Mao’s Domain

Generation Nine: The End

Welcome back! It’s the final chapter in this legacy ‘chapter’. Our pregnant heiress, Europa, has thrown all my plans to the wind and gotten knocked up way before I had intended. She seems to think that fudgesicles can double as prenatal vitamins…

Europa: ‘Works like a charm!’



Generation Nine: Surprise!

Last time, Noelle and Europa were living it up in France. The vacation isn’t quite over yet, even though I’m sure Europa wished it was. Noelle is unflappably French and is unfazed by her daughter leaving her stranded in the front yard without any clothes. She doesn’t even bother getting dressed before chowing down [...]

Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

We return to the legacy lot to find that our heiress, Europa, and her twin sister, Callisto, have become young adults. Of course, they both celebrate this fact in their own way. I was completely serious when I said Europa hits the bar almost immediately after waking up. Callisto spends most of her time [...]