to get back to playing it; I’ve been doing Pinstar’s Sims of the Month and I’m almost done the first one. At least I managed to get more of my Legacy posted.

  • I *love* all the purple. Then again, it’s my favorite color. Your controller additions made me laugh out loud too. As always, I enjoy your stories. Glad I got the correct link from someone.

    • Mao

      Hi there, PayneAS! LOL, you and Christina both seem to favor purple. It was my favorite color when I was younger. :) It was tempting to make a blue alien, but it just didn’t look right!

  • Stacy

    It’s interesting that she can paint something that looks like Bella because I was playing around with Ambitions yesterday with my Sim that’s a private investigator. She went to go snoop for clues at the beach, and one of the pop-ups was “This reminds me of when Bella went missing…” or something like that.

  • I love Astra! <3 I find her quite hilarious, along with your style of writing. :)

    I always loved Christopher Steel. He tends to be the token legacy husband, but aside from that he's simply a fun sim to play. He has a neat lil' head on his shoulders, although it appears he's quite the hussy here :P

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