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Generation Two: Mon Dieu!

Last time, I fulfilled Christopher’s LTW and Castor was set to become a Young Adult.  As you can see, Castor is now a Young Adult and the new head of the house, being Generation Two’s Chosen Heir and all that.  Looking behind him, you can see where he got that ridiculous face he made last time–from his father…

Castor randomly gets “Party Animal”.  Now, this has to be the most out of place Trait yet.  I wish I didn’t have to take it, it’s just ridiculous!

His LTW is ‘Become a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder.

Castor Astrum
Genius, Easily Impressed, Neurotic, Vegetarian, Party Animal

After a trip to the wardrobe and mirror, Castor is ready to begin his life as a Young Adult!  I’ll be nice and I’ll even offer you the chance to do something random and spontaneous!

Castor: ‘Traveling would be nice… we finally have enough money!’

Sigh.  You would choose that, wouldn’t you?  I guess that’ll work, I mean, you don’t have an intended or anything yet… maybe one of the French ladies will catch our eye?

Because travel is magical and relatively painless in The Sims universe, Castor arrives in Champs Les Sims only a few moments later.  You know, this picture looks really familiar… didn’t I take one exactly like this with CloneBeryl?  Ha!

Castor: ‘So, maybe I should do an adventure or something.’

Sure, I guess so.  Run along and do that, but be quick about it.  We only have a ridiculously short time to meet That Special Someone ™.

(No adventure pictures because I just did the first one and it is insanely dull and this is like, my tenth time doing it… so yeah.)

Castor spends his second day checking out the sights and the ladies.  Unfortunately, these French women are volatile!  All he did was greet her and she starts attacking him.  Poor Castor, he’s not having much luck here.  I guess it’s my own fault for not giving him a chance to perfect his moves as a teenager!  Sorry, buddy.

Castor: ‘Women are crazy!’

Yes, yes they are.  Crazy like a fox, crazy like Diana…

Castor wanders the streets sadly and runs into this cute little thing.  I’m not particularly fond of Sims 3 faces (despite having the game since JUNE), but this girl?  Is adorable.  She looks like some sort of small woodland creature or something.  She also won points from me by autonomously brightening poor Castor’s day!  What a sweetheart.

Castor: ‘…I think I’m quite fond of her already.’

Yeah, I can tell.  Your wishes have suddenly be possessed by urges to chat this lady up.

Castor and Margot Petit (little miss cute face’s name) have a few chats and seem to be getting along well when Margot’s roommate, Manon, steps into the picture.  Manon gives Castor the look of a predator stalking it’s prey.  I’m a little disturbed.  Are these women trying to double-team Castor?  Not on my watch, ladies.

Castor: ‘It’s so like you to ruin a good thing!’

Oh, please.  You barely know what to do with one girl, much less two.  I’m doing you a favor.  Besides, you really like Margot, remember?

Castor, grumbling: ‘I’m being denied my right as a Young Adult to indulge in insane and otherwise unsavory things!’

Stuff it, bub.  This ain’t University.

Castor is quite fond of Margot, though.  He wants to kiss her, which is cute.  I’m disappointed he didn’t roll up a “first kiss” wish, though.  It’s not like he’s actually kissed anyone before.

Castor: ‘And whose fault is that?’

Shush or I’m sending you home!

Castor and Margot are friends, so it’s pretty safe to try for the First Kiss.  Unfortunately, Margot brushes him off.  Okay, this animation?  I love it.  Between First Kiss and the rejection, they are both sweet and adorable.  I’m not talking about the animation for “Shy Kiss”, either, where they touch the person’s arm, but the one where only their lips touch–too cute!

Anyway, enough of my blubbering.  Poor Castor got shot down!

And pulled, quite possibly, the saddest puppy face in any of my TS games.  Seriously, Castor?  You’ll live, buddy, I promise.  She’s probably just not a fast-mover like her roommate apparently is.  Anytime she’s around, all she does is flirt with Castor!  Right in front of Margot, even.

Castor: ‘This sucks.  I think I want to be alone.’

