Mao’s Domain

Generation One: Growing Up Astrum

Last time, Castor became a child, Diana became a crazy child, baby Jupiter joined the family while Astra and Christopher tried to drive me insane with baby wants. While there will not be anymore additions to the Astrum family this generation, it gives a chance for the kids to get [...]

Generation One: It’s A Clowncar’s Life, For Us

Last time, Christopher and Astra were threatening to drive me into madness by wanting another baby immediately after the birth of our heir apparent, Castor. As you can see, I gave in to their wishes. I mean, a spare is always nice, right? And at least Astra managed to match [...]

Generation One: A Wedding For The Ages

Christopher Steel, who joined the family last time, has brought enough money in to put walls around the house. They also now have a proper bathroom–no more running to the park to pee! Of course, I have to question Christopher’s taste in pajamas. What’s up with the cow pattern? He’s [...]

Generation One: Space Girls Are Easy

As it usually happens with most legacies, my founder, Astra, begins with humble beginnings. Okay, I’ve played my share of legacies… but this has to be the worst start yet! She has no walls, she can’t even afford anything to make food with! The official rules have you starting in [...]