Yeah, we’ll let Margot go for now.  You’ve got some stuff to do before your time is up…

Castor does a bit of shopping to get his mind off the whole fiasco with Margot.  His last stop is picking up some cooking books for Christopher.  The shopkeeper isn’t bad looking…

Castor: ‘Her mouth.  There’s something wrong with it.’

Meh, yeah.  Her chin/mouth ratio is way off.  What’s up with that?  Kind of sad that you look more girly than she does…

Castor: ‘I’m really growing to dislike you.’

Ahh, it’s inevitable.  All my sims hate me eventually!

Castor resumes his adventures and gets his Visa level nearly to two.  Again, no pictures because this is all terribly redundant.  Most of you have already played World Adventures already and if you haven’t, there’s been a ton of blogs documenting it.  Anyway, moving on… this lady isn’t bad looking, Castor.

Castor: ‘She just got married, I was congratulating her.’

Oh, well… so much for that.

Castor: ‘I’m pretty sure she’s an adult.’

Well, aren’t we Mr. Smarty-Pants all of the sudden?

Castor randomly spins up this wish and I lock it for posterity.  Really, Castor?  You barely know her and she brushed you off!

Castor: ‘I’m a deprived male, what do you expect?’

Some decency?  Sheesh, you know this isn’t happening, right?  I’ve just put it there for laughs.

Castor: ‘It would happen if you’d stop interferring…’

Sure it would.  We’ll go visit her, though.  I’ll keep this bit of information to myself for now…

Of course, when Castor goes to see Margot, Manon is there, as well.  She immediately butts in and starts flirting with Castor.  That’s all she does.  I’m convinced she’s a flirty sim or something–she has to be.  This is just ridiculous!  Even worse, Margot seems amused by it.  This doesn’t look well, buddy.  I’d contemplate hooking you up with Manon… but Margot’s cute little face is difficult to deny.

Margot seems to like him, she sure has thoughtbubbles with his portrait in them often enough.  Maybe she’s just shy or has a trait that keeps her from making any romantic moves.  Anytime Castor tries to flirt with her, she immediately reverts back to talking!  I have the sneaky suspicion she’s Unflirty…

Castor, disappointed: ‘I have to leave soon!’

Sorry, buddy.  Maybe we can invite her over?

His last hours in town are spent at the ‘Base Camp’, which is a ridiculous name for the Hostel-looking place you reside in at Champs Les Sims.  Seriously, EA… not everything has to be “universal”.  I’m sure we’re all smart enough to know what the starting location is without it having a universal, ill-fitting name for two out of three locales!

Castor: ‘Can you be quiet?  It’s Margot!’

Oh?  Maybe there’s hope for this yet…

Unfortunately, this is where FRAPs decided to fail at life.  Two hours of pictures were lost!  So, I don’t have any photographical evidence of Castor and Margot’s adorably awkward courtship.  I had him invite her over and she did eventually accept the First Kiss interaction.  She even accepted the Going Steady thing and I had her move in.  Finally, they were engaged.  As you can see, I’ve made Margot over, but I tried to retain her ‘Frenchy simness’.  I’m not entirely sure what that means…

I really hate fast forwarding like this, but there was nothing that could be done.  Stupid FRAPs!  >:(

Margot Petit
Unflirty, Neat, Handy, Good, Easily Impressed

Christopher is quite fond of his soon-to-be French daughter-in-law.  He’s always chatting her up and when she first visited, he did the Daredevil “hey, watch this!” and then ran over and made out with Astra.  Which was hilarious.  Insert obligatory threesome joke here.  My husband isn’t here to direct me in the correct spelling of the French term for it!

Of course, all Margot wants to talk about is the wedding!

Margot is a Neat sim, which means she’s not going to enjoy life in the Astrum house at all.  It’s always terribly messy, even with a maid coming regularly!  I forgot that Neat sims would refuse to use dirty items, too…

Margot: ‘Mon dieu, this place is filthy! I am expected to live like this?’

Eh, it’ll get better.  I mean you’re here now, right?  And you like cleaning, so it all works out.

Margot: ‘This… this is not favorable.’

You’ll get used to it… or die trying.

Seeing that FRAPs lost all my awesome and cute courtship shots, I decided that a beach side wedding was in order.  Poor Margot seems to be allergic to the sand or something, because she sneezes!  At least she didn’t go into labor like Astra.  Though, then we’d have a digital immaculate conception on our hands…

Castor, embarassed: ‘Hey!  That’s not my fault.’

I know, I’m a cruel and terrible sim mistress.  You’ll get used to it… or die trying.  Anyway, the wedding will have to wait until next time.  This entry is coming to an end.

I was SO MAD when I realized FRAPs had stopped working and I lost two hours of pictures.  :(   I also realize we didn’t see much of the other family in this one… they were in the other shots, all of them, since it lost ALL the shots from the time when Castor returned home, argh!!  Anyway, we’ll get to the wedding and other stuff next entry.  I’ve gotta cut this one short.  In the meantime, check out the Family Tree I finished.  ;)

10 comments to Generation Two: Mon Dieu!

  • Ha, I just finished saying how much Castor looked like Christopher and that face at the beginning proves it!

    And oh my God, I had my WA test Sim start flirting with Margot and Manon did the same thing. She kept hanging around them and autonomously flirting with my Sim. I’m just waiting for Story Progression to decide she’s the Town Bike because she TOTALLY IS! Away with you, Manon! You’re not the cute one!

    But wow, Castor sure was keen to get together with Margot! I’ve never seen a woohoo want unless the Sims were already “romantic interests”.

    I love that bikini chick totally ruining your wedding shot there at the end!

    • Mao

      Haha! It must just be a thing–he really doesn’t have a bit of Christopher in him. His siblings look nothing like Castor. :(

      LOL! I was wondering if they were default sims because I vaguely remember Manon from another game. She is TOTALLY the town bike!

      It must have been all that deprivation, LOL!

      The best part of bikini chick is that it’s his sister, Crazy Pants Diana!

  • Castor really wanted Margot so bad, did He? Finally he got married with her, he should be thankful to you! :D I thought that Woohoo want only applies to romantic interest or hopeless romantic like Jon ;) , but I guess sims rolls different wants. My coupled sims never rolled woohoo wants before they got married, but after the marriage it seems each day they wanted to woohoo, LOL! Castor looks cute. Too bad for the missing pictures.

    • Mao

      LOL, it really surprised me! He met a bunch of ladies in France, but Margot was the one who dominated his wishes. Other ladies never stood a chance. It was a cute.

      I’ve had sims get WooHoo wants prior to marriage, but usually they have declared a romantic interest, like you said. Definitely strange!

      I was so upset about the missing pictures. :(

  • LOL, it looks like Christopher is going to eat Castor! He looks suited to SimFrance, and Margot does look cute. That sucks about Fraps! I’m glad that Gadwin hasn’t failed me yet.

  • YAY! Another update! Even with missing pictures, it was great! Sometimes on my machine, I lose pictures too, but it’s usually not because FRAPS is malfunctioning but because on my keyboard, the PrintScreen button has the capability for a secondary function (and I set the PrintScreen button as my FRAPS snapper button). Soooo, usually, I end up accidentally hitting the function key, thereby disabling my FRAPS and playing an entire round pushing the button to no avail. Argh!

    I agree about Margot! Her face is adorable! And she looks lovely in the family colors. I can’t wait to see how their genetics mix. Perhaps you will systematically eliminate the pudding face. At least in the family line.

    • Mao

      I was so mad about the pictures! I don’t know what happened. I closed the game and FRAPs had apparently thrown an error at some point and I missed it. :( I used to use the Num Lock key, but that caused issues, lol.

      I was pleasantly surprised by Margot–she even cleaned up well! :D

  • Love the family tree!

    You were spot on with the unflirty. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    I’ve heard that the sneezing thing is just as annoying and senseless as the coughing thing introduced in the base game.

    • Mao

      Thanks! That’s okay, I’m not always so good with this… I couldn’t figure out why a sim was boring Artemis so bad and it turns out he had No Sense of Humor. Weird.

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